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SEO Affiliates

SEO Affiliates

SeoSamba for affiliates, bloggers and resellers: our solutions, your success

SeoSamba is also a state-of-the-art platform for organizations wishing to resell marketing and sales automation software.

Unlock a groundbreaking affiliate opportunity with SeoSamba's Marketing Operating System (MOS) tool suite and SeoToaster Ultimate CRM, featuring AI-powered content, social, and review management tools, designed to redefine digital marketing.

But that's not all! SeoToaster also hosts a free, open-source website builder and shopping cart, opening the door for affiliates to guide users from basic websites to advanced marketing tools seamlessly. This unique synergy empowers affiliates to assist businesses on their digital journey, from website creation to AI-enhanced marketing, maximizing revenue potential and affiliate earnings. Join us in reshaping the digital landscape and seize these unparalleled opportunities today!



SeoSamba Reseller & Affiliate Packages

SeoSamba provides a unique opportunity for SEO resellers and marketers to generate unlimited revenues.

Affiliates receive generous cash compensation up to $1848 from a single SeoSamba subscriber sent through their efforts.

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account
  2. Select your banner / get HTML code to your seotoaster install kit with unique affiliate code.
  3. Place code in your site, sit back and relax
  4. Then you have 2 ways you can earn;
  5. - Your visitors sign up for one of the cloud based marketing or sales tools available at SeoSamba
  6. - or they download and install SeoToaster because it is easy to use and the most advanced SEO CMS out of the box. It is also Free and Open Source which won't hurt either – we provide you with stats on how fast your ‘bucket’ of seotoaster install base is filling up. Once one of your seotoaster user sign up with SeoSamba to access state-of-the-art SEO management and web marketing features.  You start earning too!

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Everyone at SeoSamba is looking forward to
a mutually beneficial reseller and affiliate relationship.

Other opportunities include:

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