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SeoSamba September 2021 Product Update

Oct 04, 2021








The conversion issue:  Automate remarketing to your audience from your CRM, Dynamic Number Insertion, CRM Lead application now supports email templates and files, MensaHero- The new mobile text-to-chat app that converts twice as many web visitors as regular webchat. 

Remarketing / Audience Ad Automation with Facebook and Google Ads

Back in the old days of last month, your remarketing efforts were limited to only those people who had previously visited your website. Not anymore! You can now strategically show remarketing ads to your saved contacts in your CRM system while they browse Google or Facebook, whether or not they’ve been to your website already.  


Fact: Retargeting people who’ve already interacted with your brand can Increase conversion rates by up to 150%! 


To activate this feature, connect your Google and Facebook Ads accounts to your SeoSamba CRM. Add contacts manually to your existing audience list on the platform you're currently using for advertising, or create a workflow within the CRM to do it for you automatically.


Google and Facebook’s algorithm will search all user-profiles and in an attempt to match your saved contacts from your CRM to a user profile on their platform. If the algorithm successfully finds a match, your retargeting ad will be displayed to them while they surf. It takes targeted advertising to the next level!


Note that in Google Ads, you will find any audiences you have created from SeoToaster Ultimate CRM in your Audience manager which can be found in your Tools & Settings. It will not appear in the audience tab before a campaign or ad group starts using it.


Dynamic Number Insertion

Where do your customers come from? Which ads have worked the best? What keywords get the most clicks? Do keywords get better results in different regions? How great would it be if you knew the answers to these questions? Think of how much more effective your advertising could be and how much it would improve your ROI. With Dynamic Number Insertion from SeoSamba, you can actually achieve this. Dynamic Number Insertion Is a call tracking feature that assigns a unique phone number to different online sources where someone may find you, such as organic search, paid ad campaigns (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.), or anywhere else your business has a presence online. The unique phone number assigned to the source on which the person found you sees that phone number displayed when they visit your website through that specific source, which is the phone number they would call you on.


You can use dynamically generated tracking numbers that replace your business number on your site as a result, you can see which specific keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns are leading to call conversions.

A CRM for your Business That’s As Mobile As You Are

You already know that you can access leads (Including the ones received via MensaHero - see further down below), add new contacts, get directions, find addresses, phone numbers and lead details for contacts, in your SeoSamba CRM from your mobile device. Now you can also access the same email templates and files stored in your web CRM,  to send to your customers from your mobile app on the go.


And if you own multiple businesses, you can access all your CRM’s from a single app!

So what are you waiting for to bring your entire office with you in the field?

Get the SeoSamba Mobile CRM Application now for free for Android and iOS to have all of your leads at your fingertips!  


Connect With your Customers Online and Off

Have you heard about MensaHero? It’s SeoSamba’s new chat-to-text app that lets visitors to your website start a chat with you on their laptop and instantly convert to a text conversation. Now neither side is tied to a desk because the conversation is mobile. Connect with website visitors with a customizable web chat, collect your web visitors’ mobile number and communicate on-the-go mobile-to-mobile. With customers and prospects’ mobile contact lists, MensaHero makes it easy to continue the conversation, receive promotions and go beyond an initial chat on your website. With the attention span of the average person being less than that of a goldfish, you can’t afford to make a prospect wait for a reply online. As soon as the visitor initiates the conversation, everyone on your specified list receives the notification. The first person in your organization to respond takes over the chat.

Improve Your Conversion Rates


If you want to improve your conversion rate and introduce a little healthy competition among your sales team, then you need this app! Find out more about SeoSamba’s MensaHero Mobile chat app now.


Great for Teams

MensaHero was designed for solo operators, teams, and multi-location businesses with functionality that allows muting or handing over conversations in a single tap.

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Did you miss our August update?  There were some exciting releases, including recent updates to the SeoSamba Marketing OS, SeoToaster CMS new package release, Instagram Automated posting, to name a few.  

 That’s our wrap up for new and updated features from SeoSamba for September 2021. Please visit us online at to see more of what we have to offer for small businesses, franchise brands and multi-location/multi-site companies to help you streamline your digital marketing strategy.


Do you have questions or comments about these new features or any of your other SeoSamba services?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our community page to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative.

We Want To Hear From You!  

Your feedback, comments, and suggestions are important to us.  If you have ideas for features you’d like to see added to your service package, drop us a line and tell us about it! 


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