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Fast and easy setup

Jumpstart your website or online shop

SeoToaster is a user-friendly open source software* platform to get your online business up and running in no time, with automatic install, setup tutorials and free state-of-the- art templates.

* Fast to deploy, free and open source, SeoToaster can be deployed alongside existing web software to boost your search engine rankings.

fast and easy setup 

fast and easy setup1

Fast system installation with setup wizard

fast and easy setup2

Tutorials, cheat sheets and step-by-step videos

fast and easy setup3

Free, customizable pre-optimized templates

Browse and edit open source CMS

 browse and edit open source cms

No webmastering degree required

Simply log on to your site, point and click to add or update any type of online content, including smart products lists, while keeping vital design and SEO code safe from harm.

Design your site with no limitations and add smart tokens wherever you want.

It's that easy.

browse and edit open source cms1

Add and update content right on your website

browse and edit open source cms2

Easily manage images, videos and widgets

browse and edit open source cms3

Customize themes, styles and layout at will. HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant

Ecommerce automation

Focus on marketing, not marketing technology

Blend all components of successful e-commerce with powerful design capabilities, customer service functionalities and cost-efficient merchandising features, such as, couponing, group pricing, and email remarketing.

Offer custom private quotes from your website or build them from scratch in your admin interface. Ideal for consultative sales, high-end items, or B2B customers. Customers can then pay right from their email or web browser.

ecommerce automation 

ecommerce automation1

Integrated quote engine for B2B, complex sales scenario, telesales and POS purchase

ecommerce automation2

Dozens of nifty shipping plug-ins and payment

ecommerce automation3

Customizable sales dashboard and client area

fast and easy setup 

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate

Bring your marketing to the next level with integrated solution stack.

omni channel CRM

Omni-channel superpowers.
Reach prospects and consolidate customers interaction across all channels: website visit, proposal views, telephone, email, text messaging, social media, Google and Facebook Ads.

Automate sales success

Automate sales success.
Find out if a prospect with an open proposal is visiting a specific page on your website. Chat with a prospect while they are looking at your quote. Gamify your sales process with a text message contest. And many more.

Sales and marketing teams alignment

Sales and marketing teams alignment.
Save thousands of dollars in integration and licensing fees over other CRM’s thanks to built-in functionalities and the powerful SeoSamba Cloud Marketing Operating System to align your sales and marketing teams.

Optimized for success

Save on SEO audit and fees. It's all in there already.

Optimize websites and online catalogs from the get-go.

fast and easy setup 

optimized for success1

Built-in Google news and Yahoo news compliant blog

optimized for success2

100% certified W3C compliance output enhanced with web semantic microdata

optimized for success3

Automated smart deeplinks, link sculpting, 301 redirects, canonization and more

cloud powered marketing 

Cloud-powered marketing

Cost-effective apps served hot from the cloud

Get instant access to new customer services and promotional marketing channels, beautifully integrated with your web site operations and served fresh daily from the SeoSamba cloud.

cloud powered marketing1

Fast system installation with setup wizard

cloud powered marketing2

Tutorials, cheat sheets and step-by-step videos

cloud powered marketing3

Free, customizable pre-optimized templates


White label. Open Source. E-commerce and CRM.
Websites with beauty and brains.

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