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SeoSamba May 2021 Product Update

Jun 08, 2021


Track offline payments against quotes and proposals, + collect more (and better) email addresses

Digitize your sales process: Collect deposits on quotes and proposals


The SeoSamba CRM supports electronic signatures out-of-the-box- yet another great way to save hundreds of dollars a year in integration and subscription fees.


Well, now it allows you to collect deposits for your signed contracts and quotes generated in the SeoSamba CRM via payment plug-ins that include PayPal and SagePay.  Or, you can request to have a plug-in developed for your specific  processor.


In the event that a payment is collected outside of the system, (cash, check or via a wire transfer), it can be reflected that a payment has been collected in your CRM and bridge the gap between offline and online transactions. This lets you collect a partial offline and complete the transaction by collecting a final payment online.


There are additional functionalities currently under construction for the quote and proposal system to make it ever more powerful, so stay tuned! It’s never been easier to digitize your  business processes than now with the SeoSamba CRM. What are you waiting for? Get in touch to get it set up today. 

Add a “Subscribe” Form to Your Websites 


Email marketing is still a staple of the digital marketing toolbox. SeoSamba offers a great email marketing solution that let you take advantage of content created on your blog and let you turn it into a newsletter in a few clicks. But how do you grow your customer base and Increase the number of contacts in your contact lists? deploying a subscription box. Already have it? Deploy to other pages throughout your site to better your odds of collecting email addresses! 


Build unlimited subscribe forms for your websites without incurring any additional charges. The forms are integrated into our email software and the data can be automatically stored to specific email marketing lists based on tags that you assign. 


Communications can be customized and sent to specific audiences, based on the page you  deployed the subscribe widget to for super targeted campaigns. 


Keep in mind, however, that your site visitors aren’t likely to just give you their email address without an enticing offer or incentive. It’s a give and take situation. Be creative with your offer!  Maybe you’ve got an e-book or white paper you’re willing to give away, or a coupon or exclusive promo code, even a recipe or an enter-to-win sweepstakes. 

When thinking of your offer, put yourself in their shoes and think, “Would this entice me to subscribe?”


How to deploy it

Generate the required code from the tools and settings screen found in the SeoSamba Marketing OS Email Marketing tab, name your widget, select or create the contact lists that will get the contacts added, add the corresponding tags, add extra fields from the suggested list, set-up the auto-response email and click  Create  


When the widget is ready click  Copy widget code 

Wordpress Sites and other platform deployment:  Insert the code into one of HTML fields, or directly within the landing page HTML code, 


SeoToaster CMS/CART/CRM:  Add a subscribe checkbox to any of your existing forms, and have these emails routed to the proper list from your SeoToaster control panel. You will also find all subscribers in your CRM and all actions, such as what contact opened or clicked your newsletter right from their timeline.


You can even validate any email addresses that are stored in your SeoSamba MOS contact lists or in your CRM prior to sending out your newsletter to improve your deliverability rate and reputation as a sender - this is important if you want to reach your prospects! Validation details will get automatically reflected in both platforms.


 Questions or comments about these new features?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our community page to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative.

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