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SeoSamba Launches First Mobile CRM App With On-Premise CRM And Multi-location Businesses Support

Sep 08, 2020


Camden, Delaware - SeoSamba announced today the launch of a new companion mobile CRM app to SeoToaster Ultimate CRM.


The SeoSamba mobile CRM app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, lets you access data stored in one or more SeoToaster Ultimate Customer Relationship Management Systems along with any lead found in SeoSamba's Marketing Operating System.


SeoSamba’s CRM app is unique in multiple ways;



  • SeoSamba CRM is the only app that lets you access contacts stored in multiple SeoToaster Ultimate CRM’s from a single App, and this without logging in and out. It is the ideal CRM for multi-location businesses such as Franchises business, or any business requiring individual CRM data storage along with transversal access;


  • SeoSamba CRM does not require a CRM at all! Open a free SeoSamba account, add call tracking number, deploy contact forms on any website and track also all leads stored in your SeoSamba Marketing Operating System from the App.


  • SeoSamba CRM app is free, requiring only a free SeoSamba account, while SeoToaster Ultimate CRM is also free when self hosted up to 250 named contacts.

While the SeoToaster Ultimate CRM is known for empowering businesses from various segments (SMBs, Franchises, B2B and E-commerce), The new SeoSamba mobile CRM promises the same core capabilities with mobile access. 


The app includes a contacts management dashboard with in-depth tracking, lead tracking, Calls/Forms/SMS monitoring  and Sales reporting. The all new SeoSamba mobile CRM app is the perfect package for sales teams and managers to keep track of all Customers related activities from an easy to access system. Away from the office for a few minutes? no  biggie, you can always keep track of all your sales & leads on the go. 

Multi-location Franchise CRM

Access to multiple CRM’s has never been easier.  Track your account's most critical data with your SeoSamba mobile CRM app including account's

  • Sales opportunities with links to quotes

  • Contact information, Net Promoter Score, Sales Score, tasks and notes

  • Inbound prospect activity timeline:

  • Website(s) visits including dwelling time

  • Documents downloaded

  • Form contacts

  • Chat conversations

  • Email received

  • Phone calls received with or without recording

  • SMS text messages received

  • Online purchases/registration

  • Quote views


About SeoSamba

SeoSamba’s marketing and sales automation software suite are used by thousands of businesses, small and large, around the world, with service centres in the United States and Europe. SeoSamba’s software is private labelled by solutions providers and media companies alike, and available in 14 languages.


SeoSamba combines email, SEO reporting and execution, centralized blogging for WordPress and SeoToaster powered websites, PPC, social media marketing, CRM, a website builder with built-in call tracking, analytics and more, under one roof, at an affordable price.


SeoSamba offers turnkey services, including franchise development and franchise brand marketing for local lead generation packages.





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