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The Latest Franchise Marketing Trends, Strategies, and Tips

May 16, 2023



In the competitive world of business, franchises have emerged as a popular and successful model. However, establishing a franchise is just the beginning; the real challenge lies in effectively marketing it to reach the target audience and drive growth. 

Franchise Development

Franchise marketing refers to the promotion and advertising efforts undertaken by franchisors to attract potential on one hand franchisees and on the other hand customers to their franchise system. It involves a combination of brand building, lead generation, and localized marketing tactics to drive franchise sales and enhance brand visibility for the entire franchise system..


Let’s explore the power of franchise marketing and discuss strategies, tips, and trends that can help franchisors achieve marketing success, and start with the latest Franchise marketing trend we’re seeing at SeoSamba

Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers who align with your brand values and have a substantial following. Influencers can help create brand awareness and generate buzz about your franchise. At SeoSamba, we target franchise brands as customers, and this is directly from our playbook as you might have noticed we publish the Top 100 Global Franchise Influencers list every year to recognize franchise movers and shakers. How about stealing that idea and applying to your industry, could this work for you? 


Video Marketing: Leverage the power of video content to communicate your franchise's unique selling points effectively. Create engaging videos that showcase success stories, explain the franchise opportunity, and provide testimonials from satisfied franchisees when it comes to joining your franchise opportunity and customers when it comes to the service and product you’re selling.


Personalization: Tailor marketing messages and campaigns to individual franchisee prospects and customers. Personalization creates a personalized experience, enhancing engagement and results. Here you likely need a readily usable tool for this, like a CRM with  built-in sales automation.

Franchise Marketing Pilot

What are some of the successful Franchise marketing strategies we’ve implemented for our customers at SeoSamba?


Targeted Online Advertising: Utilize digital advertising platforms, such as Google Ads and social media ads, to target specific demographics and locations. Implementing keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can optimize online visibility and increase lead generation.


Content Marketing: Develop high-quality content that educates and engages potential franchisees and customers. This can include blog posts of course, but also long and short format videos tailored to sharing platforms, industry-specific whitepapers and more. In any case, focus on addressing the pain points and aspirations of your target audience, showcasing the benefits of joining your franchise, and highlighting success stories.

Localized Marketing: Leverage local marketing tactics to reach potential franchisees and customers in specific regions. This can include localized SEO, community events, partnerships with local businesses, and targeted print or radio advertisements. The best and most effective tool we have used over the years has been to create local websites for franchisees leveraging the distributed nature of the SeoSamba Franchise Marketing Operating System. It combines all the benefits, including resilience, flexibility and performance of a modern fully distributed system leveraging both web and mobile apps, with the simplicity of a centralized command post. Indeed, FMOS allows for the creation of content at scale from a centralized point for email marketing, blog content, social media but also review management, call tracking, texting, analytics and more. And with the advent of AI enhanced generated content, the advantage of distributed marketing over single box systems is greater than ever..


Franchisee Referral Programs: Encourage existing franchisees to refer new potential franchisees. Implement referral programs that offer incentives to franchisees for successful referrals. This not only expands your franchise network but also helps in building a sense of community and loyalty among franchisees.

What tips do we have for franchise marketing and how does SeoSamba FMOS help implement these strategies?


Consistent Branding: Maintain a consistent brand image across all marketing channels. This includes logo, colors, fonts, and messaging. Consistency builds trust and familiarity among potential franchisees and customers.  Leverage FMOS library for this, store approved digital assets and templates for social media posts, email marketing newsletters, blog posts but also logos, brochures or even standard operating procedures.


Know Your Target Audience: Conduct thorough market research to identify your ideal franchisee and customer profiles. Understand their needs, preferences, and pain points to create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with them. For this, you can rely on SeoSamba’s franchise marketing agency services to craft the digital component of a franchise development strategy or franchise brand marketing plan

Engage on Social Media: Establish a strong presence on social media platforms relevant to your target audience. Engage with followers, share valuable content, and respond to inquiries promptly. Social media provides an excellent platform to build brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. FMOS provides an outstanding social media marketing tool with a social calendar, a content curation solution to help identify relevant shareable content, as well as an award-winning social media marketing app for franchisees to post timely and lively updates  directly from the field. 


Monitor and Analyze Performance: Utilize analytics tools to track and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns. This data can help you identify what strategies are working and where improvements can be made. Regularly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates. Use FMOS powerful analytics combined with SeoSamba’s CRM software, either in its native or franchise development CRM edition for this to build a picture of the entire footprint of your target audience and automate communications based on behavior and activities.

SeoSamba Mobile CRM


About SeoSamba

SeoSamba’s marketing and sales automation software suite is used by thousands of businesses, small and large, worldwide, with service centers in the United States and Europe. SeoSamba’s software is privately labeled by solutions providers and media companies, alike, and is available in 14 languages.

SeoSamba combines email, SEO reporting and execution, centralized blogging for WordPress and SeoToaster- powered websites, PPC, social media marketing, CRM, a website builder with built-in call tracking, analytics, and more, under one roof, at an affordable price.

SeoSamba offers turnkey franchise development and franchise brand marketing solutions for emerging franchise brands. 


For more information about SeoSamba’s services, visit, email or call  (877) 450-9894 in the U.S or (808) 164-5558 in the UK.

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