Holistic Franchise Growth & Management

SeoSamba's Franchise CRM is more than just a customer relationship management tool; it’s an all-encompassing solution designed to foster franchise growth and operational efficiency. By integrating marketing, sales, and management functionalities, SeoSamba empowers franchisors and franchisees to drive performance and streamline processes.

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*Cloud Edition host your CRM along with landing pages or a full website on our super-fast Amazon based servers. Security, system updates and support is included.

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Introducing SeoSamba's Dual-Edition Franchise CRM

SeoSamba offers a versatile Franchise CRM with two specialized editions designed to cater to the distinct needs of franchisors and franchisees. These editions are tailored to help franchise brands optimize their territory sales on one hand, and support franchisees in managing their client relationships effectively, and help them grow unit-level economics on the other hand.

Integral to this framework is the Franchise Marketing Operating System (FMOS), which plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the CRM. FMOS integrates marketing automation, SEO, social media management, and detailed analytics, ensuring that both franchisors and franchisees have the tools and insights needed to drive growth, streamline operations, up to and including royalty fees collection. 

SeoSamba frequently customizes CRM systems for franchise brands and other clients, transforming them into comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

Franchise Sales Edition: A CRM built to help you sell more franchise territories

The Franchise Sales Edition is designed to help franchisors grow their network by effectively selling more territories. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage the entire franchise recruitment and sales process efficiently.

Track engagement, automate follow-ups, and reach prospects more effectively, while aligning your brand presence and marketing efforts—all at a fraction of the cost compared to other franchise CRM solutions on the market (see how we compare to FranConnect).

This CRM focuses on what matters most to franchise development teams: generating better leads, educating them cost-effectively over time, and ultimately converting more of them into satisfied franchise owners.



Are you in need of a Franchise Development Site, or perhaps it's time for a transformation and enhancement?

Create beautiful landing pages for your lead acquisition campaigns in minutes not weeks.
Your SeoSamba's Franchise Sales CRM Edition is also a powerful website builder and can host your franchise development website or just customize the one we provide to you.


Discover the cutting-edge of franchise CRM solutions




  • Built-in Franchise Sales Funnel

    SeoSamba's Franchise Sales CRM Edition features pre-built forms and full franchisee acquisition funnel, including profile, finance, real estate, compliance, all the way to disclosure and contract signing. 

  • Franchise Sales Organization Friendly

    Inbound/Outbound calling: Track, forward & monitor all inbound/outbound call, place calls directly from SeoSamba's Franchise Sales CRM Edition using your phone, PC or mobile. Get unparalleled quantitative and qualitative sales intelligence data from all your advertising efforts. 

  • Franchise Sales Website Ready

    Integrated Content Management System - Just plug-in your own content. Alternatively, deploy our forms, call-tracking numbers and analytics on your websites or take advantage of our built-in landing page builder or full-fledged franchise sales website template.

  • Seamlessly Capture Leads from Any Source

    Are you receiving leads from a franchise portal, partner site, or advertisement? SeoSamba CRM makes it easy to capture and manage these leads. Create custom forms for any site, generate QR codes, or parse emails to bring leads directly into your CRM in an organized manner. 

  • Automated Lead Nurturing 

    SeoSamba's Franchise Sales CRM Edition includes pre-built automated workflows designed to enhance engagement with potential franchisees. These automated workflows integrate email, SMS, and other communication channels to ensure a cohesive branding presence and consistent follow-up strategy across multiple touchpoints.  Ensure timely and relevant follow-ups, and move leads efficiently through the sales funnel.

  • Easily Connect Email & Calendar Apps

    Work from Outlook, Gmail or pretty much any email and calendar app. With over a 1500 integrations, SeoSamba's Franchise Sales CRM Edition also offers limitless integration possibilities. This streamlined process ensures that all your leads are captured efficiently, allowing you to focus on converting them into happy franchisees.

Transition easily from your clunky and expensive legacy software

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  • Fully compatible with your current website: Deploy our forms, call tracking numbers, lead intelligence tracking and bring your game to a whole new level in no time.

  • Run FranConnect or Salesforce in parallel for as little or as long as you want to

  • Add a setup customization and data migration pack with white-glove services for a flat fee and let us make it all happen for you.

  • Get in touch with us and leave everything in the capable hands of our team.


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Franchisee Edition: A CRM built to propel unit level economics

The Franchisee Edition is designed to help individual franchisees manage their client relationships effectively. This edition equips franchisees with the necessary tools to deliver exceptional customer service, drive local marketing efforts, and maintain strong client relationships. Its unique design allows for unparalleled ease of access for multi-unit franchisees and intuitive support by corporate teams, ensuring that all franchisees can operate efficiently and cohesively.  

Mobile CRM for Franchises


So much more slicker & easier-to-use

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Predictive Analytics & Integrated Lead Intelligence

SeoSamba's CRM helps you predict which leads are most likely to convert and let you build powerful workflows to automate actions.

Receiving a phone call from a lead with an open opportunity that lasts 10 minutes?

SeoSamba's CRM understands this and can subscribe them to combined email & SMS follow-up or educational sequences,and remove them from previous communication sequences as they move through your sales funnel.

Easy as pie.



Superior mobile app for service franchises


Connect to any number of both cloud and on-premise CRM installs right from the palm of your hands. Ideal for multi-unit franchisees, and the franchisor, no need to log in and out to another app, no messy cluttered space, no room for catastrophic contact attribution or messaging error across territories. 

Access all your contacts, build routes to drive to their location, send text messages, emails, place calls, but also add notes or look at open opportunities and understand where they sit in your sales cycle - All from the palm of your hands.

Even better you also get your SeoSamba Marketing OS leads straight from the same app. Inbound calls create automatically contacts in your CRM, or bring up your callers details on-screen as you are picking up the call before leaving notes with your call log and recording.


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Sales Intelligence for the AI era

SeoSamba Marketing Operating System marketing automation platform tracks leads activity on any number of websites right from your CRM's leads timeline.

You can also track and record outbound and inbound calls right from your timeline, and create leads in your CRM automatically from inbound sales calls enquiries.

Find out every time your leads open one of your email, or look at one of your attachment, and enroll them easily into one or multiple email drip sequences. You can send them private online quotes, that they can pay instantly online and even be notified right when they're looking at your quote.

 This way, you know when clients engage with your business and you can focus on leads that are ready to purchase.

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