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SeoSamba October 2021 Product Update

Nov 04, 2021



Visual Pipeline Management in your CRM, Repurpose Content with SeoSamba MOS, and Lead Management Best Practices Refresher


Visualize Your Sales Progress with Opportunities/Deals Pipeline

Aaahhh the sweet satisfaction of moving deals to a new opportunity stage!


Visualize your deals in your sales cycle with cards. Separate columns represent different opportunity stages. Drag and drop deals across to another column to reflect progress within your sales process. That easy, that fulfilling.


To create a new opportunity/deal and a new card in the process, click the detailed leads screen, then “Log Opportunity” tab, fill in the appropriate fields, create or attach corresponding online quotes to the opportunity, then view the deals in your visual pipeline on cards. It’s great to help stay organized and view what’s new at a glance. 


Have you tried using your SeoSamba CRM yet? It’s already built-in to your website and has been configured, collecting your leads and automatically saving them for you from the beginning.


Make adjustments to your opportunity stages to customize the data in the configuration menu to set it up in a snap.


Blogs, Emails, Social Posts, and Reviews All Working for You

With a few clicks in your Marketing OS dashboard, you can repurpose your existing content and publish it. Everyone will think you spent hours working on it, slaving away at your desk. Don’t worry - your secret's safe with us. Now you have some extra time to hit some golf balls or get the manicure you know you deserve!

Turn Reviews into Recurring Social Posts

Repost your hard-earned 5-star customer reviews on Google and Facebook across all your social media channels to let the world know about it, plus easily respond to reviews on both platforms under the Reputation Management tab in your MOS dashboard. 


Turn Your Blog into an Email

Try these little icons tucked into the blog management screen’s right column - and instantly share your blog post to your social calendar or create an email instantly.


Turn Multiple Blogs Posts into an Email Newsletter Digest

Have you been meaning to send out a monthly email newsletter to your customers and prospects, but you haven’t got the time and don’t know where to start?


SeoSamba has the perfect solution! Select your recent blogs to add them into the blog digest email template- already built into your MOS dashboard- write a short introduction, add your call to action and you’re done.  A professional-looking monthly newsletter signed, sealed, delivered in less than 5 minutes. 



Conversely, you can publish your email campaigns as blogs on your website and later share them via social media - any of these steps will make it possible to better engage with your audience and save time for you to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration with your family and close friends!


"Where do I find my leads?"


As a SeoSamba client, there are no less than 5 ways to retrieve the leads generated from your website


The Genesis

First, if your website was built by SeoSamba, it is part of a minutious construction and quality assurance process. We have a 180 point checklist to create the best overall performing website while meeting all your functionality and design requirements.


As part of this process, we check that all forms are working prior to launching your website to ensure your website leads get delivered to you from the very first minute of its existence.


What happens when someone submits a form on your website? 

As soon as a website visitor submits a form, their contact information gets sent to you via email and SMS/Text message, and a new lead gets created in your CRM or that touchpoint added to your and logged into your SeoSamba marketing OS dashboard as well as your Android or iOS Lead & CRM mobile app.


1./ Good Old Email

What to do if you don't see your leads in your email inbox 

Check your spam filters, contact your domain administrator to add an SPF record to your email domain. In the meantime, you should always get your leads via one of the following 4 remaining ways.


2./ Text messages: Each form on your website has built-in auto text replies that get sent to your prospects upon submission. However, because email is inherently unreliable, and might or might not be seen by your prospects, the text channel allows you to differentiate your business positively in your prospect mind and provides a direct communication channel that is not subject to anti-spam filters, with both prospects and clients.

Your forms are also outfitted with simultaneous text notifications sent to the mobile phone number of other team members you assigned when we were building your site.  



3./ SeoSamba Marketing OS - You can access all your leads in the Lead Tracking section of your dashboard, listen to call recordings, view forms, text messages and sales transactions. 


Note the  “Add to Spam” feature shown in the screenshot below, that allows you to blacklist email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses of annoying bots and spammers just by ticking the box. 


4./ SeoSamba CRM lets you store your contacts and automate your marketing efforts: leads get created automatically by form submissions, SMS, and Call-tracking at the same time, you can always manually create a lead or import a .csv file with contacts. 

You can access your CRM through your website. Find the link and your login credentials in the “congratulations” email that was sent to you when your website was launched. 


5./ Get The App! The SeoSamba CRM app, available on Android and iOS, includes a contact management dashboard with in-depth tracking, lead tracking, Calls/Forms/Text/Email, and Sales reporting. It is the perfect package for sales teams and managers to keep track of customer-related activities from anywhere through the easy-access system.

Now, go explore to make sure you are receiving your leads via all these channels. If you’re not, please reach out to us with your questions, and remember to download the SeoSamba Mobile CRM Application now for free on Android and iOS to have all of your leads at your fingertips!  

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That’s our wrap-up for new and updated features from SeoSamba for October 2021. Please visit us online at to see more of what we have to offer for small businesses, franchise brands, and multi-location/multi-site companies to help you streamline your digital marketing strategy.


Do you have questions or comments about these new features or any of your other SeoSamba services?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our community section to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative. 


Did you miss our September update?  There were some exciting releases, including recent updates to the SeoSamba Marketing OS, SeoToaster CMS new package release, Instagram Automated posting, to name a few.  

We Want To Hear From You!  

Your feedback, comments, and suggestions are important to us.  If you have ideas for features you’d like to see added to your service package, drop us a line and tell us about it! 


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