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SeoSamba Year 2021 in Review

Jan 18, 2022


Hi michel! 


Welcome to SeoSamba Year Wrap Up Product Update.


This holiday season, we at SeoSamba pause and take advantage of the season to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of our wonderful customers, some of whom we are just getting acquainted with and some of whom we’ve been servicing since 2008!


Our R&D team has been hard at work in 2021 to make your marketer’s lives easier. This year we brought you loads of new and improved features as well as brand new software components that can be used as stand-alone but are best combined and found under our SeoSamba Marketing Operating System or SeoToaster Ultimate CRM Platforms.

Here is a blog digest template created on SeoSamba Email Marketing Platform and if you haven’t taken advantage of this feature, check out your Email Templates - you will find blog post digest templates where you can add your website’s year’s blog posts in a couple of clicks, create a newsletter and then turn it into a  blog post for your website just like this one!


SeoSamba December 2021 Product Update

Social Posts Mobile Notifications, Email Marketing Campaigns Management, Omnichannel Marketing Made Easy.


SeoSamba November 2021 Product Update

Match Email Newsletter Contacts to Google and Facebook Audiences for increased ROI. Parse Inbound Emails to Create Leads in Your CRM, Block and Remove Spammers from your Lead & CRM Mobile App.


SeoSamba October 2021 Product Update

Visual Pipeline Management in your CRM, Repurpose Content with SeoSamba MOS, and Lead Management Best Practices Refresher. Visualize your deals in your sales cycle with cards, turn reviews into recurring social posts and more in SeoSamba monthly product update.


SeoSamba September 2021 Product Update

The conversion issue: Automate remarketing to your audience from your CRM, Dynamic Number Insertion, CRM Lead application now supports email templates and files, MensaHero - The new mobile text-to-chat app that converts twice as many web visitors as a regular webchat. .


SeoSamba August 2021 Product Update

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We’re excited to announce that you can now post to your Instagram through your SeoSamba Marketing OS dashboard. We have also released the 3.4.0 version of SeoToaster CMS packed with our latest developments. Find out about it and more in SeoSamba August Product Update..


SeoSamba July 2021 Product Update

Tracking your team's performance, keeping funnels organized and seeing if you’ve met your goals is probably at the top of your to-do list on a daily basis. Doing that just got easier with SeoSamba’s CRM Ultimate analytics dashboard. .


SeoSamba June 2021 Product Update

There are tons of cool features that come with your SeoSamba service and we’re adding new ones all the time. In June We are happy to share with you the news about Community Section Revamp, MensaHero Release and SeoSamba Spam Protection .


SeoSamba May 2021 Product Update

The latest product and apps updates & announcements. Track offline payments against quotes and proposals, + collect more (and better) email addresses..


SeoSamba April 2021 Product Update

In April, we added a few new features to the SeoSamba suite of products to help you better optimize your work, further automate processes and help increase your ROI from your marketing efforts. .


SeoSamba March 2021 Product Update

New CRM Online Sales Proposal Functionality with Digital Signature and Deposit Payment Support. SeoSamba March Product Update.


SeoSamba February 2021 Product Update

Newly added features to the SeoSamba suite of products in February will help to better optimize your work, further automate processes and help increase your ROI from your marketing efforts. .


January 2021 Product Update

From magically creating blogs from emails or emails from blogs, a remarketing update that’ll knock your socks off, to Facebook group posting abilities, these will save you time, generate more traffic and raise brand awareness like never before. .

Once again thank you to all our valued customers across the country and around the world, from cell phone resellers in the Samoan Islands to many schools in Africa. 


The SeoSamba team is looking forward to bringing you more ground-breaking features in 2022, starting this January!

May the New Year bring you health all year round, birds singing in the morning, kids laughing in the afternoon, peace in the evening, and prosperity with the help of SeoSamba.

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