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SeoSamba's Top 100 Franchise Influencers

SeoSamba's Top 100 Franchise Influencers

SeoSamba teamed up with 1851 to identify the Top 100 Global Influencers in Franchising. A list that includes the most influential characters in the franchise world, whose voices count more than most across various channels from traditional to social media.

Sorry, Nominations are Now Closed for the 2022 Franchise Influencers List

2022 influencer of franchising

The final day for nominations was January 14th. We are now assessing and going through the hundreds of great names and profiles you've kindly suggested! THANK YOU


SeoSamba and 1851's Top 100 Franchise Influencers

The Top 100 Global Influencers in Franchising list includes the most influential characters in the franchise world, in most cases, these people are franchise superstars who have turned local operations into world-leading business powerhouses, using their enduring success as springboards to global fame.
The list is completed by more hush-hush personalities, and dealmakers who seldom appear in public limelight, yet have nonetheless achieved undisputed recognition among franchise specialists, and insiders.
Sorry, Nominations are Now Closed for the 2022 Franchise Influencers List
Click to view the 2021 list
Lisa Welko - Integrity Franchise Group

Lisa Welko

Have you ever said:

  • I want to start my own business, but don’t know where to begin.
  • I don’t want to quit my job, but I want to diversify my income and own a business for long-term benefits. What business out there can I trust?
  • I've looked at lots of businesses. I've even worked with brokers who showed me brands that didn't meet my needs. I want someone that can actually help me.

I was there. Just like you.

I know the ins and outs. With 20 years of business ownership experience and over 15 years of franchise experience and hundreds of happy clients - some who bought businesses and others who determined it wasn’t a good fit - I have the skills, tools, knowledge and soft touch you NEED to make this decision. I’ve worked with corporate executives and budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life who were looking for the opportunity to create a business that would yield residual incomes and an asset they could sell.

I have access to over 600 business opportunities. My system will jumpstart your success in finding the right business fit. I WILL save you time, money and potentially from making a devastating mistake.


I get to know the people I work with, not only to assist in finding them a brand but first to determine whether business ownership makes sense. There is no magic formula or a perfect business. By understanding a person’s background, skill set, and history we get a good understanding of which business models fit the client. The brands we discuss are proven with others who were in your shoes.

David Barr - FranWorth

David Barr

David Barr is a dynamic thought leader and strategic operating executive with significant experience in accelerating growth and transformation, with specific industry experience in franchising, retail, multi-unit operations, and mergers & acquisitions.

Barr currently serves on a variety of boards of directors of public and private companies, both domestically and internationally, including Franworth, Capriotti's, Domino's Pizza China, Chicken Salad Chick and BrightStar (home health care). Barr has served on numerous boards during his career, many of which he has been the Chairman, with a focus toward achieving clear strategic objectives that ultimately create shareholder value.

In addition, utilizing his own private equity, Barr is Chairman of PMTD Restaurants and Affiliates, the owner and operator of 39 KFC and Taco Bell restaurants, as well as 4 Capriotti's Sandwich Shops. Barr has also invested in various commercial real estate projects in Georgia and Alabama and various small private equity ventures along side the private equity firms for which he works.

Barr resides in the metropolitan Atlanta area. 

Erik Van Horn - I Love Franchising

Erik Van Horn

I became a franchisee because I wanted...FREEDOM

I wanted the freedom to control where and how I spent my time and effort - to have a lifestyle business.

I didn't have anybody in my immediate circle who could truly help me figure out what to do

So I had to expand my circle.

I started to seek out other top performing franchisees and entrepreneurs. Sometimes I had to pay money just to get in the same room as those people, but let me tell you - IT WAS WORTH IT EVERY PENNY.

Quickly, whether the lessons were taught or caught, I started to learn:

- How to hire A-players who can run the day to day operations for me
- How to network in and outside of franchising, to learn from the brightest minds in marketing, sales, tax strategy, investing, etc.
- How to build to my franchises to sell from day one

And that's why I started the Franchise Tribe...

I wanted to create a mastermind where ambitious, growth-minded franchisees could...

1. Belong to a community of peers who are committed to helping each other win
2. Leverage my network of experts to access quick solutions, strategic investments, and best practices.
3. Learn how to shortcut the path to success without sacrificing your lifestyle
As a father of three daughters, I am a family man first and design my life around the things that are most important to me.

Alesia Visconti - FranServe

Alesia Visconti

As the CEO and President of FranServe Inc, the world's largest franchise consulting & expansion organization, and the CEO and Publisher of Franchise Dictionary Magazine, a digital and print publication, Alesia provides vision and leadership to two extraordinary franchise industry organizations. She has 20+ years of experience as a CEO & President, driving organizational development and taking companies to the next level, both domestically and internationally. An author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, her motto in life is “Work hard, play hard, help others, repeat.”

 A savvy entrepreneur, Alesia acquired the struggling start-up publication, Franchise Dictionary Magazine shortly after it was formed, and turned it around in record time. The magazine is now one of the leading sources of information that potential franchise owners turn to for information and advice. It receives praises and accolades by experts throughout the franchise industry.

 Alesia is passionate about the franchise industry as well as ensuring people have the opportunity to take control of their future and find career bliss. To that end, she never loses sight of her mission: to help others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising!

Steve Strickland - Workout Anytime

Steve Strickland

Keith Dziki - Wireless Zone*

Keith Dziki

Skilled in the art of team development, Keith has more than 15 years of experience in business development and operations in a variety of industries. As the Executive Director of Development, he builds and maintains relationships with key personal at Verizon Wireless and prospective Wireless Zone*® franchisees, providing expertise in operational management, lead generation and the recruitment of entrepreneurs. Known for his ethical and high energy approach, Keith’s history of outstanding business building and proven interpersonal skills allows him to effectively communicate with entrepreneurs and educate them on their suitability for the franchise.
Charlie Morrison - Wingstop

Charlie Morrison

Matt Friedman - Wing Zone*

Matt Friedman

Matt Stanton - WellBiz Brands, Inc.

Matt Stanton

Matt Stanton is the Chief Development Officer for WellBiz Brands, Inc.® - the manager of Elements Massage*®, Amazing Lash*®, and Fitness Together®. As an experienced multi-unit real estate and franchise executive, he oversees franchising and unit development for all three brands, which combined currently have over 600 locations across the United States.

Matt has over 10 years of retail and consumer industry experience, having served as the Vice President of Strategy and Development for Smashburger where he oversaw the brand’s unit growth. He played a vital role in building the chain from 100 units in 2011 to over 350 units by 2016 in 36 states and eight countries. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Real Estate and Franchise Development for Taco Bueno Restaurants. In this role, he built the franchise and real estate development functions from the ground up and delivered on franchise and corporate unit growth. Prior to these roles, he was a Consultant with Bain & Company in Dallas.

Lauren Wanamaker - WellBiz Brands

Lauren Wanamaker

Lauren Wanamaker is a franchise development professional with an extensive range of expertise. Her early career was centered on marketing planning, brand development/management and media relations and ultimately led to franchise development. She enjoys working with prospective candidates to help them find the best solution for their future.
Randy Shacka - TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Randy Shacka

Moving people forward is my primary focus. Driving our brand forward and bringing value through franchise relationships, executing upon our vision and helping provide a world-class customer experience.
Sean Fitzgerald - TruBlue Total House Care

Sean Fitzgerald

Sean Fitzgerald, CFE is a c-level franchise executive with 25 years of experience working with brands ranging from startup franchise concepts to large developed franchise systems. This level of experience provides unique insight and perspective in growing, operating and building franchise brands. His expertise includes franchise sales, development, marketing, lead generation, digital marketing, content marketing, lead flow management, candidate journey mapping, PR, web design, SEO/SEM, CRM, franchise operations, multi-unit development, franchise compliance, training and franchisor/franchisee relations. Currently, Fitzgerald is the Chief Development Strategist for No Limit Agency* and 1851 Franchise, providing strategy for many well-known brands including DQ, Great Clips*, Buffalo Wings and Rings, and Two Men and a Truck. His experience also covers a wide range of industries including retail, restaurant, hospitality, service, healthcare and technology. No Limit Agency* is a Chicago-based PR and marketing agency that establishes and elevates brands by delivering their message to the masses with fresh thinking and boundless creativity. 1851 Franchise is both a leading industry publication and content marketing platform creating a digital newsroom for brands.

Formerly Executive Vice President for BrightStar Care, Senior VP of Quiznos and National Vice President of Franchise Development for Wireless Zone*, a Verizon Wireless retail chain, Fitzgerald has helped steer brands to impressive growth. In two years, he led the growth of Wireless Zone* from under 200 locations to over 480 stores. Prior to his role with Wireless Zone*, he was COO of a startup women's fitness franchise that grew to over 100 franchisees and 250 locations in three years. Fitzgerald also was the co-founder and COO of an automotive accessory retail chain out of Cincinnati, Ohio, which grew to become a national franchise and eventual IPO trading on the NASDAQ-QTC.

Scott Gittrich - Toppers Pizza*

Scott Gittrich

My unwavering affection for pizza became a full-fledged love affair when I decided to drop out of college to focus on a career in restaurants after getting hooked at Domino’s after only two weeks on the job. The gamble paid off as I worked my way up through the company’s system eventually managing all operations for an ass-kicking franchisee in Charlotte, NC. In 1991 I created a pizza concept called Toppers Pizza*, which delivers unique, fresh food that’s made-from-scratch and rivals anything available.

Pizza is the best food in the world, there’s nothing that’s as celebratory and fun as pizza. It brings people together like no other product on earth. Next to family and friends and stars on a dark night, I say give me a pizza.

Glenn Lunde - Togo’s*

Glenn Lunde

Over 15 years in successful Chief Concept/Marketing Officer roles leading consumer-facing retail companies of various sizes through turn-around situations, rapid market expansion and accelerated revenue growth. A continuous learner with the ability to partner across all functions in the organization. I am inspired by the opportunity to champion company culture, develop cohesive teams, and drive profitable growth for all stakeholders.

Consistent track record of elevating brand engagement and stature with award-winning innovation and compelling communications across all marketing channels. Proven competency to design each aspect of the customer experience both inside and outside the four walls to increase guest transactions and satisfaction levels. Strong research, operations and financial acumen, in addition to leadership roles in the culinary, supply chain, and quality assurance functions have enabled out of the box ideas to become powerful realities.

Tom Scarda - The Franchise Academy

Tom Scarda

Do you feel called to serve and have a burning desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others, but you feel stuck? Do you want to build a respectable career and do a great job for your boss, but you're driven by something so much more meaningful?

Do you truly believe that there is a bigger PURPOSE for you in your career - more than just paying bills? Something much bigger than just hitting that next rung on the corporate ladder and making lots of money?

Is your definition of success different than most?

  • Do you want to be remembered by the person that you were during your lifetime, rather than the things that you've accumulated?
  • Are you fueled by faith in your work, but struggle at times with your company's strategies because they aren't in alignment with your personal values and beliefs?

If any of this resonates with you, I want to say welcome home. As Your Personal Franchise Coach, allow me to give you the training and support you need to help you create the purpose-driven business and the life of your dreams.

I have a crazy belief when it comes to business...

I'm persuaded that your potential franchise business is really an assignment from God....that assignment is to help you grow as a person by facing your fears, and in the process discover the true purpose of your life. A business is a vehicle to get you what you need in life so you may serve others - not build someone else's dream.

I believe the God-given purpose of our lives is for us to LOVE, SERVE, and GROW... and there's never been a more powerful vehicle than Franchise ownership to help you live out that purpose.

Those of us that hold this belief call ourselves 'Legacy Leaders.' We are creating a movement inside Franchising that's never been seen before. If you're ready to take your life to the next level, you can learn more about what I do at the link below:

  • Did you know that every time a franchise opens it creates an average of 10 jobs directly and 10 indirectly?
  • Are you aware that in the United States there are more than 4,000 franchise concepts in 90 industries and 89 have nothing to do with fast food?
  • 1 out of every 7 businesses in the US is a franchise?

Let me help you find the right franchise through my training and support, and together, let’s use Franchising to create a better world.

Blake Smith - The Decor Group

Blake Smith

Michael Haith - Teriyaki Madness*

Michael Haith

Michael has an almost 30-year career successfully building multiple, Inc. 500, global franchise brands. Consulting, serving on Boards, investing and building companies, he has vast experience identifying and franchising strong food and beverage concepts. In 2013, he discovered Teriyaki Madness*. A small, seven-unit regional chain with delicious and healthy food, a simple business model, a raving fan base and most importantly, the best margins he'd ever seen in his years in the restaurant industry. He sold all of his current business interests in 2015 to acquire and focus on Teriyaki Madness* and what is quickly becoming a recognized success story in the fast casual restaurant industry. Quality, fresh, customizable ingredients made-to-order with large portions of delicious, healthy bowls of fresh vegetables, all-natural grilled chicken and beef, with homemade sauces and served over Calrose rice or noodles. He has assembled a team of seasoned, fast-casual professionals to build the processes and systems to aggressively and intelligently help franchisees expand TMAD on a global scale. Currently more than 70 teriyaki shops with another 40 to open in 2020. TMAD has great momentum into the next decade as satisfied franchisees expand rapidly into additional shops. The TMAD franchise community is aggressively expanding, adding additional units while inviting and supporting new franchisees to expand the brand awareness across the globe.
Susan Valverde - Sylvan Learning*

Susan Valverde

I have been in Executive Leadership roles for 5 years and also have over 15 years of award-winning experience achieving extraordinary results in all aspects of owning and operating my own business. When added to my hands-on experience with Sales, Marketing, Logistics and other functions, this has proven to be a powerful combination – I have catapulted various operations to grow businesses exponentially in challenging markets.

I succeeded through smart strategic planning, the retention of top talent, strong internal controls, industry best practices – and a “never say quit” attitude. I inspire loyal team members and earn the respect of my entire organizational community through open over communication at all levels. As the former owner of a vastly successful service firm, I have built a national reputation on my ability to open, expand and transform businesses into thriving operations.

Guillermo Perales - Sun Holdings, Inc.

Guillermo Perales

Guillermo Perales began his journey into the world of franchise ownership with a single store and an ambitious dream in 1997. Crediting a combination of “luck, hard work, and a constant quest to expand,” his Sun Holdings portfolio today features over 1000 locations that employ nearly 22,000 people.

Sun Holdings’ stores include Taco Bueno, Burger King, Popeyes, Arby’s, IHOP, Cici’s, Golden Corral, GNC, McAlister's and T-Mobile, making Perales the third-largest franchise owner, and top Hispanic franchisee, in the country!

Eduardo Abadía - Spanish Franchise Association

Eduardo Abadía

Experiencia con Instituciones de Franquicias en el Mundo.Representando a la Franquicia Española desde el año 1996 por distintos Países siendo el responsable de los Pabellones Españoles Negociador.

Tom Spadea

After more than fifteen years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, I went on to receive my law degree at Temple University's Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My undergraduate degree is in Finance from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I graduated Cum Laude.

My corporate experience includes senior executive positions for multiple franchise concepts including Saladworks*, a 100 store quick casual restaurant chain; The Huntington Learning Center*s, a franchised chain of over 400 supplemental education centers; and Rita’s Water Ice, a 500 unit retail chain of franchised frozen dessert restaurants.

I got my start in the franchising industry as a Franchise and Business Broker for Sunbelt of Philadelphia, acting as an advisor to clients looking to transition into the ownership of a franchise or the purchase of an existing small business. As a business broker, I handled dozens of transactions a year from listing businesses for sale, recruiting buyers, to negotiating transactions that satisfied all the stakeholders.

Prior to Sunbelt, I was the owner and President of LPB Communications where I co-founded a factory in Latin America, successfully created an international sales network in Asia and invented a product for which I was granted a US Patent.

Specialties: Awarded Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) distinction in February 2008 from the International Franchise Association

Inventor, U.S. Patent 6,550,734 granted April 22, 2003.


Steve Beagelman

CEO and Founder of SMB Franchise Advisors*, a franchise consulting company that has assisted over 200 companies in growing their business through franchising. Steve is a senior level franchise executive with over 30 years of experience in the franchise industry from start-ups (founder of own business in 1991) to large franchise systems. A frequent speaker at the International Franchise Association conferences as well as a speaker for annual franchise conventions for different franchisors. A contributor to franchise industry publications and a recent contributor to a new book, So You Want to Franchise Your Business.

Tom Gordon

Providing personal and tailored support for franchisees in a rapidly-growing system, co-founder and Slim Chickens* CEO, Tom Gordon, is the driving leader behind the brand’s goal to have a 600-unit footprint by 2025, and unlike many brands that release large growth numbers, Gordon is leading the team in a manner that makes this goal more attainable with each passing month. Gordon & co-founder Greg Smart concocted the idea for the fast-casual chicken concept in Greg Smart’s garage, focusing not on the cost of the food but the quality.

Focusing solely on chicken, Slim Chickens* has seen accelerated growth backed by a commitment to serve traditional Southern hospitality within its communities, while offering the convenience and affordability of fast casual.

By developing successful, multi-unit franchisees within the system who are passionate about Slim Chickens*, and specializing particularly in aiding them with top-notch site selection, and delivering unparalleled franchise business support by hiring a highly qualified executive team with tailored expertise, Gordon has been able to build the foundation for a great brand with a leadership style that is one to be watched.


Brian Petranick

As the President and CEO of the global Right at Home* brand, Brian Petranick continues to position this organization as the leading provider of in-home care for seniors and those living with disabilities. Along with providing a strategic vision for the Franchise and Corporate Owned System, he is focused on expanding services that make care in the home environment a solution for all by leveraging strategic partnerships, technology, and innovative ways to engage clients.

Throughout his decades in the healthcare industry and at Right at Home*, Brian saw the immense challenges that people, especially seniors and those with disabilities face when receiving care outside the walls of hospitals and other healthcare institutions. With an understanding of all aspects of the care continuum and the global aging process, he is dedicated to inspiring franchisees and their caregivers to live the Right at Home* mission: To improve the quality of life for those we serve. Those insights and experiences have helped him grow the Right at Home* Franchise System from a single operating office in Fremont, Nebraska, to over 600 locations that span eight countries.

Brian is passionate about the organization’s commitment to delivering the right care to those who want to maintain their independence, health, and overall wellness, no matter where they are in their aging journey. He is also committed to those who deliver care, creating a caregiver community, and growing the company’s global network to serve as many communities across the globe as possible.

Brian frequently serves as an expert on a broad range of topics focused on the aging journey and its impacts on all segments of life, small business entrepreneurship, leadership development, and advocacy within the home care industry. In recent years, he has presented at numerous international conferences and events, and appeared on national media outlets, including Fox & Friends on Fox News, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, and The Weather Channel. He also serves on the board of directors for the Home Care Association of America and the Home Care 100, as well as various other boards, steering committees, and task-forces within the industry.


Shawnon Bellah

Executive leader with more than 16 years of industry experience in Food Service Operations and Domestic and International Franchising. Expertise includes Operations Management, Employee Training and Development, Domestic and International Sales Growth Strategy, Franchise Relations, Menu Development, New Product/Program Launches, Corporate Communication Strategy, Vendor Relationship Management, Marketing and Public Relations.

Brent Dowling

Growing a franchise company of just a few units into an industry-leading organization requires the precise combination of marketing, sales and organizational strategy. Simply put, it requires a team of industry experts who are willing to get into this competitive world and fight for market share. At RainTree, we love the fight. We are a team of seasoned professionals with a track record of growing promising young franchise companies into industry giants, reigniting growth for mature franchise brands and setting both up for successful acquisitions.

Find out more - watch our video:


Steve Hart


Iric Wexler


Sam Wong

With freestanding AUV at $2.2MM and a best-in-class support team, we are redefining Chicken QSR with a back-to-basic investment model to focus on margins & profitability. Multi-unit franchise ownership opportunities are available nationally. Let's connect to discuss the Pollo Campero standout story and paths to join the Campero Family! Pollo Campero Franchising Hotline: (949) 769-3979.

Suzie McCafferty


I have a proven track record within business franchising which developed from successfully franchising my own retail business, growing the company to more than 70 franchisees, across six countries within a seven-year period, to managing, at executive board level, corporate franchise organizations with network turnovers in excess of £30m.

My experience of building, developing and managing successful UK and international franchise operations over the last 19 years has earned me widespread recognition, including a highly acclaimed finalist place in the National Business Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2006 and 2011.

I am currently the Chairperson for the British Franchise Association's Scottish Forum. My company are proud sponsors of the British Franchise Association's (BFA) Scottish Franchise Week & Northern Franchise Breakfast and I am a judge at this year's franchisee of the year awards. 

I am an affiliate member of the BFA and an active member of the UK & international franchise communities. I am a business mentor for the Chamber of Commerce and business growth coach for the Growth Accelerator Programme.

Previous positions include chairperson of the Scottish Franchise Forum, part of the British Franchise Association (BFA) in 2009 and 2010, committee member of the BFA's sales & marketing committee.

With a comprehensive professional background and an impressive client base, Platinum Wave Ltd is a franchise and business growth specialist which assists and advises businesses across a broad industry spectrum from SMEs to large corporations.


Mark Mele

Leadership experience building and guiding franchise brands. Mele has achieved the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) designation from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (ICFE) through the International Franchise Association.

An accomplished corporate franchise sales and development strategist, his vision and expertise in business performance have driven notable franchise brands such as Century 21 Real Estate Corporation, Country Inns & Suites by Carlson, Retro Fitness, Kumon North America and Huntington Learning Center*s.

Mele has achieved exciting company turnarounds and is recognized for his success in growing franchise brands. His strategic approach to expanding a franchise brand is reflected in his work as Vice President of Franchise Development of Kumon North America, Inc., where his leadership resulted in the opening of over 500 new franchised Kumon learning centers in 4 years.

In addition to Mark Mele’s exceptional track record in franchise development, he is also known for his ability to create and implement positive change in the areas of franchise operations and franchisee support. His franchise achievements have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, as well as other business media. Mele is a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA*) and is actively involved in an advisory capacity with start-up franchise companies.


Aziz Hashim

Aziz Hashim, Founder and Managing Partner of NRD Capital*, is widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts in franchising.

Founded in 2014, NRD Capital* is a private equity firm headquartered in Atlanta. It is the first business fund both sponsored and managed by a former multi-unit franchisee, occupying a unique niche in franchise equity investments.

NRD Capital* invests in companies and franchisors that offer compelling unit-level economics, as well as in technologies that improve the profitability of operators. Its portfolio includes iconic brands like Ruby Tuesday* and Frisch’s Big Boy, as well as fast-growing concepts like Fuzzy’s* Taco Shop and The Captain’s Boil. In the technology industry, NRD has invested in leading workforce and artificial intelligence platforms such as Harri, 1Huddle, Nextforce, Valyant AI and others. The firm boasts more than 75 years of collective operational and financial experience, and the corresponding ability to underwrite brands at the unit level as viable business opportunities for families.


Pete Lindsey

I help franchisors with optimizing their development process, development reporting, website optimization, and lead generation. I have driven teams that have exceeded over 1,400 license awards. The focus is responsible growth for the long run by attracting the right franchisees to your system. Franchise Drivers Inc. Growth with Integrity.

Mary Kennedy Thompson

Chief Operating Officer of Franchise Brands, Neighborly® 

As chief operating officer (COO), Mary oversees the ongoing business operations within Neighborly. Working hand-in-hand with 13 brand presidents, she leads the execution of strategies. Prior to her appointment as COO, Mary served as executive vice-president of Neighborly and president of Mr. Rooter® for nine years.

Former United States Marine & Successful Franchise Owner

Mary served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps as a logistics officer. She began franchising 25 years ago as a multi-unit franchisee at Cookies by Design. As a franchisee, Mary’s locations led the company in market penetration and sales, earning numerous top performer awards. After successfully selling her franchises, Mary joined the corporate headquarters to build their field support program, eventually leading the brand as its president.

Under Mary's leadership, Mr. Rooter® was included in Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500, Franchise Business Review*'s Franchisee Satisfaction Award, PHC News Top 100 Contractors and USA Today's Top 50 Franchises for Veterans. As president of Mr. Rooter®, U.S. Business Review selected Mary as one of its Editor's Choice Executives of the Year.

The International Franchise Association (IFA*) awarded Mary the Bonny Levine Award, IFA*’s highest award for women who have made an impact on franchising and the Crystal Compass award for extraordinary leadership in franchising. A certified franchise executive, Mary serves as a trustee for the IFA*’s Educational Foundation.

Mary graduated from the University of Texas in 1984 with a bachelor's degree. In 2002, she completed the mini MBA program in franchise management from the University of St. Thomas College of Business.


Barbara Moran-Goodrich

Barb is CEO and Co-founded of Moran Family of Brands. With over 130 franchise Brands; Mr. Transmission, Milex Complete Car Care, Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters and Smartview Window Solutions in 24 states and now expanding internationally.

Barb currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the IFA* – International Franchise Association, as well as a previous term from 2006 through February 2012. She has also been an active member of several committees, focusing on franchise relations, franchise mentorship and women’s mentorship. Currently Barbara serves as Chair to a mentorship program, Franship and is past-chair of the Franchise Relations Committee for the IFA*. In 2014 Barbara was honored as the recipient of the Bonny LeVine Award by the IFA* for her support and mentorship of others.

Barb has authored articles on the subject of Developing Positive Relationships with your Franchisees, The Role of Mentoring to Improve the Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship, Succession Planning and Transfer, Developing Goals, Networking and Marketing go Hand in Hand and Franchisee Award Programs that Motivate. She has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Crain’s Business, Franchise Times,, Window Film Magazine, Franchise Update and Gears Magazine and has been a contributor on Fox Business Network, America’s Nightly Scoreboard and MSNBC, Closing Bell.

Specialties: • Setting Corporate Vision & Strategic/Operational Planning• Reorganization & Turnaround Management• Partnerships• Acquisitions/Assimilation• Legal Analysis & Strategic Planning• Development of Operational & Structural Processes• Negotiating Franchise Contracts• Cost Reduction/Containment & Profit Optimization• National Market Penetration & Pricing Strategies• Ensuring Compliance Optimization within System • Forecasting & Budgeting (Operating & Capital)


Tony Darden


Scott and Ally Svenson


Xavier Royaux


Shane Evans


Tony Lufti


Gigi Schweikert

President, Lightbridge Academy* Franchise Company

International Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Education, Parenting and Leadership

• President of Lightbridge Academy* Franchise Company, educational child care, 100+ programs in operation or development

• Keynote speaker on education, leadership, parenting, and work/life

• Author of 18 books, in three languages

• Assessed and implemented work/life initiatives and benefits for Fortune 500 companies

• Developed and operated employer-sponsored child care centers

• Create and deliver leadership training for Fortune 500 companies and Educational Institutions

• Clients included Merck, Prudential, Chesapeake Energy, Purdue University, Bright Horizons

“Inspirational, encouraging and real,” that’s what audiences and readers across the country have to say about Gigi Schweikert, an internationally known expert on early childhood education, parenting and work-life issues. Known for her humor and practical messages, Gigi is a popular keynote speaker for education conferences, corporations, women’s events, and parenting seminars. Gigi is the best-selling author of 18 books including the best-selling Winning Ways series and Prime Times: A Handbook for Excellence in Infant and Toddlers Programs.

During her thirty years of experience, Gigi directed the United Nations Early Childhood Program in New York City and developed the Johnson & Johnson System of Family Centers. Gigi is President & COO at Lightbridge Franchise Company. Gigi also hosted the television show, “Today’s Family.” Gigi has four children, one in Los Angeles, one in Seattle, one in Boulder, and one still at home. 


Peter Cancro


Charles Internicola

The Internicola Law* Firm is a national franchise-only law firm that provides emerging and growing brands with the legal support they need, resources to grow, and strategies to win at franchising. #EntrepreneursKickAss


Paul Brown

CEO of Inspire Brands, a multi-brand restaurant company whose portfolio includes nearly 32,000 Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin', Jimmy John's, Rusty Taco, and SONIC Drive-In restaurants worldwide.

Todd Leff

Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Franchising, Multi-Unit development, Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Coaching, and Retail. Strong business development professional graduated from Temple University - James E. Beasley School of Law.

Josh York

Josh York is an American entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of GYMGUYZ, a fast growing, fitness franchise. GYMGUYZ is #1 in Home Personal Training, providing convenient, customized and creative workouts at a setting that works best for each client. Headquartered in Plainview, New York, GYMGUYZ operates over 250 franchised locations in 30 states and 3 countries.

In 2008, York started GYMGUYZ in the dining room of his parent’s home with a laptop, and a vision. The demand for in Home Personal Training was growing, and so was GYMGUYZ. In 2014, York received approval to franchise the GYMGUYZ brand , with the first franchise opening that year in Westchester County, NY and the first international location opened in Canada in 2017. York has said his vision is his guarantee and often can be heard saying, “In 15 years we will be the largest fitness brand in the world. The chance of that not happening, you will have a better probability of seeing elephants fly!”

York lives on Long Island with his wife Stacy and two young sons and enjoys spending his free time with his family, playing ice hockey or working out. York is the author of the bestselling book, FUEL, WHAT IT TAKES TO SURVIVE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR, selling 8000 copies in 2 months.

York is a true entrepreneur driven by passion, no stranger to risk, and a leader who knows the value of building a strong culture with a commitment to being the best.


Geo Concepcion


Steve Hockett


Chris Cheek

Chris Cheek is a franchise and restaurant development veteran with 20 years of experience in the industry. He comes to GFG after serving as CDO of Newk’s Eatery where he led development efforts as the restaurant grew from 65 franchise locations to 130 and from 10 to 24 company owned-operations. As CDO, he helped the brand achieve consistent year-over-year growth. He also has served as CDO of Toppers Pizza* and was VP of Franchise Development for Freebirds World Burrito in Emeryville, CA and VP of Franchise Development for Le Duff America (Bruegger’s, La Madeleine, Brioche Doree, Timothy’s Coffee, Michael’s Bakery Café, and mmmuffins). As CDO of GFG he leads franchise brand expansion, new store development, construction and international growth.

Scott Wendrych

Franchise Operations and Development executive with 16 years of leadership experience building great teams and delivering results. Strong track record of building start-up brands from zero to re-engineering brands that have gone astray. Solid business acumen with a proven track record of developing infrastructure and tools to lead franchisees to success. Strong relationship builder that delivers results both operationally and via franchise sales and openings.

* Deep franchise development experience and track record of selling and opening units
* Strong operational background focused on building systems, processes and metrics
* Private Equity experience
* Driver of franchise system engagement


Jania Bailey

Executive Leader with over 30 years experience in the banking and franchise industries.

Joe Caruso

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Michael Webster

Who do you know who wants to create their Branded Community on LinkedIn, using LinkedIn's new product — Pages?

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We have been building community on LinkedIn since 2010 & we’ll show you the way to get your community going. A couple of no-cost consultations will have you on your way. (No cost as in no money; not as in you do no work.)


Joe Mathews

As CEO of Franchise Performance Group, Mathews is a thought leader and top consultant specializing in how to grow profitable, sustainable, and valuable franchise brands. He is author or co-author of five books on franchising: ”Future of Franchising,” How to Create a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Guaranteed." "Street Smart Franchising,” "Franchise Sales Tipping Point," and "Developing Peak Performing Franchisees.” Mathews has written or been quoted in 80 articles featured in Wall St Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc, Working Woman, Business Week and numerous newspapers, books, and journals.

Areas of Specialization include:

Growth strategies, brand strategy, leadership and corporate culture, franchise candidate lead generation, financing, and all aspects franchisee recruitment."


Gary Occhiogrosso

Franchise Sales & Marketing
Operations/Business Development & Global Expansion

* Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC.
* Former President & Chief Development Officer - TRUFOODS, LLC
* Adjunct Associate Professor - NYU - Restaurant Concept/Business Development & Entrepreneurship
* Contributing writer with Forbes
* Host of MasterMind Minutes Podcast
* Selected Top 25 Fast Casual Executives in the USA by Fast Casual Magazine
* Winner of "The Executive Management Award" by SmartCEO magazine.
* Publisher -
* Former Radio Talk Show Host in NYC “The Small Business & Franchise Show"
* Former NYC Dunkin' Franchisee
* Manic Foodie

Creative and bold marketing and sales approach to lead growth for National brands. Strong cross-functional business acumen complemented by a decisive, interactive and motivational leadership style.

Speaker and Member of International Franchise Association. Board Member of several emerging franchise, advertising and chain retail companies."


Rick Grossmann

Rick is an accomplished franchise executive with decades of real-world leadership experience. He is the author of Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise Bible and serves as a franchise executive coach and consultant, speaker and trainer for numerous franchise brands worldwide.

Mr. Grossmann has been involved in the franchise industry since 1994. He franchised his first company and grew it to 49 locations in 19 states during the mid to late ‘90s. He served as the CEO and primary trainer focusing on franchisee relations and creating tools and technologies to increase franchisee success.

Rick franchised his second company in 2003. He served as the companies CEO and Marketing Officer. He developed the high-tech/high-touch franchise marketing and sales system, selling over 150 franchises in North America and capturing ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 franchises in less than three years.

Mr. Grossmann currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Franchise Hub/Shepherd Brands and Friend of the Family Franchising in Denver, Colorado. The mission of these organizations is to provide entrepreneurs around the world with the resources to enable them to start businesses, provide for their families and create jobs.

Mr. Grossmann had the honor of working with his mentor and his family as a Contributing Author for the 7th edition of Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise Bible published by Entrepreneur Press. He has recently been chosen as the new Author of the series with the 8th edition and accompaniment website (


Neal & Nimesh Dahya

Nimesh: Experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry. Strong finance professional skilled in Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement, Strategy, and Product Management.

Charlie Chase


Sabrina Wall

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Skilled in Sales, Management, Business Development, Organizational Development, and Training. Strong business development professional graduated from University of Central Florida.

Catherine Monson

Catherine Monson was named CEO and President of FASTSIGNS International, Inc. in 2008. She brought a strong background in management and business leadership, as well more than 25 years of franchising and digital printing experience.

Known for her motivational and accountability-led management style, Catherine believes in consistent communication and a two-way relationship with franchisees. It is with great passion that she leads the more than 660 franchised FASTSIGNS® worldwide, as well as to the 100+ employees that comprise the FASTSIGNS International corporate team.

Since joining FASTSIGNS, Catherine has been on a mission to advance the brand from that of just a sign and banner provider to a visual ideas and comprehensive solutions provider for all kinds of businesses and brands. Many got to see her commitment to FASTSIGNS when she appeared on the two-time Emmy Award-nominated reality series, “Undercover Boss”, in May of 2012. The show follows high-level corporate executives as they slip anonymously into the rank-and-file of their own company to examine the inner workings of their organization.

A strong advocate for small business enterprise and franchising, Catherine also spends much of her time and energy serving on the Board of Directors for the International Franchise Association (IFA*), the world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchises worldwide. Through her service with the IFA*, Catherine works to help further the IFA*’s mission of protecting and promoting franchising through government relations, public relations and educational programs.


Jeff Crivello


Ricky Richardson

Highly effective and broadly experienced restaurant CEO. Strong record of delivering high impact financial (revenue, EBITDA) results thru building/ leading teams of great people.

Tariq Farid

I love business and the challenge of building & growing businesses, franchise is my specialty and franchisees are my inspiration, where else can you see ”bootstrapped” startup happening everyday making a difference on Main Street and in communities.

Robert Branca


Nicolas Dégéraud


Stuart Hershman

I have roughly 30 years of experience in anything and everything having to do with the legal aspects of franchising and distribution.

My goal is to provide clients with the absolutely most responsive, reliable, practical, efficient, trustworthy, and cost-effective legal services at all times and to develop client relationships that will last indefinitely. Most of my attorney-client relationships, many with the premier brands in the world, have continued for 10-20 years (or longer!) and counting, a testament to the trust established with them.

Specialties: Pretty much every legal aspect of franchising and distribution.


Aaron Chaitovsky

Aaron Chaitovsky specializes in profitability consulting and analysis for a variety of industries and disciplines.

Aaron came to the firm as an audit partner in 1995, and has more than 25 years of experience in accounting and auditing. He focuses his practice on a number of key niches, including manufacturing, franchising, real estate, restaurants and professional service firms.

In the manufacturing arena, he works with companies to help clients understand and analyze cost systems for operations and potential acquisitions. His due diligence work including helping package businesses for sale to obtain the best value for the company.

His work with franchisors includes preparation of audited financial statements , international tax structuring, expansion consulting, due diligence and acquisition services, the structuring of royalty audit programs, and succession planning.He also helps prospective franchisees analyze and understand franchise opportunities and the respective franchise.

Aaron especially enjoys offering financial and profitability consulting to his clients – during good times and bad – to help them improve their bottom line and goals to gain a better quality of life. He seeks with each client to gain a deep understanding of how their business is unique and assists in crafting tailored programs to help them boost profitability, plan for the future, and better enjoy what they love best about their business.

Specialties: Aaron Chaitovsky, CPA, is a partner and chair of the franchise services division at Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP, an accounting and consulting firm with 75 partners in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. With over 25 years of experience in the franchise industry, Chaitovsky, a frequent speaker and lecturer on various franchise related tropic, serves as a trusted advisor to both active and potential franchisors and multi unit franchisees.


Amy Cheng

Amy concentrates her practice in domestic and international commercial transactions, general corporate, and franchise, licensing and distribution law. She represents franchisors on the structuring and operation of their franchise programs through all phases of development. She also represents non-U.S. based franchisors expanding into the U.S. market. Amy has extensive experience in structuring and drafting agreements for complex franchise, licensing and distribution relationships and in regulatory compliance. Her experience includes advising clients in connection with complex issues arising from the ownership of multiple brands, non-traditional opportunities, system restructuring and brand acquisition. Amy also has extensive experience in representing private equity firms in connection with their acquisitions of franchise companies.

Amy represents clients of all sizes, from start-ups to mature companies with multi-national operations. Representative clients include leaders in the restaurant, retail and home services industries. With her broad range of experience, Amy essentially acts as general counsel to her clients, collaboratively maturing their businesses from infancy to prominence within their various industries.

Amy’s commercial transactional practice includes counseling clients on mergers and acquisitions, complex commercial relationships, structuring, and drafting contracts for business transactions; while her general corporate practice includes corporate formation, strategic business alliances and joint ventures. Amy’s unique combination of corporate and franchise experience provides franchisors with comprehensive legal services to expand their franchise systems. Her experience includes representing franchisors in a myriad of industries to acquire and sell franchise companies of all sizes.

Before forming Cheng Cohen LLC, Amy was a partner with DLA Piper US LLP and its predecessor firms.


Seth Larsen


David Bloom

Leading with a passion to be extraordinary! Combining the ability to strategically develop and operate at an accelerated pace according to the specific goals of the organization. Organizing the appropriate resources, leading and executing against those goals in an accelerated manner, on a consistent basis, in a wide variety of industries and environments. Including strategic planning, implementation and execution of all phases of national & International brand expansion and operations including the achievement of all financial benchmarks and performance goals. C-Level leadership of numerous national and international brands, private equity investments & start ups. Additional experience includes the financing of real estate and acquisitions along with international supply chain, logistics, intellectual property law and government relations. Global responsibilities have included international supply chain management to include (procurement, warehousing, and logistics), large scale international call center support services, global field operations and security management, operational audit & compliance teams, large scale centralized employee recruiting & training programs. Specialties: Establishing high performance strategies, teams and processes accelerating brand and business development and operational performance in a wide variety of challenging environments.

Erik Herrmann

Investment professional with over 15 years experience in evaluating, executing, and managing private equity & credit investments across multiple industries, but with a focus in the consumer products, retail / restaurant, and franchise sectors.

Kevin Wilson

With over 25 years of experience in business that has included time as a consultant, entrepreneur, executive of a large company and venture capital investor, I found my passion lies in leading a strong team of people to create a great company. Today this passion is being realized every day as the CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, a multi-brand franchising company with the well recognized brands, Pool Scouts* (, Home Clean Heroes* (, The British Swim School ( and previously included Mosquito Joe* ( After just six years, Mosquito Joe* grew to 290+ open locations with a further 60 under development. In 2016, Pool Scouts* was launched with the intention of professionalizing the pool cleaning and maintenance industry and now has several locations open across the country. Home Clean Heroes* offers a new and fresh look for residential home cleaning. This company began franchising in 2019. Our most recent company, The British Swim School, the leader in swim lessons for children, was acquired in April of 2019, and has over 100 locations across 22 states.

Thomas Flaherty


Nader Masadeh

As CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings*, Nader Masadeh strives to spread his passion for providing the best “club level” sports restaurant and bar experience in the industry to all levels of the franchise system.

As evidenced when he went undercover during the season premiere of Undercover Boss’s 7th season, Masadeh believes in a servant-leadership philosophy, which he has used to guide the corporate team and has ingrained into the franchise system. Buffalo Wings & Rings* has enjoyed 20 consecutive quarters of positive same store sales growth under Masadeh’s leadership, with 13 percent growth of year-over-year annual unit volume since 2006. In 2015, the brand reached a record high AUV of $2 million and the brand projects reaching 120 locations by 2028. By establishing a franchise support model that is second-to-none in the industry, Buffalo Wings & Rings* has provided the tools for nearly half of single-unit franchisees who have entered the system to expand to multi-unit ownership.

Masadeh was born into a family of restaurant owners and managers. After earning a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati, Masadeh earned his MBA in international business and negotiations from Xavier University. But his family’s businesses instilled a passion for the restaurant industry which led to his purchase of Buffalo Wings & Rings* in 2005 with business partners Philip Schram (Chief Development Officer) and Haytham David (International CEO).

Upon purchase of the company, Masadeh helped engineer a revival of the brand, making improvements to all elements of the Buffalo Wings & Rings* experience including a chef-inspired menu, redesigned restaurant model that appeals more to families, and a focus on increasing the efficiency of the brand’s operations. Masadeh’s goal is to make Buffalo Wings & Rings* a household name in even more markets in the U.S.


Rita Patel

I am a passionate and innovative marketing executive and I let curiosity lead me toward innovative solutions to marketing’s complex challenges. As a CPG and retail expert, I have a knack for launching new brands and taking established ones to new heights. I take pride in having built amazing teams and implementing award winning marketing campaigns around the world. My work at Wrigley took me to Barcelona, Spain where I was part of the marketing and product development team. During my time at MillerCoors, I helped launch the Peroni beer brand in Australia and managed the brand strategy and equity for Coors Light when it overtook the competition for the #2 spot in market-share. While at Target, I launched the Good & Gather and Everspring brands, among others, by building a new capability for the organization leveraging consumer insights and a strong understanding of brand purpose. With drive and an empathetic leadership style, I motivate high performing teams to deliver transformational results. Diversity of thought, integrity and purpose are my guiding values. Along with having worked on major marketing campaigns both domestically and abroad, family, community and culture influence my thinking. I’m a proud native of Chicago currently living in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and daughter.

Jocelyn Olive


Pip Wilkins

A confident, dynamic and resourceful Chief Executive who enjoys helping others to expand their skills. Proven ability to initiate, develop and launch new initiatives for the greater good of the franchise industry. Passionate about standards and ensuring people have the right information to make the right decisions.

Shelly Sun

BrightStar Care Ranked #1 Franchise in Investment Level by Forbes

Went ""undercover"" with BrightStar caregivers on CBS' ""Undercover Boss"" (featured April 17, 2011)

Top 10 on the American Express Top 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies each year 2011-2015, and 2009 IFA* Entrepreneur of the Year.

Member of YPO Windy City chapter.

Grew BrightStar brand to over $300 million in system-wide sales in under 10 years since launching franchise early 2006 with OVER 300 locations throughout the U.S.


Florence Soubeyran


Ruban d’Or de la Franchise dans la catégorie « Partenaires » remis par la Fédération Française de la Franchise et le Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances en nov 2019.

Remporte le 2° Hackathon Banque Populaire en dec 2015

Ruban d'Argent de la Franchise remis par le Ministère de l'Economie, de l'Industrie et du Numérique et la Fédération française de la franchise en nov 2015

Membre du Jury des Enseignes d'Or des 23 et 24èmes éditions


Bob Fish and Mike McFall

Mike McFall’s LinkedIn Bio: 

Born and raised in Michigan, Mike began his journey with BIGGBY COFFEE as a minimum-wage barista at the original store in East Lansing in 1996. Over the span of 23 years, with business partner Bob Fish, he has helped create one of the great specialty coffee brands in America.

Today Mike is co-CEO with Bob, and BIGGBY has over 250 stores open throughout the Midwest. The company is in high growth mode, selling tens of thousands of cups of coffee each day. Mike is proud to say that BIGGBY is a healthy, awesome, thriving organization.

He is also the author of "Grind," a book which focuses on early stage businesses and how to establish positive cash flow. If Mike’s business philosophy can be distilled down to its essence, it would be this: Be brave. Be humble. Be aware. Be yourself. Be aggressive and conquer the world.

"Grind" was released on August 6, 2019, and is now available online and in bookstores.


Bob Fish’s LinkedIn Bio: 

I would personally like to change the lives of 1 million people in a positive multi-generational way.

We all exist to love people, and support them in building a life they love.

Our company is in a quest to change and improve workplace culture in America.

I began life as part of a family that lived in many places in the United States and Europe, by the age of 17 when I started college at Michigan State University, we had moved 13 times. I put myself through MSU by working at a local family style pancake house restaurant. By the time I graduated I was the General Manger of that restaurant and two years later, after helping them grow from 1 to four locations I owned the third one. I took a year off, and created with my co-founder Mike McFall the concept BIGGBY COFFEE. we started with one locations in 1995, added a second in 1997, and started franchising in 1999. Today we are 100% franchised and have 250 units open in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas.


Scott Thompson

Chief Development Officer for Big Blue Swim School* and L-5 Capital Partners. Strategic Franchise Executive, Lifelong Learner, and Planner. Data Driven Sales and Marketing Executive that continuously innovates and leverages technology to accelerate growth.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen

"Nick-Anthony Zamucen” the Founder of Best Option Restoration (B.O.R.) & Bio-One Inc., The only successful franchised crime scene cleaning company. Awarded Top 40 CEO's Under 40 from Business Diversity Magazine 2013. He is also a 3x published author, business strategist, and an award winning serial entrepreneur that has had tremendous success in various business ventures.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen has really changed the game when it comes to the service franchise industry. Simply put, Nick-Anthony is the best in his industry and while many claim to be, he's the only man who has proven results in the business world. His franchised company Bio-One Inc. dominates in 46 different states and continues to grow at an exceptional rate. He plans to launch Bio-One Inc., his crime & trauma scene cleanup franchise, internationally.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen realized that one of his greatest strengths was assisting other people's success through his own experience. A core belief of Nick-Anthony's is ""Success breeds Success"". For this reason, Nick-Anthony has assembled an elite ""success group"" based around crime and trauma scene cleanup. He has created bar-none, the most intensive, informative, and educational franchises in the world."


Chris Elliot


Jennifer and David Cutillo

I am the CEO of Infinity Health Advisors, doing business as BeBalanced* Hormone Weight Loss Centers. I have over 30 years experience in sales and sales management, as well as a history of successful business ventures. I was the National Sales Director of a start-up firm in Philadelphia (ReminderMedia) for 8 years, playing a key role in them becoming the 2nd fastest growing company in Philadelphia (awarded by Philly’s Top 100), and staying in the top 100 for several years. Working directly with me, franchisees can expect the personable excellence of walking through a seamless opportunity to launch their own BeBalanced* Center, and expert guidance to grow their business.

Zak Omar


Jack Wilson


Scott Taylor

Successful track record with over 25 years senior management experience from publicly traded, private equity and privately held entrepreneurial companies. I am a builder and have put together strong executive teams that have achieved solid growth and performance with each company.

John Hayes

I teach franchising to: college students who seek a career in franchising; people who want to buy a franchise; business owners who want to franchise a business; and Certified Franchise Executives. I'm an Amazon #1 best selling author of several books covering business, marketing, franchising and biography. Frequent speaker at franchise conferences internationally; advisor to franchisors and prospective franchisees. Are you a good fit for franchising: Find out at

Maria Turco

Yoga & Fitness Industry Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker CEO & Founder of Honor Yoga whose mission and vision is to grow the Honor Yoga Brand to be one of the well respected and accessible yoga brands. Serving as a fitness industry expert, consultant, turn around specialist, speaker and yogi for over 20 years, Maria discovered that the true path to success is to help others achieve their greatest potential. Yoga is a conduit and conductor that serves as a catalyst for self growth and discovery. The franchise model is doorway and toolkit to provide those (Yogipreneurs) who are passionate about elevating people and the communities a proven system to run a successful and fulfilling business. The Honor Yoga Franchisee is passionate about being in business for themselves - yet not by themselves and Honor Yoga is proud to be the conduit to help them achieve success!

Ralph Yarusso

Experienced President, Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Development Officer, Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Strong business operational and development history, professional skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Operations Management, and Coaching. 

Michelle Rowan

Since 2005, FBR has helped more than 1100 franchise brands to better understand franchisee, employee and candidate satisfaction, and improve performance:

• WE HELP FRANCHISES ACHIEVE PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES with actionable data to improve satisfaction, strengthen their brand, and increase revenue. Find out more:

• WE BRING TRANSPARENCY TO THE FRANCHISE INDUSTRY by offering the leading forum for franchisees to rate their brand & empowering prospective franchisees with satisfaction research in our guides and via 


Brian Schnell


Paul Pickett

I have over 30 years of experience of 'Bringing People and Nature Together" as the VP of Franchise Development for Wild Birds Unlimited*, leading the Franchise Development team to grow our franchise system to over 340 stores. Additionally, I manage all of the legal and real estate responsibilities for Wild Birds Unlimited*, Inc. 

Jack Monson

Digital Marketing and Social Media Tactics to Exceed Business Goals.

Marketing Leadership / New Business Development.

Specialties: Franchise Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Podcasting, Story Telling, Marketing Consulting, Content Marketing, Marketing & Sales Management, New Business Development, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Brand Journalism, Radio, Broadcasting. 


Sean Manning


Nancy Bigley

An experienced Franchise Operations Executive with a proven track record of increasing revenues and profits through the implementation of growth strategies, business practices, and systems that create a sustainable competitive advantage.

A high-energy, driven, innovative and problem-solving leader focused on achieving strategic objectives while strengthening franchisee relations and cross-functional teams.


Fernando López de Castilla


Mary Ann O’Connell

A franchise generalist with over 30 years of experience as a franchisee, franchisor and franchise consultant.

Specialties: General franchise operations, training and documentation. Write, edit and maintain franchise operations brand standards manuals. Strategic planning. Feasibility studies. Operations reviews.

Currently on the Board of Directors of the International Franchise Association (IFA*), First Vice Chair of the Supplier Forum Advisory Board and Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Was the inaugural franchisee for Money Mailer, Inc. developing sales and marketing methods used by entire franchise system.

Served as VP - Franchise Support Services of Money Mailer in the US, Canada and Chile. Included P&L responsibility, training design and implementation, new product roll out, franchise support, customer service and conference and event planning.

Served as Director of Operations for AIM Mail Centers. Revamped training program, manuals and unit-level economics, franchise relations.

Regional Director of Great Clips*, Inc. Launched the Southern California markets of the LA and San Diego DMAs and oversaw operations in NV, AZ and UT. Included P&L responsibility, training and support of franchisees, franchise sales and leasing approvals and oversight.

President of FranWise®, a full-service franchise consulting firm that launches new franchise concepts, creates franchise operations manuals and helps emerging brands optimize their operations and franchise relations.


Wes Barefoot

I help people take control of their lives and create Freedom for themselves through business ownership.

As a Professional Franchise Consultant, I help the people I work with understanding franchising and determine if it might be a good fit for them. If it is, then I take them through a proven, and methodical process to develop a custom model, tailored to them based on their background, skill-sets, financial and lifestyle goals, that we then use to match them up with a franchise opportunity that's perfect for them!

My services are free for the people I work with, and I've been able to help many people get into business for themselves, or add to their portfolio of businesses through franchising. I work with hundreds of the top franchise brands across virtually every industry. I only introduce the people I work franchise companies that have been vetted, and that I feel confident are the type of business that will allow them to achieve their goals.

If you'd like to learn more about franchising, and my free services, please reach out and we can schedule a free consultation!


Roxane Harris

Motivated business development and management Executive with 30+ years of proven leadership and results expertise. Experience at leading U.S. Retail organization comprised of 4 Regional Directors leading 20 Franchise Consultants and 1200+ franchise owners in over 3,000 locations while also overseeing an Operations Director and Practice Management team(24 FTE). Key strengths include identification of top talent, management of $200m P & L, establishing strategic direction, partnering with business partners and ensuring business growth is achieved in accordance with strategic initiatives.
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