Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing

Sell more franchises and generate more local leads for your franchisees with our website builder, powered by all-in-one SEO, mobile, PR, call tracking, SMS and social marketing software.

Magnify results as you grow

Host websites near individual franchise's location, then systematically and reliably target local keywords and associated markets by building geo-specific rules, down to page level. 

Franchisors enjoy mechanical incremental search ranking benefits from each franchisee participating in the program while generating unseen volume of sales leads for local franchisees.

SeoSamba's distributed "hub-and-spoke" technology is simply unique. SambaSaaS amplifies marketing effectiveness as you scale, just like benefits you enjoy from group advertising, brand recognition or group purchasing power.

  • Business Services Digital Franchises Marketing Report 2017

    SeoSamba has compiled the 2017 Business Services Franchise Digital Marketing Performance Report, to help you analyze the latest trends, strategies and the challenges specific to the U.S. domestic business service market.

    May 10, 2017

  • franchise association marketing

    Beyond local and mobile search marketing

    In today's business world, your franchisees should reach their audience through any means they prefer. SeoSamba's SaaS multi-site, multi-channel marketing offers franchise websites more than great SEO performances. It also includes integrated email, PR, social and SMS marketing.

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    B2B and multi store e-commerce

    Offer one-click online catalog synchronization with customizable product pricing and presentation for each of your franchisees. Also, ideal for manufacturers with point of sales storefronts and dealer networks.

    Lightning-fast franchisee onboarding

    Whether you're in services, B2B, B2C or e-commerce, you can now focus on expanding your franchise footprint while we provide the tools, processes and manpower to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing program.

    We also deliver your in-house store and let your franchisees order physical supplies, digital downloads and enroll for their training program from your corporate website.

    Take advantage of our "Getting Started Kit" to help your marketing program get up and running, fast.




    Brand control or franchisee engagement?

    Strikes the right balance between centralized control and associated economy of scale with the flexibility required to secure top Google rankings for each of your local markets.

    You can now satisfy your franchise's varied sophistication and online involvement level by empowering them with access to state-of-the-art SEO, web, PR and social marketing tools while controlling your brand's image.

    Cure your lonely condition

    SeoSamba ships with SeoToaster, an open source content management system that we've built from the ground up to set a new standard for building, managing and promoting websites.

    Because it's open source, you can modify any aspect of SeoToaster to suit your needs. In the unlikely event that the organization behind the SambaSaaS marketing hub disappears, all your websites remain fully operational and supported by a growing community of developers and users.

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