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SeoSamba November 2021 Product Update

Dec 08, 2021



Match Email Newsletter Contacts to Google and Facebook Audiences for increased ROI. Parse Inbound Emails to Create Leads in Your CRM, Block and Remove Spammers from your Lead & CRM Mobile App.


Automated Lead Creation in Your CRM

This feature is going to be of particular interest to you if you receive your leads from web directories, or website lead providers and various referral sources via email.

Just quickly set up rules in the CRM configuration to match email content to your CRM fields and Voila! - emails are automatically gobbled up and appear in your CRM, assigned to the person you have designated and automatically enrolled in a follow-up email or text sequence.


Have you tried using your SeoSamba CRM yet? Your SeoSamba CRM  is like having a full time marketing person on staff, but not on the payroll! It stores contacts automatically from form submissions, incoming calls and text messages, and  automates your marketing efforts, including welcome emails, nurture campaigns, and sequences. Access your CRM now through your website or by downloading the SeoSamba CRM mobile app. Check for your login credentials in the “Congratulations” email that was sent to you when your website was launched. 


The SeoSamba CRM provides you with loads of automation features. Build workflows based on your lead properties, form submissions, and integrations with third-party services. Need help? Contact us if you require additional training on building the rules that will automate your marketing efforts. You will also find information on how to do this at

Block Spammers from your Mobile Lead & CRM App

Blacklist spammers from your mobile device through the SeoSamba Lead & CRM app. In the lead section of the app, just go the form submitted by the spammer and tap the 3 dots menu to then select "Block contact". In doing so, you will be able to block their email, phone number, and the IP they are pestering you from in 1 shot!


In addition, keep in mind that when needed you can remove unwanted contacts from any of the CRM you're connected to and this right from the app.


Note the  “Add to Spam” feature in the desktop version of SeoSamba Marketing OS as shown in the screenshot below, which allows you to blacklist email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses of annoying spammers just by ticking the box. 


Coordinated Email with Facebook, and Google Ads Marketing

If you are a SeoSamba Email Marketing user, you are going to love this new feature!  We are especially excited about it because of its benefits to you.


Contacts lists saved in your Marketing OS dashboard can now be uploaded to your Google Adwords and Facebook Ads accounts audience lists to power your acquisitions and remarketing campaigns.


This way, people don't even have to have previously visited your website to be shown your remarketing ads on Google display, Youtube or Facebook. You can even target these users when they are performing search on Google with specific bids and messages!


“Why is this so exciting?” you may be wonder. Well, first off, marketing is becoming increasingly multi or even omni-channel, and that anything that can facilitate coordination for small businesses is, in our opinion, good news! Also, we have verified that remarketing can increase your conversions by 150% and sales by 20%.

And finally, think people will find this annoying?  Nope! 65% of online viewers actually appreciate being shown ads that display items or services they looked at previously, while 47% of people say they’d be willing to give up some privacy in return for a better online deal.


To get started, you need an active ads account through Google and/or Facebook, and contact lists with email addresses.  SeoSamba can set up and manage your remarketing campaign, including creating the ads and keeping track of your analytics.  Just reply to this email to get in touch with us to find out more or to get started today! 

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That’s our wrap-up for new and updated features from SeoSamba for November 2021. Please visit us online at to see more of what we have to offer for small businesses, franchise brands, and multi-location/multi-site companies to help you streamline your digital marketing strategy.


Do you have questions or comments about these new features or any of your other SeoSamba services?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our community page to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative. 


Did you miss our October update?  There were some exciting releases, including recent updates to the SeoSamba Marketing OS, SeoToaster CMS new package release, Instagram Automated posting, to name a few.  

We Want To Hear From You!  

Your feedback, comments, and suggestions are important to us.  If you have ideas for features you’d like to see added to your service package, drop us a line and tell us about it! 


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