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SeoSamba's Top 100 Franchise Influencers 2024

Each year, SeoSamba unveils its selection of the Top 100 Global Influencers in Franchising. This distinguished list features the most impactful figures in the franchise sphere, whose voices resonate profoundly across a spectrum of platforms, spanning from traditional to social media channels.

SeoSamba's Top 100 Franchise Influencers

The name of ninety awardees of the SeoSamba Top 100 Global Franchise Influencers list 2024 have been released!

2023 influencer of franchising

Stay tuned to the updates as we will announce the names of the next 10 winners on the Top 100 Global Influencers in Franchising next week.

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SeoSamba's Top 100 Franchise Influencers 2024

The Top 100 Global Influencers in Franchising list includes the most influential characters in the franchise world, in most cases, these people are franchise superstars who have turned local operations into world-leading business powerhouses, using their enduring success as springboards to global fame.

The list will be completed by more hush-hush personalities and dealmakers who seldom appear in public limelight, yet have nonetheless achieved undisputed recognition among franchise specialists and insiders.

Harvey Tuck

Harvey Tuck

As the Host of The Franchise Show, I am looking to help people make an informed decision and bring together the Franchising community for an inclusive discussion on all matters relating to Franchising, The show will deal with all the questions you have around the subject of franchising, and with feature industry experts as guests so whether you are looking at choosing the right franchise for you, or if you are thinking of franchising your own business, join the discussion every Tuesday 5.15 pm just click my profile and we will be live in the background

As a LinkedIn Top Franchising voice I hope to bring my experience to inspire and encourage informative and interesting conversations around the fascinating subject of franchising with collaborations and discussions we are looking to build a supportive community and help both interested franchisees and potential Franchisors make the right decision.

As the Head of Franchise at Coffee Republic, I lead the expansion of our cafe brand across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world, I along with my guests and the audience will be sharing experience and opinions on a variety of different topics, The show will be impartial however if you would like to reach out to me or any of our guests about there services please DM me for a bespoke conversation, it would be great to hear from you 

I also have a passion for helping other people particularly if you have lost your job, been made redundant or you are looking for a new opportunity, I have created a community of support, advise and collaboration and every Sunday I create a series of posts designed to connect and promote people who are looking for a new job so if you would like to be on the post or you feel you can help please reach out to me

Lou Gervasi

Lou Gervasi

With a strong network of 32,000+ followers and connections, I am a CFE Graduate and a seasoned Sales Professional, boasting a proven track record in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. My expertise lies in achieving and exceeding sales targets, as well as successfully acquiring memberships and sponsorships with passion and finesse. I am a dedicated team builder, and I thrive on fostering customer and client relationships rooted in trust-building and innovative problem-solving to meet the unique needs of clients, members, and organizations. My qualifications also include a CEM designation, making me a proficient trade show, exhibition, and events organizer.

Alesia Visconti

Alesia Visconti

The CEO & President of FranServe Inc, the world's largest franchise consulting & expansion organization, and the CEO of FDM (Franchise Dictionary Magazine), Alesia provides vision and leadership to these extraordinary franchise industry organizations. She has 20 years of experience as a President & CEO, taking companies to the next level, both domestically and internationally. Her motto in life is “Work hard, play hard, help others, repeat.” 

Alesia’s entered the franchise space training as a FranServe Consultant. She quickly became a FranServe Top Producer, then eventually had the opportunity to acquire FranServe. She leaned on her executive experience and her fran-tastic team to grow FranServe into what it is now: the world’s largest franchise consulting /broker organization.

Highly active in the International Franchise Association (IFA), Alesia is on the Diversity Board, the VetFran Committee, the Legal Legislative Committee, the Supplier Advisory Board, and the IFA Membership Committee. She travels to Washington DC annually to speak with legislators on the laws impacting franchising and small business ownership. She also serves on the Board of Advisors at the Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach University. There, she influences and helps educate college students pursuing a Concentrating in Franchising. Consistently recognized by the franchise community, Alesia has been named a “Top Influencer in Franchising” by 1981/Samba year after year.

A true entrepreneur, Alesia acquired the struggling publication, Franchise Dictionary Magazine and turned it around in record time. It is now one of the leading sources of information that potential franchise owners and new franchisees turn to for information and advice. It receives praises and accolades throughout the industry.

Her philanthropic activities include developing FranAid, an arm of FranServe that responsibly shares FranServe’s financial success with extraordinary organizations including Freedom Service Dogs of America, VetFran, Susan G. Komen, and more.

Despite her business savvy, Alesia is a true nerd and trademarked FranServe’s tag line: Franchising Is Our Superpower™ -- she and her team have been spotted at franchise events wearing superhero capes and each year she proudly celebrates National Superhero Day (April 28).

Passionate about helping others, she never loses sight of her mission: to help others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising and all while training and support the industry’s best franchise consultants!

Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein

Adaptive Fitness & Special Needs


My calling is to serve God by creating opportunities for people with mental, physical, and cognitive challenges to live a more abundant life (John 10:10)

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with people who have a passion or connection to the adaptive special needs population, including:

  • Special needs parents
  • Educators
  • Therapists (ABA, PT, OT, ST, etc.)
  • Business owners


  • Franchise opportunities through Special Strong®
  • Online adaptive fitness training certifications
  • Adaptive fitness training (in-person and virtual)
  • Keynote speaking


  • I've been married to my best friend (Trinity) for ten years and have two incredible children (Mercy & Judah)
  • Special Strong was birthed out of a prophetic vision from Rob Moore on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11.)
  • I've been in the fitness industry for over 15 years
  • I started my first business on eBay when I was 16
  • Our company is the leading innovator in the industry for adaptive fitness
  • I wrote my first book in 2023 (Adaptive Faith on Amazon)

MY STORY: My journey in fitness began at a very young age. At age 4, I was diagnosed with a learning disability which impacted my behavior and ability to make friends. In middle school, my parents bought me a membership to a YMCA. Exercise changed my life by building my confidence and helping me control my outbursts. At 21, I was diagnosed with a mood disorder and autoimmune disease. Fitness became my lifeline and gave me the strength and confidence to take control of my life. I felt called to help others do the same.

Eric Schechterman

Eric Schechterman

Schechterman has built an extensive career in franchising, helping secure hundreds of SBA-backed loans, equipment leasing, ROBS funding, etc.. for thousands of entrepreneurs to launch the small businesses of their dreams. Prior to joining Unleashed Brands, Schechterman was the Chief Development Officer at Benetrends Financial where he oversaw sales, marketing, and strategic relationships. Schechterman has been an impactful educator in teaching entrepreneurs about successful small business funding strategies through leadership roles within the International Franchise Association (IFA), as well as numerous speaking roles throughout franchise industry conferences worldwide.

In the new role of VP of Franchise Finance, Schechterman will leverage his expertise in franchise funding strategies to build strong relationships with lenders while working closely with Unleashed Brands' franchisees to assist them with their business financing. Acting as a prime liaison between lenders and Unleashed Brands, Schechterman will be instrumental in securing the funding relationships franchisees need to foster growth and success within their businesses.

Decades of experience as a featured speaker, panel member, and moderator at numerous franchise industry conferences, inspiring entrepreneurs with strategic messaging on how to secure small business funding, as well as coaching franchise executives on best practices for maximizing their funding strategies and relationships. Honored to have earned distinction as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) by the IFA Board of Governors (2016).

Specialties: business development – advising six-figure corporate executives on successful career transition to entrepreneurial pursuits through franchise ownership. Extensive knowledge of Master Franchise Agreements, regional and/or area franchise development, franchise recruitment and sales, franchise brokerage and consulting, entrepreneurship, self-employment, small business ownership, business services, business brokerage, selling businesses, selling franchises, buying businesses, buying franchises, franchising, business consulting, career alternatives, marketing and operations.

John Hewitt

John Hewitt

John T. Hewitt is an American entrepreneur, the founder of Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax Service, and Loyalty Brands. Together these companies account for approximately 10,000 tax preparation and business services franchises in the USA and Canada. In addition, Hewitt is a pioneer in the development and use of specialized tax-preparation software, which is now the industry’s standard practice.

After leaving Jackson Hewitt in 1996 John decided to launch a new company that would be the vehicle for further marketing and brand development innovations, Liberty Tax Service. The new company initially focused its operations in Canada. Liberty Tax Service was launched there when Hewitt purchased a Canadian tax company on September 1, 1997. The new concern achieved a huge measure of success by opening more than 4,000 offices in North America by 2012 which made it the fastest-growing major tax-preparation company in history. Liberty Tax Service is best known for the costumed "wavers" dressed as the Statue of Liberty used in front of the offices across the country. Hewitt left Liberty Tax Service in 2018 and founded Loyalty Brands.

Loyalty Brands is a synergistic group of franchise businesses and services designed to work together to help the franchise buyer prosper both quickly and over the long term. Decades of documented franchise and business success has enabled Loyalty Brands to develop a business system that drives customer loyalty, repeat business, and financial stability. The proven systems allow a franchise business to run smoothly and efficiently while achieving consistent, measurable growth.

Loyalty Brands has grown from zero brands to nine in 4 short years. The Loyalty Brands family includes Estrella Insurance, Ledgers, ATAX Tax Service, Little Medical School, The Inspection Boys, Zoomin Groomin, Loyalty Business Brokers, JOMSOM Staffing, and The Salt Suite.

Each of these franchise concepts are easily knitted together to provide interested prospects a portfolio of businesses that are exciting for them to consider either individually or as a bundle.

In the January 2021 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, three of Loyalty’s brands were included in the top 500 franchise opportunities.

Loyalty Brands is all about: business helping business and people helping people. Its business is built to go in one direction: UP!

April Porter

April Porter

Starting my career as a Prosecuting Attorney and Municipal Judge, many people were surprised when I made the switch to become the franchise owner of kickboxing gyms. But taking that leap of faith and learning to overcome the uncertainty, fear, and challenges of a new franchisee provided the expertise that I use to change franchisees' lives today. 

Because I have been where they are, I understand the magnitude of responsibilities suddenly thrust upon someone that has never owned a business before. I recognized how the habits of being someone else's employee can bleed into business ownership, stifling growth. I empathize with the frustration of learning to communicate with and manage people that think and prioritize differently than I did. And, I remember the exhaustion of working too many hours and being underwhelmed with the rewards for my efforts. 

But I wasn't satisfied settling for a having a job within my franchise. I wanted to be the leader of a franchise empire, so I leaned into the strategic thinking and problem solving skills I perfected as an attorney, the leadership I exhibited as a Judge, and I sought out the answers to the things I didn't know I didn't know to transform into the entrepreneur and absentee owner I was meant to be. 

Opening four locations in less than three years turned some heads and soon franchisees were calling to Ask April Porter how to find the life of Sanity, Wealth, And Gratitude(TM) as a franchise owner. 

So, I turned the skills and strategies I had used to become a award-winning, multi-unit owner into a formula, simplifying concepts into easy-to-implement, step-by-step processes and introducing out-of-the-box strategies that separate my clients from their competitors.

Franchisors love working with me because I understand the obligations of a franchise agreement and mentor franchisees to think and act like CEOs within the brand standards of the franchise model they love, setting me apart from other coaches. 

As a 3x winner of St. Louis’ Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies, a recipient of the AAFD Chairman's Award for Distinguished Service to Franchising, recognized as one of Top Ten Women in Franchising and a Top 100 Global Influencer in Franchising, I am the go-to specialist for optimizing business ownership to expand into multiple locations for franchisees, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. 

Rob Price

Rob Price

Rob joined School of Rock as the President & CEO in 2017. Prior to School of Rock, he served as President of Edible Arrangements, which integrated an online business and 1,300 franchised stores worldwide. Before that, Rob was SVP, Chief Marketing Officer at CVS Health. He has also held executive roles at Wawa Food Markets and H-E-B Grocery. Rob earned an MBA with the highest academic honors from Harvard Business School and graduated with a BS in Applied Economics from Cornell University. He was a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and was a Henry Crown Fellow and Richard Braddock Scholar at the Aspen Institute. Rob's favorite musical artists include Steely Dan and Green Day.

Matt Red Boswell

Matt “Red” Boswell

25+ years of executive leadership covering a wide range of industries including Franchising, Consumer Services, CPG, Foodservice, Retail, Consulting, Marketing/Sales, and IT; however, the recurring themes and accomplishments are:

  1. Strategic work that is often high growth, life-changing and transformative
  2. Leadership of direct organizations, ranging from 10 to 1,000+ employees and creation of high-performance teams
  3. Profit-focus with ownership of results and responsibility for entire P&L and Balance Sheet.
  4. Creating high performing but desirable work environments where people are focused and encouraged to maximize their potential
  5. Unquestioned integrity including a deeply rooted sense of intellectual honesty with oneself
  6. Outrageously high standards, intense competitiveness, and extreme urgency
  7. A blend of toughness, empathy, influence, and sound judgment
Michelle Rowan

Michelle Rowan

Since 2005, FBR has helped more than 1100 franchise brands to better understand franchisee, employee and candidate satisfaction, and improve performance:

  •  WE HELP FRANCHISES ACHIEVE PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES with actionable data to improve satisfaction, strengthen their brand, and increase revenue. Find out more:
  •  WE BRING TRANSPARENCY TO THE FRANCHISE INDUSTRY by offering the leading forum for franchisees to rate their brand & empowering prospective franchisees with satisfaction research in our guides and via
Aaron Harper

Aaron Harper

Aaron Harper, CEO of Rolling Suds Power Washing, is an expert in building relationships and developing brands. He learned management skills and how to build strong relationships while working in the film and television industry in Hollywood. 

Aaron got his franchising career started as a Franchise Development Director for Chem-Dry. When Belfor Franchise Group acquired Chem-Dry, Aaron was promoted to the role of Senior Director of Franchise Development where he oversaw part of the franchise development team for Chem-Dry and did franchise development for The Patch Boys. In that role he was integral in rebuilding the infrastructure for training, marketing, and ongoing support for franchisees. During his tenure at Belfor Franchise Group, he personally awarded and helped open over 400 territories in just a few short years.

Most recently, Aaron stepped out on his own to become the franchisor for a successful power washing business, Rolling Suds. In this role, Aaron is responsible for building and managing the franchise system by providing world class support to franchisees across the country. 

He resides in Tennessee with his wife, 2 kids and his golden retriever, Asher. When he’s not building franchise systems by hundreds of units, he’s competing in triathlons across the USA and serving his community in Nashville. 

Richard Davies

Richard Davies

As a Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) with over 25 years of experience in the franchise industry, I am the Vice President of International Business Development at Summa Franchise Consulting, a leading firm that provides solutions to franchisors and aspiring franchisors worldwide. My mission is to help our clients achieve their franchise goals, whether it is launching a new concept, expanding into new markets, improving their operations, or increasing their profitability.

I lead a team of experts who deliver innovative and tailored products and services, and who build long-term and trusted relationships with clients and agencies. I also leverage my skills in marketing communications, new business development, key account management, and strategic thinking to create value and opportunities for the franchise community. I am passionate about franchising and its potential to generate economic and social impact. I am recognized as a global franchise influencer, having received the BFA Industry Contribution Award in 2019 and the Global Franchise Influencer recognition in 2022. I have also launched and grown several successful franchise media brands and products, such as Global Franchise Magazine, Global Franchise Awards, and What Franchise Magazine. I am always looking for new ways to share my knowledge and insights with the industry and beyond.

Jerry Akers

Jerry Akers

Starting out as a Simple Farm Boy from Iowa (which I still profess to be!) it’s a wonder I ever left that corner of the world! However 39 years ago I met the lover of my life who promptly moved me to Little Rock, Arkansas where she had taken a job with IBM. This was the start of a massive mindset and goal change for me. From my first job in Arkansas which was to run a start up Factory specializing in Potpourri and Birds Nests for the Floral Industry, through the advent of Cell phones as a Sales person for a Beeper Company, to my long term career as a Salesperson and eventual Growth/Turn around specialist in the HVAC Arena.

During my Career I worked for/improved/turned around multiple Companies through Operational Change followed by major changes in Sales and Marketing! I found a niche Consultant gig during that time helping other Companies duplicate my approach in their Companies leading to improvements in groups around the US and Canada. While working on my career I also owned and ran two farms in Iowa and owned parts of several different businesses.

In 2006 we bought our first Great Clips and have since scaled it to include 34 locations in two States. With our Children taking over operations of that Organization a few years ago I decided to add The Joint Chiropractic to my portfolio and became a Regional Developer and Franchisee in two States. I currently have five Clinics in my name and support two other Franchisee’s with three Clinics open and two under development.

Additionally I have Co-wrote a Franchise model best selling book entitled “Live it 2 Own It” offering “boots on the ground” advice and guidance to research, choose, start up, improve, and scale a Franchise Organization. Since the book came out I have gotten so many enquiries regarding sharing my stories, thoughts, and advice in the form of Keynotes, classes, working sessions, etc that I founded a Franchise Support Company called ZDynamix with three amazing ladies who have worked with Fortune 50 Companies worldwide in developing, implementing, and supporting training programs for Employee’s, and Vendors as well as Operations, Marketing, and Organizational Change.

Lucien Newton

Lucien Newton

With over 20 years of experience, Lucien Newton is an expert in the area of franchise and non-franchise business expansion. As a consultant, university professor and public speaker, he has been helping entrepreneurs and corporations achieve success across international markets. His practical approach and extensive knowledge make him a valuable resource for those seeking strategic guidance and leadership in business expansion. With his infectious energy and proven strategies, Lucien inspires and empowers his clients to make informed decisions and build thriving businesses. His commitment to the success of others has made him a respected authority in the franchise and non-franchise expansion sectors.

Joe Caruso

Joe Caruso

✔ Want to recruit new franchise owners & sell more franchises? Using the LinkedIn database for franchise recruitment sales is what I show franchisors & franchise sellers how to do.

✔ Suppliers & professionals want to sell more products & services to franchise brands. LinkedIn is the way you can do that. If you know how, and your sales team has the right prospecting routine you will win new business.

✔ Want to franchise your business & expand your brand. I have a program for that.

And I’ll show you.

Janice Charles

Janice Charles

Janice is a managing partner at FRANCHISESUCCEED, a company that helps small businesses scale nationwide through franchising. She has over 40 years of experience in the franchising industry, working with various brands such as Mrs. Fields and TCBY, as well as developing and launching new business initiatives, marketing plans, and training programs.

As a certified franchise consultant and a top 10 franchise consultant award winner, Janice also helps aspiring entrepreneurs find the franchise business of their dreams. She offers complimentary and personalized services that match their skills, background, and lifestyle with the best franchise opportunities available. She is passionate about helping others achieve their franchising goals and vision.

Robert Bruski

Robert Bruski

I move mountains. I make things happen. When I feel like I can't go any further, I dig deeper, try harder, and be more awesome… true story. 

Having studied economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, I quickly learned the value of efficiency and education. I further completed a variety of courses in financial engineering from Columbia University and financial modeling from The CFA Institute.

I took my passion for value investing, strong research skills, and analytical prowess, and applied them to the Canadian financial sector. While mastering fund accounting, risk & valuation, client relationship management, and even system architecture, I was exposed to some of the best mentors and company builders in the industry. This is where I became astoundingly proficient at seeing what makes and keeps a great company.

I've taken my experience and paired it with an innate sense of creativity and ingenuity, and applied this mix to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. I've been accelerating progress and redefining industries to breed success across a variety of companies since.

David Bloom

David Bloom

With over 20 years of C-level leadership in various industries and environments, I am a growth-driven executive who specializes in strategic planning, implementation, and execution of all phases of national and international brand expansion and operations. I have a track record of establishing high-performance strategies, teams, and processes that accelerate growth and operational performance, while achieving financial benchmarks and performance goals.

As the Chief Development and Growth Officer at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop and WZ Franchise Corporation (Wing Zone), I lead the direction and execution of all aspects of franchise development, company-owned operations, franchise operations, and training for two rapidly growing fast-casual restaurant brands. I have helped increase the annual growth rate by 25%, with both national and international demand for the product and brand. I also leverage my insights and thought leadership as an advisory council member for GLG, providing guidance to private equity groups, hedge funds, and corporations seeking information related to potential investments in various business sectors. I am passionate about being extraordinary and aligning with organizations and brands that support my priorities, ethics, and goals.

Michael Reeder

Michael Reeder

In 2014, at 27, I became a partner at a CPA firm and successfully merged two other CPA practices into ours. The challenges and opportunities of this process were a thrilling learning curve.

Today, I lead this CPA firm, using my firsthand experience and expertise to support the accounting and tax needs of families and business owners across the nation. Additionally, I provide specialized services to those considering the exhilarating journey of business/franchise ownership.


As an experienced CPA who specializes in the business buying process, I provide comprehensive advice on accounting, income taxes, entity structure, funding, financial projections, and more to prospective business/franchise owners. 


I'm not just a CPA. I'm a business owner. I prepare you for business ownership, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. Plus, I stick around even after the initial investment is made.


I empower business buyers to escape the corporate grind and take control of their lifestyle. I also support business brokers & franchise consultants by providing expert CPA advice to their candidates.

Ron Holt

Ron Holt

Former CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop. Current Founder of Pink Zebra Moving.

Specialties: Franchise development, management, sales & marketing, leadership

Awards & Recognition:

  • Selected to the University of Georgia Alumni Association 40 Under 40 Class of 2013
  • Named Regional Semifinalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
  • Recognized by the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation as the 2012 National Maid Service of the Year
  • Selected to the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Inc 5000 
  • Named 9th Fastest Growing Private Company in the State of Alabama (2013)
  • Named 18th Fastest Growing Private Company in the State of Alabama (2014)
  • Ranked 9th in the 2014 Bulldog 100 Fastest Growing Companies
  • Selected to Inc. Magazine's 2013 Hire Power Awards as the 4th Best Job Creator in the State of Alabama
  • Selected to Birmingham Business Journal 2014 Fast Track 25
  • Named by Inc. Magazine as the 8th Fastest Growing Franchise Brand in America (2015)
  • Selected as Finalist for Top CEO in Birmingham (2016)
  • Ranked 6th in the 2017 Bulldog 100 Fastest Growing Companies
  • Selected to the Franchise Business Review 2017 Top 50 Franchises to Own
  • Named by Entrepreneur Magazine as the 11th Top New Franchise in America (2018)
  • 2019 UGA Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Winner

Shelly Sun

Shelly Sun is the Founder and CEO of BrightStar Group Holdings, Inc., the parent company of BrightStar Care®, BrightStar® Senior Living, and BrightStar® Care Homes. BrightStar Care provides medical and non-medical home health care and medical staffing services through a national network. Sun founded BrightStar Care in 2002 in the Chicagoland area and expanded it through franchising in 2005. Today, BrightStar Care has more than 380 franchised and corporate-owned locations nationwide which employ 15,000 caregivers and 5,700 registered nurses who oversee the care and safety of each client. Over the last two decades, Sun has built BrightStar Care from a local business into a nationally recognized brand that generates more than $650 million in annualized system-wide revenue. 

Sun has positioned the BrightStar Care brand as the premium provider of home care with a focus on quality evidenced by full Joint Commission accreditation of its network and third-party validation of superior outcomes. From commissioning major clinical and healthcare data studies to creating a franchise model built for longevity, writing her own franchising book, and endowing a franchise certificate program at her alma mater she has made major strides to propel her business.

Sun is focused on driving results, building a strong culture, and delivering the highest quality care by building a network of like-minded small business owners to activate BrightStar Care’s brand vision. Sun’s strategic mindset to innovate, create opportunities, and increase her brand’s market share drives brand growth. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Shelly was named an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Midwest Award winner.

Under Sun’s Leadership BrightStar Care has ranked among the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America by Inc. Magazine and has made Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list for the last thirteen years. Sun and BrightStar Care were the focus of an episode of the popular CBS show “Undercover Boss” as the first home care brand featured on the program. BrightStar Care has also continuously ranked on the Franchise Times Top 400 list and was named a top Women-Centric business by Global Franchise Magazine. On the clinical side, BrightStar Care is the only national home care franchise to receive The Joint Commission’s Enterprise Champion for Quality award every year since the award’s inception. Sun was also named one of the top 25 highest rated CEOs during the COVID-19 crisis by Glassdoor and named a 2023 Women of Distinction in the health care industry by McKnight’s Haymaker Media.

Anthony Mac Neil

Anthony Mac Neil

With over eight years of experience as the President and Co Founder of Premier Sports Leagues, I am passionate about introducing youth to emerging low profile type sports that are safe, accessible, easy to learn, fun and exciting to play. 

I partner with community leaders across North America to franchise our proven system and provide them with the training , resources, tools and ongoing support to launch and grow organized sports leagues in their areas.

I have a strong background in business, engineering, real estate, and mortgage brokerage, which gives me an array of skills and knowledge to handle different aspects of business development, team building, and client relations. 

I am also a certified facilitator of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Foundation Group, a network of entrepreneurs who share a common vision of creating positive social impact in their ventures through their faith, values and a posture of servant leadership.

I believe that youth sports can help build healthier youth and stronger communities, and I am always looking for strategic partners who share this mission and vision.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen

Nick-Anthony Zamucen

"Nick-Anthony Zamucen" the Founder of Best Option Restoration (B.O.R.) & Bio-One Inc., The only successful franchised crime scene cleaning company, (which he sold to Princeton Equity Group in 2021). Awarded Top 40 CEO's Under 40 from Business Diversity Magazine 2019. He is also a 4x published author, business strategist, and an award winning serial entrepreneur that has had tremendous success in various business ventures.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen has really changed the game when it comes to the service franchise industry. Simply put, Nick-Anthony is the best in his industry and while many claim to be, he's the only man who has proven results in the business world. His latest franchised organization Best Option Restoration dominates the water, fire, mold and content cleaning space. 

Nick-Anthony Zamucen realized that one of his greatest strengths was assisting other people's success through his own experience. A core belief of Nick-Anthony's is "Success breeds Success". For this reason, Nick-Anthony has assembled an elite "success group" based around the traditional restoration industry. He has created bar-none, the most intensive, informative, and educational franchises in the world.

Dani Peleva

Dani Peleva

Dani has more than 12 years experience in franchise marketing and SEO, from managing start-up Fantastic Services’ brand Fantastic Cleaners, to launching new services and working with clients for Local Fame. Dani’s passion is to give clients the most out of their SEO budget and to get real return on investment. Dani is a doer and has delivered fantastic results for clients, from small shops to large franchises. 

She started as a sales manager and has had, with pure enthusiasm and skills, worked her way up to becoming a managing director of Local Fame. In the last 7 years she has worked on everything from search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, to email campaign management, and paid search AdWords campaigns. Dani has one focus when it comes to clients- to deliver what they ask for and even go the extra mile.

Marcos Moura

Marcos Moura

Marcos Moura is co-owner and Chief Development Officer of Amada Franchise Inc., a brand dedicated to enriching the lives of our rapidly aging population. 

Recognition for Amada Senior Care: 

  • "Top 10 Best New Franchises to Invest In" by Entrepreneur Magazine 
  • #393 on Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 Ranking
  • Inc. 5000 fasted growing companies. 

In 2020, Marcos received the "Two Comma Club C" award from Clickfunnels for grossing over $100MM. 

Marcos frequently speaks about targeting your ideal audience, leveraging social media, and business growth at Franchising and Marketing events. 

Marcos has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find and start businesses that allow them to live life on their terms and do meaningful work for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC) and works and lives in San Clemente, CA, with his wife and three boys.

Matthias Howard Lehner

Matthias Howard Lehner

2016: Matthias H. Lehner becomes Vice President of the German Franchise Association

Franchise system of the year 2016 awarded by the German Franchise Association (DFV)

Winner of the German Fairness Award 2016 (German Institute for Service Quality)

2019: Matthias H. Lehner is again elected Vice President of the German Franchise Association

Dietmar Emmer and Silke Weilguni receive the Austrian Franchise Award "Best Franchise Partner 2019".

Bodystreet Global Headquarters are climate neutral since 2019

Steve Beagelman

Steve Beagelman

CEO and Founder of SMB Franchise Advisors, a franchise consulting company that has assisted over 350 companies in growing their business through franchising. Steve is a senior level franchise executive with over 30 years of experience in the franchise industry from start-ups (founder of own business in 1991) to large franchise systems. A frequent speaker at the International Franchise Association conferences as well as a speaker for annual franchise conventions for different franchisors. A contributor to franchise industry publications and a recent contributor to a new book, So You Want to Franchise Your Business. Steve also is a frequent contributor to on the franchise industry. 

Earned CFE(Certified Franchise Executive) degree in 2006 from the International Franchise Association.

Specialties: All areas of Franchising.
Certified Franchise Executive.

Sean Manning

Sean Manning

Payroll Vault founder, Sean Manning, began his accounting career with his father’s firm, Robert C. Manning, P.C. in 1990, and in 1998 he purchased the firm from his father and re-branded it as Manning & Company, P.C.

Sean Manning initially realized that the payroll service industry was under-serving small business owners and worked to create systems to streamline the process and exceed the client’s expectations.

In 2008, Manning launched Payroll Vault, founded on the success and refined payroll processing systems of Manning & Company. Payroll Vault is now a national leader within the independent payroll service provider industry. Payroll Vault’s foundation was built on the concept of providing full-scale, expert payroll services for local businesses. The Payroll Vault approach to service delivery is unmatched in the marketplace—supported by an online technology platform for real-time data entry and one-on-one personalized client service. In addition, attention is given to every client to help them understand the best ways to manage and pay employees, making their business more efficient and their employees more satisfied. Payroll Vault has Re-Defined© the experience of payroll processing.

The mission of Payroll Vault is to step in and manage the complex payroll activity from small to midsize business owners so they can focus on what they do best, operating their businesses. With Payroll Vault, clients have the peace of mind that their payroll is being handled by dedicated experts that will complete their payroll services in a timely manner and in compliance with regulations.

Payroll Vault further differentiates itself from other payroll service companies by encouraging each owner to become well-connected within their local business, social, and charity communities.

Due to the growing success of the Payroll Vault’s brand, strong name recognition, and client satisfaction, in 2012 Payroll Vault Franchising LLC was created to offer business opportunities to entrepreneurs that share the brand’s vision of providing expert, personalized payroll services.

Payroll Vault works continuously to educate Franchise Owners on vision, culture, and business model to build a successful, efficient, and profitable payroll business.

Angela Coté

Angela Coté

Angela Coté is the CEO and Founder of AC Inc, an international speaker & facilitator, and a big fan of cold water swimming yes, even in the winter!

Angela grew up in franchising, spending the first 25+ years of her career helping her family's iconic Canadian franchise brand, M&M Food Markets grow to nearly 500 locations. 

She dressed up as Kelly Kabob at grand openings as a child, worked on the home office team, coached franchisees in the field, and eventually brought the brand to Vancouver Island as a multi-unit franchisee.


After growing up in franchising and working in all areas of the franchise relationship, Angela knew there was a need in the franchise industry for field coach training, assessment, and development.

The #1 driver of franchise system success is profitable, engaged franchisees. Coaching franchisees to become better business owners is how you create overall system success!

Michael Mudd

Michael Mudd

When it comes to franchise development, Michael’s accomplishments speak for themselves. After launching his franchise development career at Relax the Back, Michael earned his first major successes with Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. In just seven years, he grew the brand from a 23-location regional operation to a nationally-recognized brand with over 550 locations. He secured partnerships with Universal Studios, domestic multi-unit franchisees and international master franchisees, including one in the Republic of China that enabled the brand to realize hundreds of locations in a brand-new market. Results like this have helped him win three Commitment to Excellence Awards from the top franchise consultant networks.

The secret to Michael’s success is his commitment to clear, open communication with candidates. He asks countless questions to develop a comprehensive understanding of candidates’ strengths, weaknesses and objectives. Michael’s pet peeve is that people aren’t present. As a result, he’s always focused on the person in front of him, whether in-person or on the phone. He doesn’t drive, text, or email while he talks to candidates. This means that Michael learns more about candidates than the competition and builds better, longer-lasting relationships with them.

Michael lives in San Clemente, CA with his wife and daughter. He has two dogs, Bliss, a King Charles, and Tana, a Goldendoodle.


Steve Collete

Steve is the Founder/ President of 3rd Degree Training - a Fitness Franchise system, and also the Founder / President of East Brands - A nNational Franchise Development Firm Steve has recently became a Partner/ CVO of MVP Modern Barbers. Steve sits on the Board of Directors with the CFA and sits on multiple committees and is proud to Chair the MAC ( Membership Acquisition Committee). Steve is entrenched in the Franchise Industry and is very pleased to participate in this fantastic panel at the CFA annual Convention.


Trevor Rappleye

All of this is lacking in the B2B space and the franchise space - we are changing that!

Our team at CorporateFilming & FranchiseFilming help you win more clients with monthly videos of your customers, franchisees, leaders and staff. What makes us different? 

  • Tired of hidden fees and travel costs? We never charge those in the U.S.
  • Tired of waiting months for your finished videos? We take only 10 days. 
  • Overwhelmed and have no time to think about video marketing? Just tell us where to go and we handle the rest. 

We are not competing with your internal videographer or your green screen studio - We help you capture your customer success and brand story on video, anywhere, for one flat annual rate. 

Packages start at $19,999 a year and go up to $199,999. We specialize in helping franchises with 50+ locations and businesses with at least 10 million in revenue. 


Michael Webster

With over 25 years of experience as a commercial lawyer, a PhD in formal choice theory, and multiple certifications in online community building and strategic negotiation, I am an embedded franchise platform partner at Franchise-Info, a leading source of intelligent conversations and qualified leads in franchising. 

My mission is to help franchisors overcome the chicken and egg problem of growing their brand while attracting quality franchisees, by leveraging LinkedIn's vast network and applying logic, game theory, and ethics to create and execute effective lead generation strategies. I also teach franchisors the best practices of marketing and sales in the franchise community, as a faculty member of the Selling Franchises Bootcamp.


Michael Hyam

SalesKing101- Follow me on TikTok!

"The National Franchise Show" is my happy place -

All Things Franchise - Ask Me Anything and I'll point you in the right direction!!

Specialties: Sales, Sales, Sales, Sales, Operational support, Marketing, Brand Development, Market Expansion.


Todd Houghton

Defining success and developing operations excellence …

For over 20 years, I’ve grown revenue and improved profitability by strategically hiring, establishing efficient business processes, implementing metrics-based financial management, and strive for business performance. I am comfortable working at a strategic level as well as rolling up my sleeves and working through the tasks keeping business partners and stakeholders informed.

I rely on my P&L and financial experience, ability to continually assess the business, and understanding of underlying risks to proactively develop, recommend, and implement solutions. I am good with ambiguity and I have the ability to persevere, even when things go wrong. I’m highly strategic and tactical while being flexible and able to adapt to any situation. 


Rick Grossman

Rick has been involved in the franchise industry since 1994. He franchised his first company and grew it to 49 locations in 19 states during the mid to late 1990s. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and primary trainer focusing on franchise owner relations and creating tools and technologies to increase franchisee success.

Rick developed and launched his second franchise organization in 2003. He led this company as the CEO and CMO growing to over 150 locations in less than three years. He developed the high tech/high touch franchise recruiting and sales system.

Both companies achieved ranking on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List. During this period Rick served as a business and marketing consultant to small business and multimillion dollar enterprises. He also consulted with franchise owners and prospective franchisees, franchisors, and companies seeking to franchise around the world..

Rick is the Author of Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise Bible series and his 9th Edition was released worldwide in April of 2021. He also is a contributing author to Entrepreneur Magazine and other industry publications on the subject of franchising and business.

He currently heads up the Entrepreneur Franchise Advisors program, serves as an executive coach and strategist for multiple franchise clients and is the co-host of the Franchise Bible Coach Radio Podcast with Rick and Rob.


Joel Libava

I'm known for my straightforward (ahem) and candid approach. I provide honest, practical guidance to individuals looking to own a franchise. And I'm committed to educating and empowering people with the true knowledge they need to become profitable franchise business owners. 

What I Can Do

As a Franchise Ownership Advisor with 22+ years of experience, I'll guide you through every stage of the process—from helping you discover franchises you may not be aware of, to helping you through the discovery process with the franchises you're already interested in. 

Embarking on this potentially life-changing journey alone isn't necessary, and it certainly isn't advisable. I offer expert guidance to ensure you make informed, savvy decisions that will bring you lasting success and profit.

"After I decided I wanted to open a business via the franchise route, I quickly realized I did not know anything about this world. So, I decided to get help-I hired The Franchise King, Joel Libava. His services were indispensable. He was with me every step of the way and provided valuable guidance. I considered other services but decided on Joel’s services as he was not a franchise broker who gets paid by the franchisor, but rather an independent consultant who's interest is aligned with mine. I credit his guidance for my success in picking the franchisor that was my best fit."


Mark Jameson

Franchise and retail executive with broad experience in all aspects of franchising including: management, marketing, merchandising, sales & development, real estate, supply chain, operations, franchise law, technology, and intellectual property.


Doug Downer

In the past 5 years, I helped franchise businesses grow on average by over 200% and non franchised businesses grow by more than 50%, which is 15 times the Australian average.

I am proud to have worked with and helped well over 1000 small business owners in my career.

An experienced Business Developer within the Retail, Hospitality and Franchising sectors. Specialising in SME Business Development and Growth, Coaching and Facilitating, Operations, Recruitment, Training, Supply Chain, Marketing and all aspects of Franchising.

A franchising expert having worked in both start-up and established networks, delivering significant comparable and new business growth with significant improvements in profitability and operational standards. As a senior leader I was responsible for the establishment of three of my own franchise systems including all aspects from strategy through to implementation. Prior to starting my franchise consulting business I was director or CEO of 8 successful franchise systems.

In the Past 12 months I have helped launch and grow over 40 Franchise brands in Australia, and over 70 franchise brands in the past two years, working with the founder to systemise, strategise and implement a growth strategy through franchising. I remain working with all of these businesses as their trusted business advisor.

I have started, owned and operated six successful SME Businesses, I currently own 6 franchises myself as a franchisee, so I know what being a business owner, franchisee and franchisor is all about. In 2019 I sold the Master Franchise of The Alternative Board franchise after establishing, operating and owning the master franchise of TAB for 5 years. I now focus my time exclusively on the Franchise Ready business providing support to both emerging and existing franchisors and through the development of The Franchise Ready Franchised/Licensed model throughout the world.


Ryan Armitage

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I wasn’t a fan of school. I wasn’t the most academic student, and at the time, I didn’t really like being told what to do. When I left school, I never really knew what I wanted to do; that was until I sold my first car at 17. It was here where I learned one of the most important things I’ve learned in my life so far; you don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room, just the hardest working. 

In my 20’s I was earning very good money and working ever hour that god sent. The years of hard work and graft had paid off, I was at the top and very comfortable, and I think many people would have been happy to stay here resting on their laurels. For me, it wasn’t enough, the challenge had gone, and I already had my eyes on the next step.

I left my cosy, secure job and went right back to square one, becoming my own boss and starting a new venture at Education Appointments, an education recruitment company. Beginning in a small office in Leyland, I developed the business over the next year into a very successful recruitment agency with multiple branches under a franchising model, where I left it in very capable hands as I transitioned over to 247 Professional Health. 

The past 10 years have seen me utilise my years of experience in recruitment and franchising to open up multiple franchises across the UK. In my current role as Director, I ditched the generic and dated 247 facades in favour of a full rebrand under our new name Tezlom. The goal is to establish Tezlom across the UK not just as a leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency, but one that disrupts the market with a level of service that is second to none. 

Our approach is simple yet effective if it isn’t good enough for us than it certainly isn’t good enough for our clients. We don’t believe in sending any Tom, Dick or Harry out to make a quick quid. We only deal with the best, and every single one of our candidates has to pass our strict recruitment process so we can ensure that we only employ the very best. Every one of our franchises is personally overseen by myself so that I can certify the Tezlom standard is constantly upheld at all times. 


Gerry Henley

Has a system called "FOS" centered around operation - Seems like a match made in heaven!


Mike Welch

As a franchise consultant at FranChoice, I help people find and evaluate great franchise opportunities. I have 20 years of experience in franchising, and I have been a part of approximately 2,000 locations being opened in my career. I have also invested in multiple franchise companies with great leadership, innovation, and competitive advantage.

My passion is to empower people to achieve their dreams of business ownership and financial freedom. I leverage my extensive franchise industry knowledge, network, and resources to match people with world-class franchise companies that suit their goals, skills, and lifestyle. I also provide them with guidance, support, and coaching throughout the process. My mission is to help people live life on their terms and escape the corporate ladder that is on fire.


Federico Fiorentini

Developing business in the retail industry as the help start up is my life's work. I do it, I teach others how to do it, then I go and do it again.

I love to crunch numbers and deliver results; to identify and develop franchise opportunities, to expand internationally the brand awareness

Looking back, I see that over the years I nurtured a strong network of friends, colleagues and professionals that I can count on when it comes to build multi-disciplinary, diverse and international teams to win business opportunities. It's a real treasure especially in our very accelerated environment, where you need wit, agility and strong leadership skills to succeed.

I've been (and I am) Mananging Director, Founder, International Business Developer, Entrepreneur, Retail & Franchise Developer with Turnkey operations of 800+ shops WW (Corner, Stores, Malls, Supermarkets / Hypermarkets) with strong geomarketing background, and proudly coordinated Japan Master Franchising Agreement (100 outlets in 7 months).

I've been (and I am) a journalist and Amazon best seller book co-author. Companies trust me with Board of Directors, COO, MD, Temporary / Interim / Fractional / Contract Manager positions and I'm their best Brand Ambassador. And there's plenty more where that came from!


Katrina Mitchell

I believe that each of us can create immeasurable waves of positive influence by how we show up in the world every day. My personal code and our professional culture is based on the values of Kindness, Respect, Integrity, Communication, Trust, Fun, and Love. 

As the ONLY speakers bureau in the world to focus exclusively on franchising, we are the industry go-to experts. There is nothing we love more than helping our clients find the perfect speakers to ignite their franchise audiences - whether franchisees, unit managers, or groups of seasoned franchisors. 

During my years as a franchisee, I was often frustrated with the quality of presenters at our meetings which inspired the launch of Franchise Speakers. For more than 14 years, we have helped over 500 brands find relevant, timely, and topical speakers, trainers, emcees and entertainers for both virtual and live events. 

We base your speaker search on your system culture, learning objectives, and desired investment level. 


Lance Graulich

Experienced in all aspects of franchise and independent restaurants.

  • Operations, purchasing, contract negotiations, site selection, hiring, finance, accounting
  • Training, menu creation, marketing, design, construction, new store openings.

Restaurant creator, analyst, franchise consultant, advisor, strategist, chef 


Lisa Welko

With 20+ years of business ownership experience and over 15 years of franchise experience plus hundreds of happy clients, I help talented professionals find the right franchise opportunity for their passion and lifestyle. 

I have access to over 900 business opportunities. My system will jumpstart your success in finding the right business fit. I WILL save you time, money, and potentially from making a devastating mistake. I get to know the people I work with, not only to assist in finding them a brand but first to determine whether business ownership makes sense. By understanding a person’s background, skill set, and history we get a good understanding of which business models fit the client. 

I’ve worked with corporate executives and budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life who were looking for the opportunity to create a business that would yield residual incomes and an asset they could sell.


Ned Lyerly

With over 30+ years of experience in the restaurant industry, I am an experienced leader and advisor who has successfully driven global growth, built brands, developed teams, and created enterprise value for CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries. 

As the CEO and board member of CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. from 2019 to 2023, I spearheaded the strategic vision and execution of the company's domestic and international operations, overseeing more than 3,900 restaurants in 44 countries. I also partnered with private equity investors, franchisees, and industry stakeholders to optimize the company's performance and profitability, resulting in double digit profit growth and record sales volumes. 

Prior to becoming the CEO, I served as the President and Executive Vice President of International for CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., leading the expansion and development of the company's global footprint and franchise network. Under my leadership, the company grew to 1,000 restaurants generating over $1.2 billion in annual system-wide sales. 

My core competencies include strategic vision, new business development, income statement management, hospitality, and global franchise development. I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences, fostering positive relationships, and enhancing the value for stakeholders. I am currently seeking new opportunities to leverage my expertise and network as an executive partner, private equity advisor, or board member.


Jason Leverant

Jason Leverant is the President and COO of the AtWork Group, a franchise-based national staffing firm centered around and driven by the simple mission, to be AtWork For You, to its employees, clients, and community partners. Jason’s service-focused mindset makes him incredibly passionate about not only helping people find jobs, but, through AtWork’s franchising model, helping others find the joy he does in the staffing industry. 

Stepping into the COO role in 2012, Jason used the opportunity to refocus the company mission, which he views as one of the key drivers of the company’s growth. Under his leadership, AtWork has seen consistent double-digit growth at rates 3 to 4 times the industry level. AtWork has received several recognitions including:

  • Inc. 5000 five years in a row
  • One of the top 100 of Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500
  • One of Staffing Industry Analysts’ largest and fastest growing staffing firms
  • Inavero's Best of Staffing Client & Talent Diamond award winner

Jason spent the first 5 years of his tenure at AtWork, which he joined in 2007, as Vice President of Sales. Prior to that, he was a senior staffing manager at Randstad. Before working in the staffing industry, Jason was in the golf industry as a marketing manager for Dunlop Sports (Focus Golf Systems).

Jason has been included among Staffing Industry Analysts' "100 Most Influential People in the Staffing Industry" for six years consecutively, and in 2019 was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has also been recognized in Staffing Industry Analysts' "40 Under 40" lists and as one of Knoxville Business Journal's "40 Under 40". 

Jason has a BS in Business and Economics from University of Tennessee at Martin and an AS in Business Administration from Greenville Technical College.


Jay Bandy

As President of Goliath Consulting Group, Jay bridges the areas of business strategy, restaurant operations, startups, brand strategy, menu development, marketing, supply chain, and restaurant development. He has a combined 30 plus years experience working among these disciplines with large multi-national brands and independent restaurants. 

At Goliath Consulting Group, Jay is responsible for working with all members of the Goliath team to deliver results that exceed client expectations. An expert in understanding how the components of restaurant operating systems tie together; he will make sure that the team maximizes the opportunity for growing sales, profit and unit growth based on each client's vision.

Prior to his current role, Jay was the McDonald's Atlanta region project lead for the implementation of the McCafe beverage line and was a member of the region leadership team. During his career, Jay has opened over 200 restaurants; developed supply chain systems and restaurant operating systems; trained area developers, franchisees and staff on franchise and restaurant development, marketing and operations.

Jay holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Louisville. He has earned the CFM certification from the International Food Service Executives Association, and is a Graduate of McDonald's Hamburger University.

Specialties: Restaurant operations and training, supply chain management, strategic marketing plans, site location analysis, menu development, strategic planning, restaurant development, mult-unit management, business development, franchise sales, project management and meeting faciltiation.


Dan Claps

Dan Claps is a Serial Entrepreneur in the franchise space. Dan got his start in Franchising in 2014 at the age of 22 when he joined Murphy Business and Financial Corporation as the franchise system's youngest Business Broker. 

In 2016 Dan Co-Founded Career Transition Leads (CTL). A sister company to the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG). CTL became the leader in lead generation for Franchise Consultants with a full-time call center and over 100 contractors and employees working for the firm. 

Dan went on to Co-Found Find A Business Online in 2017 as an add-on business of CTL. Find A Business Online (FABO) is an internal Franchise Brokerage Company supporting 8 full-time Franchise Brokers. During Dan's leadership, FABO was doing as many as 12-15 placements in a month and successfully brought on 61 Ellie Mental Health territories in under one year. 

In 2019 Dan and his business partner went on to Co-Found NurtureAssist. NurtureAssist is a lead generation platform for Franchisors. NurtureAssist finds franchise candidates via dialed-in lead generation practices via social media. The ads are specifically designed for each brand and able are targeted to the ideal franchise buyer persona. 

Dan successfully exited Career Transition Leads, Find A Business Online, and NurtureAssist in May of 2022 to Princeton Equity Group.

Dan is currently working on his next venture.


Ralph Yarusso

Experienced President, Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Development Officer, Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Strong business operational and development history, professional skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Operations Management, and Coaching.


Ingrid Schenider

Obsessed with Branding. Marketing and PR. DEI. Copy Writing. Graphic Design. Creative Direction. Social Media. Branding. Video Directing. Consulting. Production. Project Management. Management. Business consulting. Passionate about creativity and leading creative people.


Paul Segreto

With over 40 years of rich experience in small business, franchise, and restaurant development, management, and marketing, Paul Segreto stands as a beacon of knowledge and guidance in the entrepreneurial world. As a seasoned executive, consultant, coach, and entrepreneur, Paul has dedicated his career to empowering both current and aspiring business owners. The mission is clear: to pave the way to success by connecting entrepreneurs with the right people, brands, and opportunities.

Currently at the helm of Acceler8Success Group as CEO and Founder, Paul offers invaluable consultancy to startups and emerging brands and coaches individuals, families, and partners on realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations. In the role of Visionary and Managing Partner at Acceler8Success America, he is passionately introducing resources to aid immigrant entrepreneurs in achieving the American Dream of business ownership.

Meanwhile, as Chief Franchise Officer at Pepperoni's, Paul is spearheading the growth of a 33-year-old successful pizza restaurant concept, navigating the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities of the modern food industry. He also co-founded and serves as a Senior Advisor at Accelerated Business Services, supporting the launch of a new local venture that provides comprehensive business development and digital marketing services across various sectors.

Paul's expertise is further solidified by numerous professional accolades, including Certified Franchise Executive, Certified Franchise Broker, Certified Business Broker, and recognition as a Top 100 Champion Small Business Influencer and Top 100 Global Franchise Influencer. An active voice focusing on entrepreneurship, small business, franchising, and restaurants, he has founded and hosted several successful podcasts, produces daily content, and frequently contributes to industry blogs and digital publications. Currently, Paul is penning his first book, "Tales of the Entrepreneurial Spirit," promising to be an insightful addition to entrepreneurial literature.With over 40 years of rich experience in small business, franchise, and restaurant development, management, and marketing, Paul Segreto stands as a beacon of knowledge and guidance in the entrepreneurial world. As a seasoned executive, consultant, coach, and entrepreneur, Paul has dedicated his career to empowering both current and aspiring business owners. The mission is clear: to pave the way to success by connecting entrepreneurs with the right people, brands, and opportunities. Currently at the helm of Acceler8Success Group as CEO and Founder, Paul offers invaluable consultancy to startups and emerging brands and coaches individuals, families, and partners on realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations. In the role of Visionary and Managing Partner at Acceler8Success America, he is passionately introducing resources to aid immigrant entrepreneurs in achieving the American Dream of business ownership. Meanwhile, as Chief Franchise Officer at Pepperoni's, Paul is spearheading the growth of a 33-year-old successful pizza restaurant concept, navigating the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities of the modern food industry. He also co-founded and serves as a Senior Advisor at Accelerated Business Services, supporting the launch of a new local venture that provides comprehensive business development and digital marketing services across various sectors. Paul's expertise is further solidified by numerous professional accolades, including Certified Franchise Executive, Certified Franchise Broker, Certified Business Broker, and recognition as a Top 100 Champion Small Business Influencer and Top 100 Global Franchise Influencer. An active voice focusing on entrepreneurship, small business, franchising, and restaurants, he has founded and hosted several successful podcasts, produces daily content, and frequently contributes to industry blogs and digital publications. Currently, Paul is penning his first book, "Tales of the Entrepreneurial Spirit," promising to be an insightful addition to entrepreneurial literature.


Alicia Miller

Alicia Miller is the Founder and Managing Director of Emergent Growth Advisors, a boutique strategic advisory firm working at the intersection of franchising and private equity. She supports founders and franchise management teams facing growth, disruption, or transformation challenges, and helps them accelerate their businesses. She also advises private capital firms pre- and post-transaction on strategy and value creation initiatives and co-invests alongside her partners. As a former multi-unit franchisee, she brings a franchisee’s perspective and operating experience into every engagement.

Ms. Miller is a recognized thought-leader in franchising and the author of "Big Money in Franchising: Scaling Your Enterprise in the Era of Private Equity." She is also a monthly columnist for Franchise Times and has been published in Entrepreneur and Forbes. Together she has published more than 70 articles about franchising and private equity.

She currently serves as an independent director for Elevated Ventures Group, a private equity backed multi-unit franchisee of Urban Air Adventure Parks. She also serves as an advisor to the International Franchise Association’s certification program (CFE), promoting franchising best practices and regulatory compliance.

Ms. Miller earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Science (MS) from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Smith College. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Franchise Management from Georgetown University as well as a Graduate Certificate in Administration & Management from Harvard University. She is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor™ (CM&AA), a Certified Franchise Executive™ (CFE), and is Directorship Certified™ by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD.CD).


Josh Skolnick

Skolnick is the founder and visionary behind Monster Tree Services and redbox+, two massively successful franchise brands that he built, grew and sold. Beutler is an experienced multi-unit franchise owner, franchise development manager and owner of a cattle company in his home state of Nebraska. Josh is great with understanding the clients needs within their budget, and works well with helping them decide what is needed on their site. 


Bill Bunting

Dedicated, motivated, and hardworking professional. Goal is to further my professional growth in developmental positions, which will utilize and enhance my 15 plus years and background in franchise and corporate concepts. Excellent communication skills combined with highly effective interpersonal skills.


Jesse Carnicom

Charter Member of Bowling Green State University's Institute of Insurance Management. I am honored to be a Charter Member for the Institute and I am committed to the educational development of our future sales professionals.

GAMA International Management Award Winner

GAMA Global’s prestigious Leadership Awards recognize excellence in traditional and contemporary field management throughout the insurance, investment, and financial security profession.


Elena Dolinski

More than 35 years of experience working in the world of franchises, corporations, non-profit organizations, and government entities, allow me to contribute my entrepreneurial, social, and disruptive innovation spirit. Thus, in 2007, I was recognized at the White House as the Latina Business Woman of the Year by President George W. Bush.

At the age of 18 I started working at McDonald's, first as an employee, then as the first female owner-operator of franchises that started as a Crew Member, and later, running my own business as a service provider for that market. Throughout all these years, I have accumulated vast experience in multiple business aspects, including Strategic Communications, Digital Marketing, IT, Legal, Finance, Real Estate, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions.

As a Philanthropreneur, I believe that today and more than ever, ventures must have as part of their DNA a purpose of social innovation and that it positively impacts local communities, through the establishment of alliances to achieve the Objectives of Sustainable development.
My purpose is to help entrepreneurs and brands do business with purpose.

Philanthropreneur l Franchise Business Hispanic Woman-Owned l Founder of l Council Advisor HLFLC - IFA l Member of the Capital Campaign Committee RMHC of South Florida l Co-Founder WEF Texas SAN ANTONIO l White House Business Woman 2017 l Former McDonald’s Owner/Operator l Former Sylvan Learning Center Franchise l Speaker | Media/Entertainment


Sabrina Wall

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Skilled in Sales, Management, Business Development, Organizational Development, and Training. Strong business development professional graduated from University of Central Florida.


Tariq Johnson

After a 15 year dream to be a successful business owner, I built a multi million dollar Franchise Business, and created the #1 Franchise YouTube Channel.

I now help frustrated and unfulfilled employees go from employee to entrepreneur, using my Zero to Profitable Franchise™ system so that you can take back control of your life and career.

I have helped many clients go from feeling stuck, frustrated, not knowing where to start, or how to choose the right franchise for them, to successfully purchasing and owning a profitable franchise business. (Even existing resales that are already profitable!)

Head to or email for more info on:

✅Franchise Broker Services- My team and I will find the franchise for you!

✅Franchise Coaching- Already in discussion with a franchise and need help vetting it, and doing the due diligence so you can feel confident in saying yes or no? We've got you covered!

✅Speaking- I've spoken for large companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz, RE/MAX, Century 21, Watson Realty and many more!


Gary Occhiogrosso


Franchise Sales & Marketing 
Operations/Business Development & Global Expansion

  • Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC.
  • Former President & Chief Development Officer - TRUFOODS, LLC
  • Adjunct Associate Professor - NYU - Restaurant Concept/Business Development & Entrepreneurship
  • Contributing writer with Forbes
  • Host of MasterMind Minutes Podcast
  • Selected Top 25 Fast Casual Executives in the USA by Fast Casual Magazine
  • Winner of "The Executive Management Award" by SmartCEO magazine.
  • Publisher -
  • Former Radio Talk Show Host in NYC “The Small Business & Franchise Show" 
  • Former NYC Dunkin Franchisee 
  • Manic Foodie

Creative and bold marketing and sales approach to lead growth for National brands. Strong cross-functional business acumen complemented by a decisive, interactive and motivational leadership style.

Speaker and Member of International Franchise Association. Board Member of several emerging franchise, advertising and chain retail companies. 

Co-Founded Strike Ent, Inc 1984
Founder United Foods 1988
Founder GPM Consulting- CSS Business Network 1990
Co-Launched Ranch *1 Franchise, Inc 1992
Founder GPM Advertising 1993
Created & Co-Founded website: 2006
Founder Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC 2016


Jack Monson

Connector: My goal is to connect you with your next partner, client, or colleague. Building on our relationships is the best way to grow your personal brand or business, and storytelling is the best tool to achieve your relationship and brand goals. 

Marketing, Advertising, Franchising Leader: I host a podcast series with over 1 million downloads dedicated to marketing and franchising leadership. I’ve worked with industry CEOs and CMOs for 15+ years helping them grow their influence and businesses. 

Voiceovers and Production: I create and produce branded podcasts for top franchise and business leaders to share their stories with engaged audiences. I provide voiceovers for many large national brands’ advertising. 

Specialties: Franchise Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Journalism, Storytelling, Marketing Consulting, Content Marketing, Marketing & Sales Management, New Business Development, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Emcee, Announcer, Radio, Broadcasting, Voice Overs, Podcasting.


Scott Greenberg


Scott Greenberg is a catalyst for business transformation who balances strategic prowess with human empathy. He stands at the intersection of hard tactics and emotional intelligence, offering a holistic approach to business enhancement that's both practical and relatable


Scott empowers professionals to excel in the human elements of business—leadership, culture, and employee engagement. He helps people: 

  • Maximize their ROI through effective leadership
  • Build a high-performance workforce
  • Adapt to change and increase their resilience
  • Create memorable customer experiences 


  • 25+ years in Peak Performance Strategy and Leadership Development
  • He's given presentations in all 50 U.S. states and throughout the world with clients that include McDonald’s, Great Clips, the U.S. Air Force, Allstate, RE/MAX, Salesforce, Young Presidents Organization, International Car Wash Association, and countless others
  • 10+ years as an award-winning Franchise Owner
  • Co-creator of "30-Second Leadership," a tool that enhances employee performance 
  • Author of "Stop the Shift Show" and “The Wealthy Franchisee”
  • Frequent contributor to Entrepreneur, Nation’s Restaurant News, Global Franchise Magazine, and other business publications

Leslie Kuban

How do you determine if business ownership through franchising is right for you? With 4000+ franchise opportunities in the market today, how do you choose? I consult with corporate professionals, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs to answer these questions. 

Work feels quite different when your talent and time is invested in a business that’s your own. As a successful multi-brand franchise owner myself, I am uniquely qualified to guide you through the franchise buying process. I’ll teach you how to choose the best franchise brands in proven, growing industries. 

To get started, contact me at or 404-236-9115.

There are many reasons successful people own franchise businesses:

  • Hedging against employment insecurity
  • Diversifying income sources to create more wealth 
  • Creating an exit strategy to leave an unsatisfying job
  • Fulfilling leadership potential and personal growth
  • Transitioning from a corporate career to a retirement career
  • Helping family members succeed
  • Community contribution

After a rewarding chapter with Mail Boxes Etc. (now The UPS Store), my father and I launched our franchise consulting business in 1999; we’re well-versed in growing a family business during strong economic times and in recessions. We’ve proudly helped over 500 individuals and families choose the best franchise brand for their needs and goals. 

Are you willing to take the first step to explore being in business for yourself and in charge of your future?


Brandon Wilson

My mission is to impact lives through franchising, by helping people decide whether franchising is right for them and matching them to the right brands. I use a proven process that ensures my clients understand franchising, get the facts, assimilate the information, analyze it correctly, and make the best decision for their families. If you have considered business ownership in the past or feel like business ownership is something you would like to explore for a next chapter, send me a message and we can set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to explore possibilities.

I am a Senior Franchise Consultant at The Perfect Franchise, a team of seasoned franchise professionals with broad experience in all aspects of assessing, buying, structuring, and owning franchises. I hold the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) credential, which demonstrates my knowledge, skills and dedication in the franchising industry.

For over seven years, I have been involved in franchising, scaling ten different brands, helping hundreds of individuals enter the world of business ownership, and working alongside some of the greatest minds in franchising. I have also taken brands from initial launch to successful exit, developed trusted relationships with other industry veterans, and witnessed what separates the successful franchise brands from the rest.


Larisa Walega

Larisa serves as the Chief Growth Officer at Ziebart, the largest franchised automotive appearance protection brand geared toward bringing back that new car feeling to millions of drivers around the world. 

In her role, she leads franchise development and marketing, effectively helping to grow brand awareness and lead generation across all verticals of the brand. She also leads efforts to create a seamless customer journey across each business unit, utilizing key messaging and measurement to optimize each customer’s experience. 

Larisa’s background includes working with many Fortune 500 brands, at two of the largest advertising agencies in Metro Detroit and began her work in franchising in 2009. Larisa serves as the Chair of the International Franchise Association Women's Franchise Committee. She has also served on the Auto Care Association’s Marketing Committee. Larisa was recognized by 1851 Franchise as a "Top 100 Influencer in Franchising.”

An innovative decision maker and problem solver, she enjoys challenges and thrives in a creative environment where she can bring ideas to reality. A well-organized, profit-minded team player and leader, she has experience working under pressure with good conformity to deadlines, accuracy and budgets. She is an articulate, persuasive communicator with excellent written and verbal skills, including strong experience developing productive relationships with all levels of media, corporate, community and consumer interests.

Larisa's specialties include culture development and optimization, team building, coaching and management, advertising national and regional integrated strategy development, creative development, consumer focused research, customer journey mapping, multi-channel analysis, project process creation and management.


Josh Liggins

Joshua is a servant leader with great integrity. He is an out of the box problem solver with a vision for the big picture. He will be an asset for any company he is a part of and will bring value to every team. Joshua is highly adaptive and learns new skills and processes quickly. It seems that nothing is outside of his comfort zone. He pairs that up with his welcoming and friendly personality to make a person that you want to be around. Josh has been a great asset to land deals. His level of communications leave nothing to desire while he engages candidates with a higher level of communications provoking trust that translates into transactions. It has been great having him around!


Eric Martin

Accomplished business professional with extensive experience in sales, new business development, account management, relationship management, team building and consulting with aspiring business owners. Adept at working with clients to understand their needs, uncover opportunities, and recommend innovative ideas and solutions. I specialize in helping people who have outgrown their current career path, and are looking for more fulfillment in what they do for a living.

Specialties: Business Development, Franchise Development, Home Services, Lawn Treatment Services, Pest Management Services, Cleaning Services, Senior Care, Home Care, Home Care Assistance, Mobile Businesses 


Farrah Rose

Director of International Franchise Development at The Franchising Centre. 

Recent accolades | European Franchise Association Hall of Fame Inductee 2023 | GNF Group Los Grandes “Franchise Creator” award and inducted into Global Franchise Hall of Fame 2023 | Winner of Highest Contribution to International Franchising Global Franchise award 2020 | Valued member of Empowering Women in Business (EWIB)

As a multi-award winning franchise consultant, and Director of International Franchise Development at The Franchising Centre, I am here to help you define your international expansion strategy, I have 40 years of experience in the field, and have worked with more than 300 of the world’s top franchise brands. Global Franchise Strategist: Uniting European Franchise Brands with International Markets and Assisting Overseas Brands Enter Europe & the UK

If you own or work for a successful business franchising your business internationally is without a doubt the most rewarding next step you can take in your expansion.

However, like all successful strategies, it requires the proper investment – not just in terms of resources, but in terms of expertise and insight. Every country has its own unique market style, and every culture’s key investors have their own unique expectations and levers. 

Which is where I come in. 

Wherever you are on your international franchising journey, even at inception, I have the skills, experience, and contact with the right people on the ground in your target markets, to take your growth strategy to the next level. 

With more than 70 franchise associates, and expert partners in 103 different countries, working with me and my team we are your the ethical professional gateway to success anywhere in international franchising 


Nick Powills

Nick Powills is CEO of Mainland (, a content marketing technology company that includes No Limit Agency (; 1851 Franchise (; and ESTATENVY ( 

Mainland was established as the next step of our business for a few reasons. First, because we wanted to clearly define our why and our vision – to lead the reinvention of content marketing. Second, NLA is in the middle of the word Mainland, which shows our path from No Limit Agency. Third, Mainland is where we research, create insights and develop your brand strategy; No Limit Agency is where we create the design, digital development and content; and the platforms are the active newsroom for your brand, where we tie everything together.

Nick is also the author of Sticks & Stones (, an Inc. Magazine published book. He frequently keynotes conferences with a speech focused on leveraging your past pains to fuel a productive and choice driven future. 

Prior to starting No Limit at the age of 27, Nick spent four years working at a franchise PR agency where he mastered the art of building rapport with media outlets and creating newsworthy pitches for earned media placements. Prior to jumping into PR, Nick worked as a writer at the Northwest Herald, a daily newspaper in Chicago; started Lumino, an online music magazine; and had internships at Rolling Stone and Details Magazine. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Drake University in Iowa.

Specialties: Public Relations, Consumer Public Relations, Business Public Relations, Franchise PR, Consumer Social Media, Franchise Social Media, Public Relations; Franchising, Marketing; Social Media and Social Networking, Content Marketing


Ed Purnell

If you’re reading this you’re probably already in the franchising world and want to find out what I can do for you, so I’ll get straight to the point by answering a few questions:


A creative mix of musician, franchise recruitment marketeer (5+ years), Arsenal supporter, ex-international recruiter, belgian beer lover, video editor and podcast addict!


Simply put, I help franchisors to optimise and fill their franchise recruitment pipeline by offering Franchise Recruitment Consulting, Franchise Recruitment Marketing, Content Creation & Lead Generation services. Here’s a bit more detail:

  • Franchise Recruitment Process Optimisation
  • Franchise Recruitment & Marketing Strategy Development
  • Creation of franchise showcase videos
  • Bespoke video creation
  • Franchisee/Franchisor interviews
  • Repurposing long form content into content suitable for social media
  • Podcast support
  • Video editing
  • LinkedIn marketing & Advertising campaigns

Basically anything to do with Franchise Recruitment!


Sherri Fishman

I am a seasoned public relations executive and PR agency owner who has devoted my life’s work to providing customized franchise PR services. Since starting Fishman PR in 1991, I've led a talented staff to grow Fishman PR into the nation’s leading franchise lead generation PR agency. In fact, I proudly boast that Fishman PR operates like a franchise, noting that the right systems and structure ensures great success at meeting and exceeding client objectives for both franchise opportunity PR and consumer brand PR. I know from first-hand experience now and when I founded the company over 25 years ago that Fishman PR has set the precedent for franchise PR agencies nationwide. I believe it all leads back to exemplary client services coupled with her agency’s stellar track record of developing creative, newsworthy approaches that attract and secure the media’s interest. I launched my PR career at a franchise-focused PR agency. There, over the course of nearly eight years, I quickly made a name for myself in the franchise space by successfully representing franchise industry influencers like Fred DeLuca of Subway and the International Franchise Association and left as a Vice President. Currently, I serve as a Board of Director for the International Franchise Association. I also serve as the, Chariman of the Marketing & Innovation Committee as well Task Force member for MITCon, formerly called FranTech and the Marketing & Innovation Summit. Additionally, I served as a former Board member of the Franchise Supplier Forum as well as the Convention Task Force.


Eduardo Abadía

Experience with Franchising Institutions in the World, representing the Spanish Franchise since 1996 in different countries being responsible for the Spanish Pavilions. 


Chad Palmer

Passionate about Digital Marketing & Branding. Assists the marketing teams of all the United Franchise Group brands and consults privately with Recording Studios when not mountain biking or trying to read 5 books at a time.


Danielle Wright

Started my career in Commercial Real Estate Development as a landlord, land acquisition specialist, and leasing agent for major retailers throughout Florida. When the real estate market took a turn in 2008/09/10, I had to rethink my future. Out of that crash, I was offered a role with a major QSR Franchise business and started my path into franchise development. I pride myself in helping brands recruit and educate potential franchise partners in business ownership. This industry has also given me the opportunity to own a franchise (or two). Looking forward to connecting and working together on your next big adventure.


Ron Silberstein

Professional experience includes co-founder and President of a Franchisor, managing partner of a high-growth CPA firm that specialized in audits of public companies and franchise companies, and 4 1/2 years as CFO and Chief Administrative Officer of a group of companies with a public parent. The group included a large franchisor, manufacturing companies, wholesale distributors, and a dot com - e-commerce company. 

I am a Certified Franchise Executive and a CPA. Experienced and proactive. I am a co-founder and principal of Bud's Place Franchising, LLC - a franchisor of social cannabis consumption lounges that provide high quality food and beverage, entertainment, and accessories in an upscale atmosphere - High.Quality.Fun. Am also working with a select group of clients that need a consultant that has expertise in operations and/or finance/accounting/auditing. 

I have regularly been named as one of the top Franchise Experts to Follow on X (formerly Twitter), as one of the top Franchise CPA’s, and as a top Global Influencer in Franchising (SEO Samba).


Scott Taylor

Culture is everything! Lead with open eyes and ears, always stay humble and never get caught up in your own headlines. Teams WIN!


Therese Thilgen

Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the media industry in franchising. Strong business development professional skilled in Content Development, Sales, Negotiation, Business Planning, Coaching, and Retail.


Pip Wilkins

A confident, dynamic and resourceful Chief Executive who enjoys helping others to expand their skills. Proven ability to initiate, develop and launch new initiatives for the greater good of the franchise industry. Passionate about people, standards and education.


Сatherine Monson

Catherine Monson is the CEO at Propelled Brands. She has a strong background in management and business leadership, as well as more than 25 years of franchising and digital printing experience. 

Known for her motivational and accountability-led management style, Catherine believes in consistent communication and a two-way relationship with franchisees. It is with great passion that she leads Propelled Brands, the multi-unit franchisor that includes FASTSIGNS, MY SALON Suite, Camp Bow Wow and NerdsToGo, 

Catherine appeared on the two-time Emmy Award-nominated reality series, “Undercover Boss”, in May of 2012 as the CEO of FASTSIGNS. The show follows high-level corporate executives as they slip anonymously into the rank-and-file of their own company to examine the inner workings of their organization. 

A strong advocate for small business enterprise and franchising, Monson spends much of her time and energy serving on the Board of Directors for the International Franchise Association (IFA), the world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide. She was inducted into the IFA Hall of Fame in 2024 after serving as the Chair of the IFA from February 2020 to 2022. She has also served on the IFA Executive Committee and Chair of the Franchisor Forum.


Gordon Logan

In the early 1990s, Gordon Logan recognized the huge potential, and relative lack of competition, in the men’s and boys’ haircut market. To take advantage of this, Logan assembled a top management team and developed the unique Sport Clips Haircuts concept, which included groundbreaking new haircutting systems, operating procedures and marketing programs designed to fully capitalize on this large, underserved market. With many years of franchising experience, Logan was able to design the concept and get it up-and-running within a remarkably short time, and Sport Clips’ rapid, yet controlled growth, has become a textbook example of how to do things right.


Jaime Sanchez

Helping people has always driven me to strive for more. After working for more than 4 years working in corporate immigration law and having successfully worked with over 120+ foreign investors, I came to the realization that many foreign investors were failing and doing the same mistakes over and over again, additionally many of my clients always felt lost and frustrated when starting their new life in the USA. This is when I felt I needed to do something about it.

I started "Interlink | Franchise & Business Consulting", in order to help and directly assist foreign investors in picking the right franchise and business for their needs. 


Carolyn Thurston

By 2060, there will be about 98 million older persons, more than twice their number in 2013. People 65+ represented 14.1% of the population in the year 2013 but are expected to grow to be 21.7% of the population by 2040
A survey by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) indicates that 84 percent of Americans want to stay in their present homes as they age, while other sources have said that percentage may be up to 90. There is a profound feeling of belonging to our communities from our aging population. They are increasingly looking for caring and devoted people to be part of their lives. 

Wisdom offers a unique opportunity to have our seniors live in the comfort of their homes. Through a combination of premier home care and community-based activities, Wisdom serves the seniors in North Carolina, within this industry provides non-medical services such as companionship, errands, grooming, meal preparation, feeding, housekeeping, laundry, Dementia/Alzheimer Care, Geriatric care and more. At Wisdom we assist seniors to remain in their own homes while delivering the highest quality of care and inspiring the development of our professionals in a highly respected and profitable organization.

We work strategically with health care professionals such as social workers, physicians, attorneys, insurance companies, and health care facilities. Our agency has already developed an excellent reputation with many of these professionals, through the dedication of our business development team. Wisdom has been providing senior in home care services for the past ten years, and creating jobs in the community. Wisdom employees state we are the best place to work in the industry.


John DeHart

John is the Co-founder of Nurse Next Door Home Care Services and helped build Nurse Next Door into one of Canada’s most successful healthcare brands, with 200+ locations across North America. He is also Co-founder of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinics, a healthcare brand that is a pioneer in the exercise is medicine movement with 20 + locations and growing. John also founded Franchise GrowthLab, a Franchise accelerator and investment company.

In 2006 John was awarded the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Healthcare Services Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016, and has been named to the Forty Under 40 list. Nurse Next Door has received many prestigious business awards including Top Culture in Canada, one of Canada’s Top 10 Employers, the # 1 Place to Work in British Columbia and Canada’s Smartest Company by Profit Magazine. For the past three years LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic has been named one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in British Columbia.

John is a regular keynote speaker throughout North America on building culture and brand, including regular appearances at Cornell University and the EO Entrepreneur Master’s Program. 

He is past Chair of the Canadian Franchise Association, sits on the boards of a number of businesses and is an Industry Fellow at the Sloan School of Health Care at Cornell University. A graduate of Cornell University, John lives in Vancouver with his wife, Gayla DeHart, and their two young daughters. He enjoys running up mountains in his spare time. 


Robin Gagnon

Robin Gagnon is the Co-Founder and CEO of We Sell Restaurants, a brand that has carved an unparalleled niche in the industry as the nation's leading and only business broker franchise focused on restaurants. Under Robin’s leadership, We Sell Restaurants has grown to 45 states where it dominates the restaurant for sale marketplace and franchise resales, delivering on the founder’s vision to Sell More Restaurants Than Anyone Else. She has appeared on The TODAY Show as a restaurant expert and was recognized by Nation's Restaurant News as one of the most influential suppliers and vendors in the country. Her articles appear in QSR Magazine, Forbes and other industry publications. She is a regular media resource for all matters related to the restaurant industry. She was ranked one of the top 50 most influential people in franchising in 2022 while Entrepreneur Magazine Named her to the list of "Most Influential Women in Franchising."

Robin is a member of the IFA (International Franchise Association) Board of Directors Vice Chair of the Franchisor Forum and Past Chair of the Women’s Franchise Committee. She is also an MBA and Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) in addition to her CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) designation from the International Business Brokers Association. She co-authored Appetite for Acquisition, a small business book award winner in 2012 and contributes frequently to industry press appearing in Forbes, QSR, Modern Restaurant Management, Franchise Update, and others. Entrepreneur has named her to their list of the “Top Influential Women in Franchising.” 


Scott Zide

I have spent the entirety of my career in franchising - first as a franchise owner and now as CEO of Empower Brands, formerly Lynx Franchising and Outdoor Living Brands. Before the creation of Outdoor Living Brands, I was vice president of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and co-founded Mosquito Squad, the original mosquito control company.

Empower Brands is a multi-branded franchisor with seven industry-leading brands in the commercial and residential services category. As CEO, I spearhead the growth strategy, long-term planning, and acquisition of new brands.


Jyoti Sarolia

Greetings, I’m Jyoti! My top passions in life are implementing positive, fresh ideas in the hotel industry and making an impact in the hotel community.

Each of us harbors a unique journey, and mine began early on with my mother. She was business savvy, dedicated, and committed to providing great service to her guests. This made an impact and would shape my future & vision.

In my many leadership roles within the hotel industry, acting as a strong voice for hospitality industry professionals has been close to my heart. In 1996, my husband and I began operating our first hotel in Spring Valley, CA. Subsequently, we bought 4 additional hotels in our community. I became active in the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Board, FAC along other public organizations.

Hospitality has been in my blood, and from an early age I quickly realized that my true ambition lay within the hotel industry. Since then, I have built upon this initial foundation. I co-founded, along with my family, our own hotel management company, Ellis Hospitality. 

Recently, I was elected as the first female CHOC chair which was a huge accomplishment.

My advice to all: If you set your mind to it, you can do anything. Don’t create boundaries, and don’t let anyone think you are less than what you are. Do things on your own true merits.


Mike Rotondo

Mike Rotondo is the CEO of Altitude Trampoline Park. He holds extensive franchise and brand building experience, and is the former CEO of Edible Arrangements, where he led all franchise and company operations for the 1100+ unit system. Prior to Edible Arrangements, Rotondo was the CEO of Tropical Smoothie Café, the nearly 1000 unit smoothie and sandwich chain based in Atlanta, GA. During Rotondo’s tenure, the brand experienced significant growth as unit-level revenues doubled and franchise owners added over 400 new units. Product innovation, franchisee collaboration and an ‘anything is possible approach’ are the cornerstones of his leadership style. Rotondo has also held various leadership roles at Wendy’s, Arby’s and Honey Baked Ham throughout his career. He is a Board Member for The International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP).


Véronique Discours-Buhot

Her extensive background in mass distribution gives her expertise in all strategic and operational areas of commerce. Also an expert in CSR, she was CSR/Public Affairs Director of the Carrefour group and President of the environment and logistics committee of Eurocommerce.

Her skills in quality and her international appetite will lead her to head the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), an international reference program for food certification and the harmonization of private and national standards, which she will direct for 5 years.


Charlie Chase

Mr. Chase resides in Villanova, PA and he is the President and CEO of FirstService Brands, Inc. Prior to his role as CEO, Mr. Chase served as the President of the Consumer Franchises of The Franchise Company and prior to that he was CEO of CertaPro Group.

Throughout his 29 years with FirstService Brands he has held numerous roles, starting as a Franchise owner in 1982 at College Pro Painters. Believing that there was an opportunity to create a successful and significant full time painting company, in 1992 he became the founding President/CEO of CertaPro Painters. Mr. Chase has a B.A. Honors in Economics from Queens University, Ontario, Canada.

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