Consumption is increasingly happening online and your franchising brand needs to embrace these changes

How do you integrate e-commerce or m-commerce through your franchises operations?

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You need a distributed e-commerce capable platform that is flexible in nature and can adapt to multiple scenarios

Congratulations, you just found it.

Complete brand & pricing control. Limits orders to franchisee licensed territory.

SeoSamba distributed e-franchising technology enables franchisees to take charge of catalog management, local marketing and customer service.

You supply global marketing power, top-down, value-added content and a centralized online catalog, that can be automatically synchronized and optimized for local sales.

Franchisees can enrich their local web stores with additional content, and, if permitted by the franchisor, supplement the standard catalog with their own products. This model, therefore, works well to support manufacturers’ retail networks, hybrid franchising models and multi-brand franchises with complementary products.


Which online business model is right for you?

Developing a successful e-commerce strategy does not come without intimidating challenges. Before organizations embark on searching for the best online business model, they should weigh several factors. Get the skinny.

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Turnkey eCommerce websites

No limit customization. Uncompromising support.
  • A-la-carte, subscription-based marketing services, free training and technical support 
  • Over 150 Q/A checkpoints and certified W3C compliance website build project reports 
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 web code standards, built-in micro-data semantic web format
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Our professional services team has built 1000's of web sites on the SeoSamba framework combining SeoSamba Marketing Operating System and SeoToaster, the #1 acclaimed open source E-commerce software in the world*. Open source stands for quality, lower cost of ownership, and freedom. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your hosting environment and even your own development partners. You can modify any aspect of SeoToaster to suit your needs or extend its functionalities. And anything you see on the Internet can be build using SeoToaster, there's simply no limit to what your web store can look like or do.

Built-in, outstanding sales functionalities

Integrated merchandising and web quote system
  • Real-time online quoting system for web & phone orders
  • Couponing, sales, group-pricing, email and SMS cart abandonment remarketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales & marketing automation built in 

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There's sales and marketing automation features that you buy and never end up using, and then there's the SeoSamba kind: delivered turnkey, and fully automated so you can reap these rewards.


The depth of our site build, sales and marketing automation software stack is unmatched in the industry. Why should you care?

Because digital marketing is complex, without a deep integration it takes an unordinary amout of efforts to achieve any kind of results. 

You've heard about automated Search Engine Optimization, but have you ever heard of a system that optimizes newly created content automatically before? Yep, that's what SeoSamba does, for websites and web stores from 1 to over 100,000 products pages.

Built-in sales and marketing automation

Generate additional revenue
  • Integrated CRM: Tracks online activities & phone calls 
  • Unlimited Email Marketing 
  • Social Marketing, Unlimited Press Release Distribution, Automated SEO and much more
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Sell across the board

Mobile, social, international and multilingual
  • Optimized, adaptive and responsive mobile site
  • International and multi-lingual content marketing
  • Worldwide content delivery network with instant scaling from our private cloud
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