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SeoSamba June 2021 Product Update

Jul 01, 2021



Community Section Revamp, Mensa Hero Release and SeoSamba Spam Protection



SeoSamba Community Pages

There are tons of cool features that come with your SeoSamba service and we’re adding new ones all the time.  But, in order for them to benefit you, you’ve got to know how to use them!  That’s why we’ve created the SeoSamba Community pages. It’s a full blown knowledge base where you’ll find step-by-step training guides, user manuals and helpful explainer videos for each and every feature SeoSamba has.


Learn how to get the most out of the analytics feature, set up email marketing campaigns, create, schedule and distribute social posts and blogs, manage your reviews and see how your leads and calls are tracked in the Marketing OS training section.


Check out the CMS SeoToaster section to learn how to use the built-in CRM, add a shopping cart to your website, set up email drip campaigns and manage the content on your website with our easy step-by-step illustrated training guides. Check it out today and learn more about all the great features that SeoSamba has! 

New Text Chat Feature


Mensahero, the brand new 2-way texting feature from SeoSamba, allows you to connect with visitors on your website via a customizable web chat-over-text.


The visitors mobile phone number is instantly captured and saved to your SeoSamba CRM. This feature enables you to communicate with people via text and bypass the dreaded cluttered email inbox and the anti-spam filters. People will love the instant reply from you, an actual human, and not a robot. 


Less people get lost in the shuffle and you get to turn more of your website traffic into actual customers.


Get more reviews


When you use Mensahero to send your customers a SeoSamba reputation protector link to review your services the moment they leave or hang up, when they’re still feeling warm and fuzzy about their interaction with you.


Built for Busy People and Field Service Teams


Texts are sent to everyone's cell phone with the SeoSamba Lead and CRM app on your team, and claimed by the first to respond. Any conversation can easily be muted and released for another member of your team to step in.


Seamlessly integrates with the SeoSamba CRM mobile app for iPhone or Android


Secure our Summer launch pricing: $39 per month Some of our competitors charge 10 times that amount!


If you are a franchisee or manager for a branch, and want to experience the power of MensaHERO, please contact us at so that we can help you. If you are a main/brand account holder, just follow these steps:

1./ Subscribe now to MensaHero - 1 license per team/website
2./ Follow the instructions to download and install the app
3./ Deploy the widget on your website or contact us to help you with the entire process

Protection from Spam  ⛔

SeoSamba has always made protecting you from spam a top priority. We use  cutting-edge technology to prevent spammers from taking over your inbox.


Anti-Spam Bot Technology from Google

Recaptcha helps protect your website from spammers using a Turing test to help tell humans and bots apart that must be completed correctly before a form submission on your website. It’s a technology that was developed and is supported by Google for the purpose of blocking bots. 


Additional Spam Bot Blocking Technology from SeoSamba

Google’s recaptcha has about a 98% success rate at blocking spam bots. In order to block nearly 100% of machine-spammers, SeoSamba uses a “Honey Pot” - a hidden field in the code of your forms on your websites that is visible for bot-spammers only. Once this hidden field populates, our system silently discards the spam message. 


An Extra Layer of Services from SeoSamba

Unfortunately, a lot of the spam you receive is actually coming from real humans sitting in front of a web browser and spamming people all day (talk about boring...). The Recaptcha feature is ineffective in these cases, since it can only block bots. 


It takes a real person to fight back against human spammers. Each month, SeoSamba’s anti-spam team manually reviews forms submitted through your website to find and flag spam submissions one-by-one.  We then add the spammers’ email address, domain, and IP address(es) to our blacklist system to prevent them from emailing you again from that IP.  While this definitely helps, it's a never ending battle because spammers can quickly and easily obtain a new IP address. 


Predictive Spam Blocking Technology

In response to this, SeoSamba built an intelligent automated anti-spam system that uses data from previously blacklisted ip’s to instantly block and blacklist similar ip’s on future submitted forms. 


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Good SEO

Are you getting tons of spam? Sure, it’s pretty annoying but, it actually means that you’ve got really good SEO on your website.  No spam means no one is finding your website.  That’s not good either, right?  Lots of spam means that lots of people are finding your site online, which is what we want.  What it boils down to, is that getting a lot of spam form submissions is actually a positive event, because it means you’re easy to find online.  


That’s our wrap up for new and updated features from SeoSamba for June 2021. Please visit us online at for a full list of features or for information on how to contact us.

 Questions or comments about these new features?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our SeoSamba Community page to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative.


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