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FranConnect, a franchise CRM and management software has been a popular choice amongst franchising brands for managing territory sales leads. However, many find that it does not necessarily fit their needs and is cost prohibitive, especially for emerging brands.

FranConnect users have reported issues such as, faulty software, poor customer service, technical issues, difficulty to apprehend, outdated interfaces and features, while missing some key functionalities.

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Architecture difference
 - SeoSamba’s Hub & Spoke truly distributed Vs. FranConnect Pure SaaS
 - Marketing Automation and website building- SeoSamba began as a website building company by building its own platform from the ground up. The open-source platform is used by thousands of customers worldwide
 - Dozens of included standard features and a 99.9% uptime guarantee
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Luckily, there is an alternative to the FranConnect CRM that has better functionality and that is reasonably priced. SeoSamba, a digital multi-site marketing automation and software provider, offers a sales automation platform and franchise sales CRM with a growing number of franchise brand clientele. The major differences between the two platforms are in the architecture, the origin of the product and the features that are included.
SeoSamba is a leading franchise sales & marketing software/services provider for franchise brands and a great alternative to FranConnect. With SeoSamba Franchise Marketing OS and SeoSamba CRM for Franchise Sales Edition, franchises are able to improve their franchise sales process, and also provide their franchisees with a truly integrated growth system that can adapt to their various sophistication levels. Here you will find some hight level comparison between SeoSamba and FranConnect when it comes to value proposition and pricing.

CRM & Sales Automation

 Marketing Automation  $299-$499 mo
 CRM  $74 mo
 Cost per 15,000 contacts  $274 mo
 Setup fees  $450 + per contact above 1000

Marketing Automation

SeoSamba FranConnect
Newsletter Blast    
 Drag and drop email builder     
 Search Rankings report     
 PPC campaigns tracking    
 Facebook Ads monitoring    
 Social media curation    
 Distributed social media calendar     
  Reputation management    
 Centralized Blog     
 Centralized PR distribution    
 Centralized journalist and Blogger outreach     


SeoSamba FranConnect
Marketing Customizable interface (Advanced or Basic)  Static interface 
Sales By default create: super user, admin, copy-writer, sales person, member, client access levels. Manual set up
Support Native Support for multi-location businesses (franchises) Chat, Email, Live call Extra fees for support 
CMS SeoToaster CMS comes with website hosting, domain, SSL certificate and emails Buy hosting and all its features separate
Training Live 1-on-1   

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  • Get an exclusive walkthrough of the SeoSamba Franchise Marketing OS and SeoToaster Ultimate CRM
  • Get a real-time demo of how our software and team can help you reach your goals
  • Showcase how SeoSamba has helped other emerging brand scale and expand
  • A how-to guide for all the SeoSamba tools and features

The demo will

  • Help us gain a better understanding of your current needs and challenges and learn more about your franchise

The take-aways

  • Get valuable insights from our franchise development experts
  • Map out your franchise sales and franchisee-network expansion strategy
  • Get answers to your questions and resolve your concerns
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