Combine SeoToaster and WordPress to rack recurring revenues in faster

SeoSamba let your customers hook up their existing WordPress website to your digital marketing hub in a matter of minutes, regardless of their website's hosting location, language or page volume. 

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management Systemopen source software_wordpress, as such it opens a tremendeous opportunity for our white-label partners to tap into an established  multi-millions users install base. Our partners can propose instantly deployable marketing services, including on-site rules-based Search Engine Optimization, Social marketing services using our built-in content curation and calendaring tool, email marketing, call tracking, and even centralized blogging for multi-sites owners.   


 WordPress offers private-label partners and their clients the following features:

  • Instant connection to your private-label marketing hub
  • Built-in freemium strategy with WordPress plugin 
  • Rules based mass on-site Search Engine Optimization
  • 1-click website analytics deployment
  • Search engine rankings reporting 
  • 1-click Google Tools integration
  • Call tracking and lead generation reporting
  • Piloted from the SeoSamba Marketing Operating System marketing cloud
  • Advanced user or custom simplified interface
  • Content curation interface
  • Multi-channel social marketing posting
  • Social marketing calendar
  • Centralized blogging
  • Ideal to serve multi-locations businesses


Combine WordPress to tap into an active user base who crave marketing solutions and SeoToaster to build the Internet presence of customers looking for a comprehensive solution, while they replatform or launch a new project.

Our acclaimed open source content management system, SeoToaster, takes the art of building, managing and promoting websites to new heights. In addition to its flexibility and scalability, our open source software couples universal standard code with an adaptable software architecture. That means there is little risk for private-label parners that license our framework.

SeoToaster’s open source framework, as opposed to proprietary software, guarantees white-label partners open source software_seotoasterthat any developer can access the source code of their websites. Consequently, companies can modify, update, and customize web applications. It also means that companies can maintain their front end or evolve to any other system down the road, even if something should happen to the organization behind SeoToaster.

Additionally, our open source e-commerce framework provides flexible web hosting solutions that allow media companies to integrate existing and newly launched applications in several programming languages. And our extensive licensing compatibility with other open source libraries facilitates complex project building.

SeoToaster offers private-label partners and their clients the following features:

  • Intuitive Content Management System
  • Rapid website development framework
  • Full-fledged shopping cart software
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Landing page builder
  • Mobile responsive sites
  • Built-in social networking
  • Automated drip emails
  • Built-in SMS & Call tracking (Twilio / Dialoga)
  • Piloted from the SeoSamba Marketing Operating System marketing cloud
  • Interface with 1000+ applications
  • Support 14 languages and counting
  • Plug-in SDK and Restfull API
  • Built-in directory system
  • Salesforce and others CRM integration
  • Dozens of payment gateways integration
  • Dozens of shipping providers integration
  • Ideal to serve multi-locations businesses


These features, combined with the flexibility and durability of our open source framework, ensure a maximum return on your investment and reduce vendor risks associated with private-labeling a marketing platform.