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Local Listing Management Services Alternative & Replacement


Make the switch from Yext, Uberall and others to SeoSamba's Local Listing Management & Replacement service and you’ll gain complete control over your own directory sites listings, and find yourself listed on the sites that really make a difference for your business. You'll also save a bundle in the process, so what are you waiting for?

Local Listing Replacement Service

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Ask Yourself Some Questions About Your Local Listing Services, such as Yext, Uberall and Others:

Do you want a solution that tackles the biggest pain points about Yext, Uberall and others head on?

With services such as Yext you have to put up with...

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Expensive, annual fees

Are the annual fees too expensive to justify the benefits? 

Do you fret about the annual fees that it takes just to keep your listings live? 

Every year you’re made to pay hundreds of dollars to keep your listings live.


Renting, and not owning

Your listings once created are maintained by Yext via Application Programming Interfaces or API's. As one would expect, when you cancel, no data is being sent by Yext anymore to the listing provider. However, the issue is that because you have not been given credentials, that is a username and password, to your listings, you find yourself in the situation where you need to claim their ownership to attempt to gain management access or have these deleted and create new ones to start from scratch again.  

In other words, you don’t get the "keys" to your listings. In our opinion, you're thereby locked into a continuous renting cycle.


No customization

In the absence of individual directory credentials to fully take advantage of every feature that each directory provider and your business listings can offer, are you sick and tired of not being able to customize those listings?


If the answers to any or all above is "Yes", it's time for a change!

SeoSamba has the perfect solution

 screenshot 2022 02 18 at 180613

You can depend on the SeoSamba Local Listing Replacement Service to banish all of your Yext woes. Whether they center on issues that have to do with Yext Powerlistings, Yext location, Yext citations, or Yext support, our solution will make them go away. 

Here are some examples of what you get with SeoSamba and how we help you gain the control that you never had with your Yext pages:

  • Recurring fees are a thing of the past; we offer a simple, straightforward one-off expense.
  • You truly and fully own your listings; no more pains with Yext local listings. You have all the login details at your fingertips.
  • You have all the power; enjoy full control of everything from business directory submissions to site placements. Your access to over 100 business and local listing sites includes all the top options related to your field or industry, and can directly customize each listing as the situation requires.
  • Greater affordability from the first moment on; enjoy ongoing savings from one year to the next.
  • And you can also combine citation building with our review monitoring service in one shot, respond, request and share your best reviews on your website.


How do you like the sound of that? If all this sounds great, keep reading. You’ll learn what it will take to make the migration from services such as Yext to SeoSamba.

You’ve Had It With Yext and Want Control of Your Local Listing Management


The first step is to cancel your Yext subscription. As part of the cancellation request, you ask for the release of all of your listings immediately. That includes all listings found on local listing directories, all US citations, and anything that is currently in place.

  • Visit SeoSamba and Sign Up for Our Local Business Listing Services

    At the bottom of the sign up page, you will choose the ideal number of citations and listings to create and clean up for your business. You only will need to pay once for this.  At SeoSamba, we typically recommend a minimum of twenty-five manual citations.   

  • Select an Optional Review Monitoring & Management Subscription 

    If you also need to manage reviews, combine both services by clicking here to sign up instead. Some of the directories you will select support reviews, in which case you will be able to monitor activity, display reviews on your websites, and direct customers to leave reviews on these sites. Simply select a proper reputation management subscription level for this service at the top of the sign up page, and scroll down to select a citation building package. Upgrade coverage later at any time as required.

  • Submit your Listings Information 

    Choose the ideal sites/directories for your business, and begin to create citations using our simple form. It’s easy to use, so you can develop citations with ease as we grouped directories in various business categories. You can use any data that was housed with a previous local listings management platform, Yext, Uberall or others as you like. 

  • Now We Get to Work

    Now that all the details are provided, our team of expert submissions professionals will start working. Soon, your directory listings will be ready for deployment. As part of the process, we audit the listings and ensure they are ready for public viewing. Any cleanup that’s needed on the existing listings will be finished as well. And if you have opted for our review monitoring and management services, you can now respond, request and share your best reviews gathered across over 100 sites on your website.  

Local Citation Services and Our Local Listings Management Services Replacement Pricing

We understand that every business is unique. For that reason, once you sign up, you can pick and choose a starter package that is relevant to your industry, but with SeoSamba, you can always decide which individual sites are the best places for listing your business.

Select an overall citation or directories count from our sign up page. You will then choose a starter industry package and add or remove specific directories from your account: Simple as that!

See all offers and plans here

FAQs About SeoSamba’s Local Listing Management Services

How is your local listing service different from Yext?

The big differences is the way that we do business. With SeoSamba, you don’t have to deal with:


  • expensive fees that are due annually. Unlike with the Yext revenue model, repeating fees is not part of our approach.
  • withhold credentials of your listings. They are never held for ransom; you have full access of every listing that we build on your behalf.
  • duplicate listings or other inaccuracies. We provide editing to correct inaccuracies, and ensure that duplicate listings go away.
  • we don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions. By providing you with full control, you can make the choices of where your business is listed, and exactly how it will look on each and every directory.
  • missing out on sites that fit into your niche and plans for consumer outreach. In fact, we’ll help you find those sites as part of our service.

Which sites will be selected for my listings?

That’s up to you. We have a core list of 100 sites, and you get to choose which ones work best for your purposes. Part of our support for citation submission does involve providing suggestions; you can accept them or reject them as you prefer.

Some of the sites that we tend to recommend include Google My Business, Glassdoor, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Yahoo, Yelp, and Yellowpages. We’ll make suggestions based on your industry and the niche that you’re seeking to fill, and our industry packages are a great place to start.

Do I really need data aggregators and help with duplicate removal?

Yes. Opting to add data aggregators makes it possible to claim a number of key citations for local sites with ease. The removal of business local listing duplicates can help curry more favor with the major search engines. For these reasons, we recommend making the most of what our citation building service has to offer.

What happens if I need to change details about location?

Changing details is never an issue with us. You can either modify your listings from the software interface, do it yourself or contact our support team to make any amendments that you need. There are no fees to worry about when you need to make updates or change the details such as your hours of operations about any location in Google My Business, and Facebook or that you need an occasional modification for a location in a local listing or otherwise.

Ready to Make the Switch? Our SeoSamba Replacement Service is available in the following nations:

  • united states of america


  • united kingdom

    United Kingdom

  • australia


  • new zealand

    New Zealand

  • canada


  • ireland


  • netherlands


  • singapore


  • south africa

    South Africa

  • germany


Looking to make the switch?

Whether you need a fully managed service for twenty or more locations, or would like to know more about what we have to offer, our team is ready to help. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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