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*$25/month or $190/year let you host your CRM along with landing pages or a full website on our super-fast Amazon based servers. Security, system updates and support is included


your prospect is in their buying journey across emails, phone calls, downloads, quotes, purchases and visits across all your websites.
  • Ad campaigns keywords level
  • User behavior across websites
  • Inbound calls with recordings
  • Open Emails & attachments
  • Cart amounts conversions

Hit the ground

  • Pre-build landing pages for events, services, digital and physical products
  • HTTPS / SSL pre-deployed
  • Pre-set workflows
  • Follow up emails templates
  • Affordable data migration packages

Get more leads
with sales &

Build a landing page, associate a dedicated inbound sales line, setup an email drip, then follow-up, quote and sell online. 

It's all in SeoToaster CRM already.

at will

Send quotes, collect payments,
sell digital downloads or build a full
fledge website or store

Email drip, download, quizzes,  test exam lead baits, and more included...

Try SeoToaster CRM Ultimate, then bring your marketing to the next level with SeoSamba's integrated solution stack.


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SeoToaster CRM Ultimate mobile app let you connect to any number of both cloud and on-premise CRM installs. No need to log in and out to another app. 

Access all your contacts, drive to their location, send text messages, emails, place calls, but also add notes or look at open opportunities and understand where they sit in your sales cycle - All from the palm of your hands.

Even better you also get your SeoSamba Marketing OS leads straight from the same app. Inbound calls create automatically contacts in your CRM, or bring up your callers details on-screen as you are picking up the call before leaving notes with your call log and recording. 



SeoToaster CRM is ideal for any website-centric organization or campaign, as it ships with its own mobile friendly landing pages builder, full blown Content Management System, Google News friendly blog system and web store.

It also hooks into SeoSamba Marketing Operating System and let you deploy in one click call tracking and multi-sites activity tracking, as well as accessing advanced marketing features.

config cloud tracking services
landing page builder

With SeoToaster CRM, you can create a  breathtaking landing page, for example, using one of our pre-set template and start getting leads inside your CRM in a matter of minutes.

Add your PayPal account and collect online sales for physical
or digital products in a few minutes.

collect online sales

Now, whether you wish to build a new website, or use another website's landing pages, use the form builder to quickly create a web form, insert the code that was created for you right into your site’s landing page, and start sending leads straight to your CRM.

crm form builder
form rules builder

Make sure leads are properly followed up with every time: Create workflows based on forms prospects answers, and assign lead owners, tasks, modify prospect’s stages or enroll them into follow up email drip campaigns, and more... all automatically

Since SeoToaster CRM connect to the SeoSamba Marketing Operating System marketing automation platform, you can track leads activity on any number of websites right from your CRM's leads timeline.

track leads activity
track and record outbound and inbound calls

You can also track and record outbound and inbound calls right from your timeline, and create leads in your CRM automatically from inbound sales calls enquiries. 

Find out every time your leads open one of your email, or look at one of your attachment, and enroll them easily into one or multiple email drip sequences. You can send them private online quotes, that they can  pay instantly online and even be notified right when they're looking at your quote.

sending emails and tracking when leads open them
private online quotes

This way, you know when clients engage with your business and you can focus on leads that are ready to purchase.

Remarketing / Audience Ad Automation with Facebook and Google Ads

Back in the old days of last month, your remarketing efforts were limited to only those people who had previously visited your website. Not anymore! You can now strategically show remarketing ads to your saved contacts in your CRM system while they browse Google or Facebook, whether or not they’ve been to your website already.

Fact: Retargeting people who’ve already interacted with your brand can Increase conversion rates by up to 150%!





To activate this feature, connect your Google and Facebook Ads accounts to your SeoSamba CRM. Add contacts manually to your existing audience list on the platform you're currently using for advertising, or create a workflow within the CRM to do it for you automatically.

Google and Facebook’s algorithm will search all user-profiles and in an attempt to match your saved contacts from your CRM to a user profile on their platform. If the algorithm successfully finds a match, your retargeting ad will be displayed to them while they surf. It takes targeted advertising to the next level!

Note that in Google Ads, you will find any audiences you have created from SeoToaster Ultimate CRM in your Audience manager which can be found in your Tools & Settings. It will not appear in the audience tab before a campaign or ad group starts using it.

These features represent more than what the most expensive CRMs offer, premium licenses included and all.
However, there's even more to SeoSamba.


Since SeoToaster CRM also includes the award-winning open source Content Management System SeoToaster, and shopping cart SeoToaster Ecommerce, you can migrate or build your next full blown website and webstore with SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce.

award winning open source cms seotoaster and shopping cart seotoaster ecommerce

We offer performance guaranteed service packages

optimize your website automatically

Once your website is connected to SeoSamba, you can then optimize it automatically for best organic search performances: the all-important clicks you don't pay Google for!


You can also track your search rankings, curate content and post to your social networks
accounts from a single screen among others features.


tracking search rankings
content curation and posting to social media


Additionally, you can connect WordPress websites using our Free and Premium WordPress plugins, and automate search engine optimization and marketing across all your websites.


why you should use seosamba s wordpress premium plugin

animated seo rules creation

lead and sales generation





Free landing pages

  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Document download
  • Event booking
  • Product purchase
  • E-book

for your marketing campaigns included

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