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SeoSamba April Product Update

May 05, 2021



In April, we added a few new features to the SeoSamba suite of products to help you better optimize your work, further automate processes and help increase your ROI from your marketing efforts.


Remove Erroneous Contact Emails From Your Lists & CRM

Email marketing is a highly effective form of marketing that should be a part of your strategy. Email marketing has an average 4200% return on investment (ROI), or $42 for every $1 spent.  It’s also 40% more effective at converting, compared to social media. 

If you suspect that you have problems with out-of-date emails attached to contacts or leads in your CRM or in your Email Marketing Newsletter tool, we’ve developed a great tool for you that will help  you clear your client base from leads with invalid email addresses. This feature can be found in both our products: SeoSamba CRM and SeoSamba Marketing OS Email Newsletter Tool.

Turn Emails into Blog Posts


Use the “Validate Email” button from your lead detail screen,


Select multiple contacts from the lead grid and select the same option from the pull down menu or validate emails individually or entire lists from your SeoSamba Marketing OS Email tool. 


Regardless which method you use, email validation information will transpire across both your SeoSamba Marketing OS and CRM when that contact exists in both places.


Carry your spring cleaning over to your lead list in your SeoSamba CRM and Email Newsletter tool and clear out the clutter! 

Add Emoji to your Posts

Statistics show that using emojis in Facebook posts can increase the number of shares by up to 33% and interactions with your post by up to 57%. Who would have thought a yellow smiley face could have that much of an impact on your social posts?!?!


The latest update to the SeoSamba social posting tool now allows you to use emojis in your posts.  So, go ahead and add emojis with wild abandon and increase engagement while you’re at it. 


Just for fun, here are the top 10 most popular emojis:

Remarketing Audience Ad Automation SeoSamba CRM

Add Videos to you Social Posts

Videos are the #1 type of preferred content on social platforms among consumers and marketers report they get 66% more leads per year using video as a marketing tool. 


Remember that you can share your videos quickly and easily to Facebook and Twitter (Unfortunately Google My Business and LinkedIN do not support this functionality from 3rd party platforms at this point) from both your MOS dashboard and the SeoSamba Social Marketing app on your Android or Apple device. 

 Questions or comments about these new features?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our community page to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative.

We Want To Hear From You!  

Your feedback, comments, and suggestions are important to us.  If you have ideas for features you’d like to see added to your service package, drop us a line and tell us about it! 



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