Enabling transformation all the way to Software As A Service

SeoSamba’ digital marketing software pairs its incomparable flexibility and scale with another valuable ingredient to transfigure traditional media businesses: “freemium” services that are proven to generate product qualified leads.

Alongside adding marketing muscle, smart functionalities, and SEO excellence to your clients websites, SeoSamba also offers free services that will increase your offer's visibility and reduce leads generation cost, and this whether you intent to build websites from scratch or simply offer premium marketing services on top of existing client's sites.

  • Social Marketing Tools
    SeoSamba’s freemiuim marketing services include a free social marketing calendar and publishing tool. These features allow clients and agency to efficiently organize content calendar, schedule media posts down the road, or publish instantly across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.
  • Website Analytics
    Once you register a website with Seo Samba for no cost, you receive real time web traffic data and reports with your online marketing platform. This allows your company to aggregate metrics across all websites. Easily customize your dashboard to include e-commerce and social data reports.
  • Search Ranking Tools
    A free SeoSamba account allows customers to access detailed search engine ranking reports while aggregating all results at the agency level. Experts can set Key Performance Indicators and alerts when threshold are met. As a result, partners can reliably assess real time results and trends of their SEO efforts across their clients portfolio. Additionally, search rankings history is stored for longer periods than Google itself.
  • Google Tools
    A free SeoSamba account allows customers to connect to Google Webmaster Tools, verify their website automatically, upload XML sitemaps automatically to Google to improve crawling results, and access their search rankings.

In addition to SeoSamba's marketing hub freemium offers described above, private-label partners can offer free, self-installed websites, web stores and Customer Relationship Management tools to clients thanks to a coupon or free trial period.

    • Customer Relationship Management with Sales Automation
      Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system also include a free usage tier to automate email campaigns along with several pre-built landing pages that businesses can use for advertising campaigns or to harvest contacts and leads. Note that SeoToaster CRM Ultimate is built on top of SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce. Hence, the same product can be introduced as website or web store builder when outfitted with relevant themes and deployment models.