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SeoSamba is the perfect multisite white-label
CMS and marketing solution
for both small agencies and self-starters.

Latest Reviews

Director of Marketing and Executive Project Manager - by Jessica B.M., 2019-05-03 11:05:20

5.00 / 5 stars

I am pleased with our decision to move forward with SeoSamba and look forward to our continued relationship. Every aspect of the software is scalable to our present and future digital marketing goals. It's very exciting to see where we are going!

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Digital Marketer - by Monique Danao, 2019-05-03 11:05:54

5.00 / 5 stars

I highly recommend SeoSamba MOS to businesses managing multiple websites and social media accounts. I also recommend it for entrepreneurs who need to manage international branches and international clients.

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Increasing client retention?

The key is execution, your brand the answer

  • End-to-end control over hosting, website, blog, SEO, reviews, PR, social and more
  • Works as self-service or co-managed marketing platform
  • Private label both our marketing software platform and services

Provide integrated multi-sites automated SEO, PR, social marketing with reporting under your own brand.

Strengthen your value proposition by offering rapid and cost-effective integrated solutions for B2B, corporate, e-commerce, or directory websites building, marketing and scaling.


Nail more and larger deals now

Go get them tiger, we have your back

  • Resell-ready packaged website design services to complement your in-house staff
  • Integrated mobile websites, blogs, online stores, affiliates systems, directories
  • Perfect for individual consultant and small agencies

You're no longer limited by your staffing and software constraints. You can now introduce the latest technologies to your existing clients, and market to larger accounts.

Profit from offering an integrated approach to build and market websites, including Mobile, Social, SEO, PR and Analytics under one roof. Start a new business today with your own pricing, brand SeoSamba's framework as your own, and keep 100% of the profits.


Improve predictability and ROI

Lowering the cost of client acquisition 20x

  • Centralized online URL and SEO rule engine that executes across remote websites
  • Manage exceptions down to page level
  • Distribute content and apps to blogs, PR, social and API's

A majority of marketing solution providers provide little value, charging a premium to access the otherwise available PPC inventory of major search engines and social sites.

On the other hand, SeoSamba combine SEO, PR, and social marketing because these channels offer the lowest cost of new customer acquisition.


Build lasting recurring revenues

Entrenched in your client's most valuable assets

  • A-la-carte subscription-based infrastructure and marketing services
  • Cost that does not price you out of the small business market
  • Enables performance-based marketing

While other marketing platforms score assets and automate advices, SeoSamba automates execution, entrenching your agency throughout your client's most valuable web marketing operations.

Built around a beautiful open source front-end offering CMS, CART, and CRM in one package and a patent-pending SaaS cloud technology, SeoSamba's hub and spoke framework is uniquely refreshing. And so will be your next sales meeting.


Get the support you need

Integrated expert services that know your name

  • Digressive volume pricing
  • State-of-the-art cloud architecture and certified project delivery process
  • SeoSamba is the leader in multi-tenants and multi-sites SEO exeсution

You've joined the winning team. You are now a rock-star offering the best value around in marketing execution to your local clients and walk confidently in sales meetings.

You rely on a broad range of certified expert services at your fingertips that you resell with comfortable margins, and deliver excitement with each new software release.


98% client satisfaction rate
Hundreds of referenceable accounts

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