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Director of Digital Business Operations Media Production - by Raúl Pietro, 2022-06-27 10:06:04

4.75 / 5 stars

Great tool and support that cover all our business needs. The option to configure a workflow and manage many sites with same account. A way to follow on real time all KPIs of digital marketing of each specific site without big effort, The option to deploy sites and updates in bulk mode. The option to configure and apply SEO rules in bulk mode for all sites and improve them. Platform Features Customer Support Flexibility to adapt the tool to our needs. SEO options are one of most complete of the market.

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Elevated Strategies - by Jacqueline A. Cara, 2022-06-27 10:06:13

4.75 / 5 stars

SeoSamba offered me the type of platform I needed to grow my business.

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Director of Marketing and Executive Project Manager - by Jessica B.M., 2019-05-03 11:05:20

5.00 / 5 stars

I am pleased with our decision to move forward with SeoSamba and look forward to our continued relationship. Every aspect of the software is scalable to our present and future digital marketing goals. It's very exciting to see where we are going!

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Digital Marketer - by Monique Danao, 2019-05-03 11:05:54

5.00 / 5 stars

I highly recommend SeoSamba MOS to businesses managing multiple websites and social media accounts. I also recommend it for entrepreneurs who need to manage international branches and international clients.

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Increasing client retention?

The key is execution, your brand the answer. 

  • End-to-end control over hosting, website, blog, SEO, reviews, PR, social and more
  • Works as self-service or co-managed marketing platform
  • Private label both our marketing software platform and services
Nail more and larger deals now
  • Go get them tiger, we have your back
  • Resell-ready packaged website design services to complement your in-house staff
  • Integrated mobile websites, blogs, online stores, affiliates systems, directories
  • Perfect for individual consultant and small agencies 
Improve predictability and ROI
  • Lowering the cost of client acquisition 20x
  • Centralized online URL and SEO rule engine that executes across remote websites
  • Manage exceptions down to page level
  • Distribute content and apps to blogs, PR, social and API's
Build lasting recurring revenues
  • Entrenched in your client's most valuable assets
  • A-la-carte subscription-based infrastructure and marketing services
  • Cost that does not price you out of the small business market
  • Enables performance-based marketing 

SeoSamba's marketing framework offers more revenue building opportunities and enables more business models than any other solution


Combining commercial and open source software to augment market velocity while reducing vendor risk

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Whether you wish to add an instant off-hand digital revenue stream to your top line or are looking at a co-sourcing approach that lets you develop your own resources, SeoSamba's marketing platform, and the people behind it, are here to make it happen for you across 14 different languages.

More breadth and depth than any other private-label marketing solutions

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Offer any combination of Do It Yourself, Do It For Me, and Do It With Me business model services

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Build freemium services that generate Product Qualified Leads

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Built around an AI powered hybrid hub & spoke model that offers unmatched flexibility and scaling

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Offer performance based marketing beyond subscriptions and including pay-per-lead

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Automated SEO and marketing execution lets you tap into marketing & promotional budgets

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Web, Marketing & Sales Solutions

Web Designers & Developers

SeoSamba has developed the only content management system (CMS) combined with a blog, a shopping cart, and a CRM with sales automation technology in full compliance with search engines’ SEO best practices.

Marketing & Web Agencies

SeoSamba Marketing Operating System allows web agencies, marketing, business & industry solution specialists to develop recurring revenues through innovative and competitive solutions.

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    SeoToaster CMS

    Simple & Efficient Website Builder

    Build compelling and efficient websites geared for online marketing that customers and search-engines alike will love.
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    Optimized for Success

    SeoToaster features all the components of a successful e-commerce solution with integrated web marketing.
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    CRM Ultimate

    Built to Grow Your Business

    A CRM is just as good as the data found in it and what you do with it. That's why we automated lead data collection and linked it to your Ad and email campaigns.
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    Marketing Operating System

    Web & Marketing Agency Platform

    Centralize marketing execution powered by AI and reporting for all your clients and web sites in the cloud.
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    Outsourcing Services

    Leverage our expertise to provide subscription-based custom services under your own name and branding.
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SeoToaster CMS:
Open source & business-ready 

As the name implies, SeoToaster is the only content management system (CMS) to integrate SEO and web marketing automation technology in full compliance with the industry’s best practices. Enriched by loads of templates, plugins and widgets, SeoToaster ensures a rapid deployment while cutting down development costs. Natively integrating inline edition and optimization, SeoToaster also reduces support and maintenance costs.

SeoToaster benefits

  • Open source CMS with local or cloud deployment
  • Integrated Google News blog engine
  • Integrated membership system
  • Integrated shopping CART & CRM
  • Hundreds of website templates & themes
  • Advanced native SEO functions
  • 100% flexible no-limit UI design
  • Easy inline editing
  • Extensible with 100's of plug-ins
  • Fast parallel media server (x5)
  • 100% scalable OOP core

Open source & scalable CMS

SeoToaster is an object-oriented, open source solution, expandable at will. It offers an incredibly satisfying experience to users, web developers, and SEO experts alike.


Easy creation, fast  editing

Built-in inline editing capabilities simplify websites daily content updates while ready-to-use widgets bring functionalities to life in a breeze. Simply log on to your site and add/modify content at will while maintaining vital code integrity.


Search engines-ready mobile sites

SeoToaster's framework is mobile responsive, bypassing complex development issues for mobile platforms, providing both adaptive and responsive solutions with mobiles templates including geo-localization and direct call features.

SeoToaster E-commerce: optimized for success

Integrating natively SEO, blog, texting, e-mailing, product-level remarketing, Google & Facebook Ad retargeting, B2B sales,social networks and media management, SeoToaster is a powerful and scalable e-commerce solution matching all online marketing needs for online businesses up to 100,000 products. SeoToaster E-commerce enables fast and reliable deployment for businesses of all sizes, optimizing each product for search engines while providing a smooth experience to online shoppers.

SeoToaster E-commerce features 

  • Open source shopping cart
  • Integrated sales quote
  • Digital products support
  • Multi-shop support
  • Plug & Play templates
  • Integrated text & email remarketing
  • Advanced microdata SEO
  • Groups pricing
  • Built-in discounts & coupons
  • Inventory management
  • 100's of plug-ins

Plug & pay e-commerce

Steer clear of programming overload and third-party plug-ins : SeoToaster natively blends all necessary components of a successful e-commerce solution, from website design to payment integration.


100% SEO-ready online shops

SeoToaster E-commerce provides unlimited products implementation, making each product a SEO-friendly gate for search engines, ensuring qualified leads, optimal conversion rates and ROI.


Integrated B2B & offline sales

Built-in automated quotes engine, text and e-mail remarketing or offline sales (phone, PoS) allows merchants to deliver to all complex vending channels including for B2B, affiliation and franchises.

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate: built to grow your business

Ever wished you could offer your own CRM and sales automation solution to your customers?

Private-label SeoToaster, and you can offer an advanced CRM solution on par with the best at a price-point that you control.

World-class features under
your brand

  • Drag & drop pipeline management,
    Lead scoring & more..
  • Collect digital signature & deposit
    payments on proposals
  • Award-winning mobile CRM &
    Social app
  • Actionable built-in sales lead
    intelligence with browsing, clicks
  • Extensible at will with our REST API, plug-ins and 1500 apps via Zapier
  • Sync up with Outlook, Gmail etc..
  • Record incoming calls in contact
  • Creates leads from calls, emails,
    forms, download, text
  • Automate text & email drip
  • Match CRM contacts with Google
    and Facebook audiences

Omni-channel superpowers

Reach prospects and consolidate customers interaction across all channels: website visit, proposal views, telephone, email, text messaging, social media, Google and Facebook Ads.


Automate sales success

Find out if a prospect with an open proposal is visiting a specific page on your website. Chat with a prospect while they are looking at your quote. Gamify your sales process with a text message contest. 


Sales and marketing alignment

Save thousands of dollars in integration and licensing fees over other CRM’s thanks to built-in functionalities and the powerful SeoSamba Cloud Marketing Operating System to align your sales and marketing teams. No-cost integrated digital signature proposal and deposit payment support.

SeoSamba MOS:
Simplify digital marketing 

SeoSamba's MOS or Marketing Operating System is an All-in-One marketing automation platform, allowing web agencies to develop new recurring revenue streams with a turnkey cloud-based service.

SeoSamba MOS combines $1,000's worth of monthly licenses fess for ad-hoc marketing software into a cost-effective unified platform that simplifies execution across SEO, Paid Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Reputation management and other digital marketing activities. 

Replace BirdEye, Hootsuite, Constant Contact, CallRail, Yext, Hubspot Marketing, Vendasta and more.. all with a single subscription and truly integrated platform that delivers outstanding benefits to your clients, and great margins to you. 

SeoSamba Marketing OS in a nutshell

  • All-in-one custom AI powered marketing dashboard
  • Built-in Newsletter/E-mailing with automated blog digest creation
  • Social Media Marketing posting & curation with integrated AI content generation
  • Review Management for 100+ industry & business sites with AI responder
  • Replace Yext with our citation builder
  • Social Media Marketing mobile app
  • Multi-sites automated on-site SEO reporting for any website and on-site execution for WordPress & SeoToaster powered website
  • Built-in Press Release distribution & centralized Blog system with AI content generation
  • Website analytics and SEO Rankings
  • VoIP telephony with Text, Call, DNI & Lead tracking

Twenty software in One

SeoSamba Marketing Operating System simplifies social, email, paid and organic marketing, as well as reputation management across any number of clients and websites through a single cloud-based interface.


Centralized execution & reporting

SeoSamba empowers you and your clients with a centralized platform for everything digital.
While other agency solutions offer merely more than a consolidated ordering system, SeoSamba let you and your clients execute to impact results.


Automated multi-sites SEO

SeoSamba enables agencies to update their multi-sites clients on a large scale, protecting them against brutal changes in search engines indexing policies. Proven and ideal for franchises marketing brands.

SeoSamba Partners:
Our experts at your service

Partner with SeoSamba and increase your margins by leaps and bounds while ensuring higher satisfaction from consistent execution and longer client retention.

You always keep full control of your projects, our open source framework guaranteeing portability of your web projects at all times.

Contact us to discuss how our flexible service delivery model can meet your needs. We mean to earn your trust by ensuring your success. 

Partnership Benefits 

  • Generous commissions on software licenses
  • Aggressive high quality W3C, ADA compliant SEO website creation pricing
  • Direct help-desk services available
  • Clients access from your site
  • On-demand outsourcing
  • White label platform
  • Commercial & Sales support
  • Volume discounts
  • Proposal bids support
  • Online technical support
  • Co-marketing actions
  • Consulting & Training available
  • Online project management

Take advantage of our expertise

Stand apart from competition thanks to our agency partner program. Expand your in-house capabilities, and ensure consistent high level of satisfaction with the latest digital marketing techniques.


Enjoy new recurring revenues

Augment your agency visibility, and reduce leads generation cost by offering freemium/premium services, or rebranding our social media mobile app. Increase subscription-based software and services billing and reduce churn with SeoSamba.


The white label advantage

Leverage SeoSamba years of investment under your own name and branding to propel your agency to greater profits and stability.  Delight customers with state-of-the-art software and services solutions.

Private Label SeoSamba Marketing OS + SeoToaster Ultimate and Mobile Apps

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