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Ultimate Social Media Marketing Automation

Feb 23, 2022


The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy starts by having a strategy in the first place. Most companies go about their social media marketing the “Publish as many social posts as possible” way. After managing over tens of thousands of social accounts from SeoSamba clients, we can tell you that social media growth is not about quantity, it’s about quality - not only the content’s quality but the quality of how relevant your content is to YOUR audience at a given time frame. 


With that in mind, it’s almost impossible to lead a strong social presence in 2022 without the proper tools. So why do certain companies achieve massive social growth and others don't? You ask. Because they are leveraging marketing automation to keep the content flow at the right time on the right platforms, without lifting a finger. 


Over 80% of organizations say social media post scheduling is the most suitable application for a marketing automation platform. This proves that if your marketing automation strategy is limited to sending newsletters and email sequences, then you are really leaving a lot of money on the table. 


Software like SeoSamba Social Marketing APP, is designed to save you not only time, but manpower as well. According to Entrepreneur Magazine “Automating social posts and ads saves more than 6 hours per week on social media management. It also keeps your profiles updated with content.” However, this is not even the best part, thanks to social media marketing automation, you can also repurpose your content. For example: Let’s say you publish a new blog article, you can:


  • Post a quote on Twitter
  • Write down some golden nuggets on LinkedIn
  • Ask for POVs on Facebook (drive engagement around your article)
  • Ask a question about the topic using Instagram stories Polls
  • Etc.


This would normally take a lot of time to execute, and it would be very hard to be consistent with the optimal posting times for each platform. 


Finding the right Social Media Automation tool for your business:


When looking for a social media automation tool, the first thing to keep in mind is going with a cross-platform software. Meaning, it can be used from a desktop or a mobile device. Why does it matter? Most social users, even for business reasons, find themselves posting from mobile sometimes - having that luxury to schedule social posts on the go is very precious, and having the ability to post updates from the trenches, be it a job well done with a homeowner, or following a successful B2B meeting,  is a sure crowd pleaser. 


Apps like the SeoSamba Social Marketing APP, offer an intuitive and clean interface and it is available on your  Android and Apple iOS mobile phones. It takes 2 minutes to connect social accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business). 


The newest version of the SeoSamba Social Marketing App lets you create collages on the spot, add labels to make your storytelling evermore compelling.

In addition, it syncs directly with SeoSamba’s Marketing Operating System to access your shared calendar from the field. A full-fledged marketing automation engine featuring:


  • Single user account
  • Unlimited social media accounts
  • Unlimited posts per month
  • Create, schedule and publish text, photograph and video
  • Post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google My Business
  • Curate news and post sources from the web
  • Access your social content calendar at all times from the app


And because regardless of your toolset, inspiration is always required, we’ve also fielded the questions to social media experts and compiled for you a number of tips, especially aimed at B2B Marketers from these social media Pro’s. Here is what they wanted to shared with you; 

Social media marketing is difficult without paid ads. However, there are trends that you can capitalize on to help boost engagement.

1. User-generated content is trendy. Use written and video-taped testimonials.

2. Hold contests and have people share using your branded hashtags.

3. My social media followers respond to the Countdown Stickers. This build

anticipation of a sale or event. By saving the Story and staying apprised

of when the event or sale starts, my followers enter my sales funnel.

4. Social media content is getting longer, while videos placed on social

media are getting shorter.

These tips are trendy and will engage social media users and brands.


Janice Wald


Mostly Blogging 

B2B social media has evolved to become an excellent medium for executives

to communicate as spokespeople and influencers for their brands and

themselves. For example, Dave Gerhardt, is a major influencer on LinkedIn

who has developed a following for his actionable marketing tips on LinkedIn

and Twitter. Not only does he effectively market his current company Prixy

as he did his former firm, Drift (both B2B marketing firms) but he also

markets his own thought leadership Patreon subscription.


In an effort to market their services, B2B brands should encourage their

leadership teams to market the value of their companies' products or

services, and culture, as well as promote their own brands. For example, a

C-Suite HR executive should actively promote their company's culture and

success, as well as advocate for their vision of effective recruiting and

people management practices on public social media. It's far easier for

someone to connect with and trust an individual than a brand so B2B brands

should do all they can to leverage their leadership team's social

followings and social capital.


Name: Nicolas Straut


Company: Fundera

 If you look at the most successful B2B social communities, like the ~2 million followers on Facebook, you will notice that their posts very often ask their audience questions. This is one of the first key elements to getting higher engagement.

- Make it Educational: The best B2B social communities are constantly

re-sharing other companies content and focusing on becoming a subject

expert around their specific niche. Don't get pulled into a trap of

thinking you have to only post your own insights. Your job on social is to

build community and establish that first and foremost you want to help your


- Use Retargeting: As most businesses are aware, only a small portion

of your page followers will see a new post to your business page. If you

want a deeper reach you have to boost it. A great way to increase

engagement is to use Facebook's retargeting capabilities to retarget

website viewers, people who have engaged on your page etc. to get the

highest relevance audience seeing your content (often times I see

businesses also use the exclusion feature to exclude people who have bought

from them in the past)

Name: Casey Hill

Title: Growth Manager

The Takeaway:


A great way to entice your colleagues to participate in the conversation, support your marketing initiatives and embed social media marketing deep in your operations is to offer a social mobile app linked to your corporate social media marketing calendar. 


A Marketing automation platform will allow you to schedule multiple posts across several social accounts ahead including links, pics, and videos. An automated social  calendar with daily, weekly and monthly views allows you to manage multiple posts per day across all your platforms. 


Better still, you can also track posts performance on each platform, come up with the optimal posting hours for each medium. This allows you to collect your own data and act on it. 


To know more about SeoSamba’s Marketing operating system, visit the SeoSamba website and get started now for FREE. 


About SeoSamba:


SeoSamba’s marketing and sales automation software suite is used by thousands of businesses, small and large, around the world, with service centres in the United States and Europe. SeoSamba’s software is private labelled by solutions providers and media companies alike, and available in 14 languages.


SeoSamba combines email, SEO reporting and execution, centralized blogging for WordPress and SeoToaster powered websites, PPC, social media marketing, CRM, a website builder with built-in call tracking, analytics and more, under one roof, at an affordable price.


SeoSamba offers turnkey services, including  franchise development and  franchise brand marketing for local lead generation packages.


SeoSamba has been recognized for two years running  as ‘Best in Marketing’ for franchise brands by Entrepreneur Magazine.




For more information about SeoSamba and the services we offer, visit, email us at, or call us: + (1)877-450-9894 (U.S.) and in the UK at +44 



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