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January 2021 Product Update

Feb 01, 2021



We think you’re going to be as excited we are about the new features we added this last month. From magically creating blogs from emails or emails from blogs, a remarketing update that’ll knock your socks off, to Facebook group posting abilities, these will save you time, generate more traffic and raise brand awareness like never before. 


New Features in Marketing OS, Advertising Platforms and CRM Get Connected, Facebook Group Posting Now Available Through SeoSamba Mobile App

Turn your most successful email campaigns to blog posts in one click!

The latest and greatest feature added this month in your Marketing OS dashboard lets you turn your email campaigns into a blog post with a click of your magic wand…...errrr…. Mouse. Talk about killing two birds with one stone- you’ve just doubled the mileage from one piece of content without breaking a sweat. Now posting blogs and keeping in touch with your audience consistently is that much easier. It works the other way, too- you can turn blogs into email campaigns with a couple of clicks. It's like kissing the frog and getting a prince, but better! Give your audience what they want- high quality, informative content in the form of blogs and email newsletters.

Turn Emails into Blog Posts
Turn blog posts into emails

Remarketing / Audience Ad Automation with Facebook and Google Ads


Remarketing used to be limited  to only those people who had previously visited your website.  Not anymore! Strategically show ads to the contacts saved in your CRM system as they browse Google or Facebook, whether or not they’ve been to your website already


Retargeting people who’ve already interacted with your brand can Increase conversion rates by up to 150%!




Remarketing Audience Ad Automation SeoSamba CRM

Connect your Google and Facebook Ads account to your CRM, then you can manually add your contacts emails to your audiences or create a workflow to do it for you automatically. Google and Facebook will look into their user profiles and attempt to match your contacts to a user profile on their services so that your ads can show specifically for these folks.


Note that in Google Ads, you will find any audiences you have created from SeoToaster Ultimate CRM in your Audience manager which can be found in your Tools & Settings. It will not appear in audience tab before a campaign or ad group starts using it.

Remarketing Audience Ad Automation SeoSamba CRM Leads Dashboard

Now Post Directly To Your Facebook Groups

In case you hadn’t noticed, your Facebook news feed increasingly features updates from groups, with the occasional update from a personal contact or businesses. If you want to generate traffic from Facebook, you’ve got to start a group page for your business. You can keep it private with invitation-only membership or let anyone in. Either way, SeoSamba’s Social Marketing App lets you create updates now for your Facebook group page(s) from your mobile device or from your desktop. Technology is constantly evolving, but SeoSamba is on top of it. We add the features you need to ensure your content gets in front of your audience, keeping you always at the forefront of technology.


Find out how to connect your Facebook Groups to SeoSamba Mobile Marketing Application in this little video guide!


That’s it, now you are ready to start posting!

Questions or comments about these new features?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our community page to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative.


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