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Text Marketing Statistics & Tips for your Fall 2020 Mobile Marketing Strategy

Oct 23, 2020


If your business runs on a direct-to-consumer model, you might have come across text messaging as one of the most effective direct response marketing channels. Indeed, Text or SMS marketing has been a niche channel for a long time, but thanks to wider access, more businesses, including B-to-B are now discovering the substantial benefits of using Text in place or in conjunction with email marketing.


What is TEXT marketing?


Before we dive in, let’s look into the meaning behind text marketing acronyms and what they mean: 


  • SMS stands for “short message service”.
  • MMS stands for “multimedia messaging service” (texts that include images, gifs, or videos etc.).
  • RCS stands for “rich communications service” which is a new and evolving technology designed to eventually replace SMS & MMS.

How powerful is Text Messaging in 2020? 

Text marketing in 2020, is at its peak. There’s no better way to demonstrate that, than to go over data points together: 


1. Text or SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate.

When it comes to engagement, SMS marketing is king. With Email and social media being saturated, SMS marketing, on the other hand, drives 20x more engagement. 


2. Text or SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.

You can expect that up to a 30% response rate to your Text messaging campaigns, and that 1 out of 2 responders, or a solid 15% conversion rate average.


3. 90% of Text messages are read within 3 minutes.

The average American checks their phone 47 times a day, with that many opportunities to get your message in front of your audience, Text messaging is an instant direct response marketing channel. 


4. Only 10% of Text marketing messages are spam, compared to nearly 50% of emails.

Consumers are getting more and more sceptical about branded emails, most of them don’t even make it to the inbox (filtered away to spam/promotions messages inbox). 



Three real-life examples of Text marketing initiatives and their results



We’ve started using text to alert job seekers to new positions IF they opt-in.  To be honest, I’m surprised at the results we’ve seen - it creates a real sense of urgency for people on the hunt for jobs and the click through to the actual job posting is greater than 50%.  In my opinion, SMS is like email was 10 years ago - it’s the best way to get in front of people and ensure people see your message, but like email, it’s easy to overdo it.


We only send service-related messages via SMS - no marketing or general promo pushes.  We don’t want our users to get overwhelmed and we always make sure to remove them from the notifications if they (1) get a job or (2) opt-out.



Quincy Smith

Founder at ESL Authority


Bryan Clayton

CEO at GreenPal


Texting is our primary channel for communicating offers and transaction updates with our customer base.


When we first launched last year we relied solely on email and noticed that only 40 to 50% of our emails were never getting opened. While we were afraid of annoying our customers with text messages we knew something had to change.


it was unacceptable that a new customer signed up wanting quotes from Lawn care professionals and that half of the time they never even opening the email with the quote that they wanted from us.


After we implemented SMS texting of bids and discount offers to our customers we noticed an 80% increase in sales. It was one of our best moves to date and I only had wished we had done from the start.


I'm not sure if texting and messaging will kill email but it seems to me that our customer base checks email once a day and that’s SMS text is the best way to get in front of them and give them what they wanted.





 We began SMS text marketing during the holidays of 2019 after seeing ouremail open rates continue to drop. With more and more companies doingemails, we needed another outlet to go after our customers and potentialcustomers.


While the subscriber rate is smaller than email, the conversion

rates for sales through SMS is almost double than that of email now. Oursales are not as high, but that is just because we have far more emailsubscribers than SMS subscribers.


But as we continue to push people to signup via SMS, I would expect it to continue to increase and hopefully by the end of the year, SMS will surpass email in terms of transactions per send!




Jeff Moriarty

Marketing Manager at

Moriarty's Gem Art




How do you get started?

Text marketing is best leveraged when integrated within your operations, but most marketing technology does not integrate this channel into their basic operations.


Introducing SeoToaster Ultimate CRM; a Customer Relationship Management system who also can power your website/blog, and/or web store.


Here is a brief overview of SeoToaster Ultimate CRM if you are not familiar with this product yet;



With SeoToaster CRM Ultimate, forms, order, shipping confirmations and other customer service oriented SMS triggers can easily and intuitively be managed from the configuration screen.


In addition, on the CRM side of things, SeoToaster Ultimate CRM lets you text your prospects and also receive their text messages and keep a log of these conversations in their timeline.


Of course, you can record consent, and remain compliant with opt outs, but it goes way further: SeoToaster Ultimate CRM let you combine Email and Text into automated drip sequences,  and even create contests or games by having folks text a word and automatically subscribe them to a sequence: Great to further engagement with radio or TV advertising campaigns leads.



We are currently offering a free 14-day trial of SeoToaster Ultimate CRM, alternatively you can access a CRM demo here or just contact us for a private CRM demo. So what are you waiting for to try text marketing?

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