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SeoSamba February Product Update

Mar 03, 2021

SeoSamba February Product Update

New Features in CRM, Updated Connectivity to 1500 Apps, And a Brand New Document Management to Store All Brand Documents in SeoSamba Marketing OS

CRM Updates: Meetings and Task Reminders

Trying to keep track of customers and appointments in your day planner, phone calendar, and post-it notes can get messy in a hurry! If missing appointments with your customers tops your list of things not to do, you’ll be thrilled with the latest update to the SeoSamba CRM. Now when you create tasks, reminders, and meetings through your website's CRM, you’ll get reminders sent to both your phone via text and to your email. These notifications are completely customizable- You set when and how you will be notified about your upcoming tasks and meetings. You can even create a custom schedule for sending reminders to your customers about your upcoming appointments. Reminders can be sent before a scheduled event, at the start of the event, as well as if a deadline was missed.

Turn Emails into Blog Posts
Turn blog posts into emails

CRM Organization Management Improvements

If you have valuable space in your lead list within your CRM being taken up by irrelevant contacts, deleting them and clearing up room for new opportunities just got a whole lot easier with newly added filter and mass-action options.  Just find the most relevant filter option and choose the mass-action item you wish to execute and you’re done before you can say “new opportunity”.

Remarketing Audience Ad Automation SeoSamba CRM

Seotoaster CRM Application in Zapier

The SeoToaster application on Zapier was updated in February to ensure that all of the integrations you build will run smoothly and effectively, to help you improve lead generation and conversion rates.  SeoToaster can be connected to over 1500 apps and services through Zapier. Create pages on your website or leads in your CRM automatically from LinkedIN, Facebook Ads or any apps among the vast Zapier apps collection. Find step-by-step instructions on how to connect your favorite app or service to your SeoToaster account through Zapier here.


New Document Management System in SeoSamba Marketing OS

Sharing files, images, videos, documents, company collateral and more just got easier with the new SeoSamba Library.  Log in to your Marketing OS dashboard now and you’ll find the organization-specific feature already there and ready for you to start uploading to.  


Franchisees and location managers can share blogs, ad campaigns, email templates, and ideas with you and each other in one commonplace.  Corporate documents such as employee handbooks, FDD’s, tax, and other legal documents can be stored now in one safe place that is easily accessible by employees and franchisees.


Share files one by one or entire folders, upload new versions of documents and notify your colleagues in one sweep, and don’t forget to color your folders to help you visually organize your documents.



You will now find in this section your image library, a collection of images you can share within your organization or keep private to yourself and that is accessible across the blog, email, and social tools. Last but not least, you will also find Netcontent (original name for this area of the system) objects; Netcontent is a collection of apps, banners, and really any kind of content that you can distribute across SeoToaster powered websites you manage, and have inserted into web pages or code from a single location.


We Want To Hear From You!  

Your feedback, comments, and suggestions are important to us.  If you have ideas for features you’d like to see added to your service package, drop us a line and tell us about it! 


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