SeoSamba’s franchisee trailblazer program is designed to outperform local competitors in order to generate local leads in your territory.

Adding quality franchisees, and keeping them content, is a critical component of any successful franchise business. It’s not only a key strategy for growth, but, the common denominator among the world’s top franchises that results in a well-integrated franchise community.

Yet, the franchisor/franchisee gap, or, the disconnect between what franchisors offer in terms of digital marketing solutions and what franchisees expect, is growing ever wider, according to SeoSamba’s recently published study of over 250 franchises, The Elephant in the Digital Marketing Room.

Our study shows that there's nothing more upsetting to franchisees than the growing imbalance in priorities between promoting the global brand, and a strong digital marketing strategy for local establishments—one that allows them to outperform regional competitors and sell more locally.

unfortunately, most franchisor websites' fall short in this aspect. Overwhelmingly, franchisor sites actually limits franchisee online exposure to one page of content. Pages are often clunky and outdated. There's no actionable digital programs with clear, measureable benefits to the local unit.

What can you do as a franchisee to help yourself, your fellow franchisees and your franchisor in the same process? 

Help yourself first, then, lift up your brand

A vibrant web presence should lie at the heart of any strategy, regardless of a franchise’s size or industry. That means harnessing the marketing power of the franchisor’s global imprint, while equipping franchisees with the right digital tools to compete with the independent businesses and established brands, alike.

SeoSamba's franchisee Trailblazer Program sets you and your brand on the right path by deploying a cost-effective and flexible toolset that helps you develop and manage your online presence at the local level, integrated with a comprehensive marketing program, delivered turnkey.

As part of the Trailblazer Program, you'll receive:

  • A customized website with automated localization that maximizes your presence in local search engines
  • Customized sales and marketing programs 
  • Sales leads