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SeoSamba’s Marketing Operating System Gets A Brand New Look

Jun 26, 2020

SeoSamba’s Marketing Operating System Gets A Brand New Look


SeoSamba's Marketing OS, aka MOS, boasts a brand new green velvety look and now loads faster than ever. The new streamlined User Interface offers better access to commonly used functionalities. Let’s get a quick tour together!



Use the Dots on the left end of the panel to connect your social media accounts, add new assets or organize them into projects.


You can also click to deploy web analytics and connect search rankings right from that screen.


Look to the right, start in1 click an organization-wide video conference, the next button gives you access to our helpdesk and will return a ticket number via email to help you monitor progress on your reported issue. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to hit “take a tour” and get a refresher of all the functionalities found in your Marketing OS.



Finally, click the Quick Start button to connect services efficiently as needed


New Features to Support your Business


But we all know that having good looks is not everything in life (or is it?), so read on to explore some of the features we’ve added to the SeoSamba Marketing OS.


American Disability Act Compliance Checker


ADA is a federal requirement, and penalties can be hefty for non-compliance. Like any compliance requirement, ADA is a permanent requisite, making ongoing monitoring a must.


SeoSamba’s MOS now integrates a quite stringent ADA scoring system. Like any other automated tool, this is not intended to be a definitive answer as to whether you are likely to get sued. Instead, this is an excellent high-level indicator of your likely degree of compliance with the accessibility requirements mandated by the American Disability Act.


Keep in mind that if your websites have been recently refreshed or built by SeoSamba, and a WCAG AA ADA badge can be seen at the bottom of your website, you can rest assured that all points raised by the automated tool have been validated by our ADA compliance experts and that your site is compliant. Anyone concerned by compliance can get an instant preliminary ADA audit using our free tool, and a quote from our team.



Text Messages Turn Into Conversation


MOS now lets you receive text messages. Make sure your phone numbers are SMS enabled, then find text messages you have received in their own table below calls and emails in your simplified dashboard or in your Lead tracking table if you are using SeoSamba's MOS advanced interface.


You can also find these SMS messages in your SeoToaster CRM lead detail screen, where you can even parse them for keywords and subscribe prospects to follow-up SMS and email sequences.


Better Ad Tracking at Your Fingertips



Just like in your SeoToaster Ultimate CRM, SeoSamba MOS now also automatically displays your Ad campaign names and other details down to keyword level. You need to tag your advert destination URLs with the industry-standard UTM tags in order for this to work.


There're 5 parameters you can add to your URLs:

  • utm_source - the advertiser that is sending leads to your website;

  • utm_medium - the advertising or marketing medium;

  • utm_campaign - the campaign name, slogan, etc.

  • utm_term - the paid search keyword (optional);

  • utm_content - differentiate similar content within the same ad (optional).

Example of an URL:{keyword}&utm_content=toplink

Click here ( to look for more information about how to create an ad campaign.


We hope you enjoy using our products and services and are looking forward to providing you with another great batch of new functionalities next month. Until then keep your business and yourself well and healthy.


About SeoSamba

SeoSamba’s marketing and sales automation software suite is used by thousands of businesses, small and large, around the world, with service centers in the United States and Europe. SeoSamba’s software is private labeled by solutions providers and media companies alike, and available in 14 languages.

SeoSamba combines email, SEO reporting and execution, centralized blogging for WordPress and SeoToaster powered websites, PPC, social media marketing, CRM, website builder with built-in call tracking, analytics and more, under one ro

of, at an affordable price.

SeoSamba offers turnkey services, including franchise development and franchise brand marketing for local lead generation packages.

SeoSamba was recently namedBest in Marketing’ for franchise brands by Entrepreneur Magazine for the second year in a row.


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