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16 Experts Share Their 2020 Top Email Marketing Tips

Feb 24, 2020

16  Experts Share Their 2020 Top Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing has become a very controversial marketing channel. While some marketers think it is dead already, others are making fortunes sending emails. 


In this article, we gathered the top 16 email marketing tips to help you leverage your email campaigns/sequences to drive growth and expand your user-base, Enjoy!



Instead of trying to generate conversions – as most email marketers and businesses do – focus on generating conversations. Sales are about relationships. It’s about talking with people and not to people. When you start focusing on generating conversations instead of conversions, email marketing gets a lot more fun and a lot more effective.


Kevin Geary 
COO at Hamoncreative


Bryan Clayton

CEO at GreenPal

 The biggest mistake we were making with our emails was using company logic as opposed to customer logic. You really need to put yourself in the mind of your customers when crafting your emails. Run your email copy by friends, and strangers, Get feedback because it’s so challenging to get out of your own skin.


Subject: Just get the open.

Subhead: Peak their curiosity.

As for the header, convert their curiosity into interest. In the Body, quickly point out what you re going to do for them.


The goal of the email is to get a click. Do not try to make or close the sale in the email.





 With one of our clients, we have set up an automated email sequence that includes an invitation for a phone call or online demo of the product they

purchased. It also includes an actual video on the product itself created by the company. Now the products they sell are in tens of thousands of dollars, so it is very important that the customer is happy with their purchase and receive as much support as possible. These emails have been viewed favorably by their customers, so they continue to use them to this





Jeff Moriarty

Marketing Consultant at Jmoriaty Marketing


Ovi Demetrian Jr

Founder of Blocks Edit



The b2b email marketing tactic that should be top of mind for everyone is: make great emails! Write quality content, utilize great design, and produce email campaigns that directly speak to your audience. Email is the one marketing channel that people have complete control over and each message they receive goes into their personal inbox. This means they are careful about what they receive (as we all are with our own inboxes) and we should keep that in mind and be respectful of it!





You have got to put in the groundwork for B2B emails. It’s called a cold email for a reason, not from the sender’s point of view but more from the recipient’s action when they receive it.


So what do you do, you ask? Easy, warm them up.


You have got to down the traditional route somewhat and rub shoulders with your potential clients in networking events - up and down the country if need be. The small travel and accommodation costs will be worth it 10x over in the long run.


Embrace digital nudges too. Start to like their social media posts, especially the LinkedIn ones, and comment and engage when appropriate. You don’t want to be too keen or too obvious, that’s just not cool.


Once you have branded your name to your potential prospects it is time to drop the bomb. Their subconscious should nudge them when your name pops up in their email box. This can help encourage them to open your emails and heaven-sent - read what you have to say, and considering your history they may be more favorable to your pitch.


If all else fails put RE: in the email subject, to trick them into thinking they already engaged in an email thread with you. 




Dustin Vann,

Owner & CEO at Trusy Social


Mary Cochran

Co-founder of

Launching Labs Marketing



One of the biggest tips for email marketing is technical. Make sure you include the proper links and your links work. Every day I see emails from big retailers and corporations that send emails with broken links. If the links don’t work, you may as well not send the email. Also, often companies forget to link back to their website. It’s a missed opportunity. Some people will want to click on your CTA others will click on something else and still, others may just want to go to your website. Give customers the ability to click on a few different things it’s your chance to engage them.






My b2b email marketing tactic!: At my last company, when selling to corporate clients we would pay particular attention to when to send outreach emails. Based on our

the testing we found that sending around 10 am on weekdays would yield the best results.




Katie Holmes

Internet marketer at OutwitTrade


Fiona Kay Digital Marketing Manager at

Nigel Wright




We've found that personalization is key. Whether sending regular monthly newsletters, event invites, feedback requests, survey requests or one-off campaigns, personalizing the subject line, sender and introductory text of our emails can make a big difference to open rates, clickthrough rates and completed surveys. As a recruitment agency, the sender of our emails is virtually always a Recruitment Consultant that those in our database are likely to have dealt with and know, which has had the biggest impact on campaign success rates. Including the recipient's name in the subject line and intro text has also boosted our engagement figures.






Irrespective of the objective of your sending out emails to your database, one thing remains the same for all of them, i.e, Make them scannable.

Create subheadings, use larger fonts, and be brief. Your target audience is, and mostly they are going to read your emails on their cell phones or tablets.

So, the next thing you need to do is to make it mobile-optimized.

This gave me definite results with open rates of 2% more than the industry standards.




Maggie Simmons

Digital Marketing Manager at

Max Effect Marketing


Sarah Walters Marketing Manager at The Whit Group



With email campaigns, you've GOT to know what your audience needs. But that's not enough - you also need to know what's their biggest pain point among those needs. What do they worry about? What can you offer that actually makes their life easier? If you can find that, the campaign will almost write itself. Not quite, of course, but almost.






For one client we created a generic video 45 seconds long. Then we created a personalized variation of video for each prospect. The video contained a typical pitch of what we are offering but first and company names were personalized.


We saw a 410% increase in personalized video response compared to the generic video, which people ignored.


The minus was that personalizing is a lot more time consuming and costly, making one generic video is much quicker.


Personalizing only works if a contract value is enough to justify the investment.


However, a good SDR Sales Development Rep needs to generate leads, not just marketing qualified leads, not just sales qualified leads, but leads that are genuinely interested prospects who are likely to buy, rather than just focusing on pure volume of conversations.




Oren Greenberg


Digital Marketing Consultant / Founder of Kurve


Glenn Allen

Digital Marketing Strategist

at The Glenn Allen Show



1. Don't be boring:

Be a person and talk like you're talking to a friend. Include little anecdotes relevant to your email topic. Add a small dose of pop-culture references that your target client would understand.

2. No more than two sentences per paragraph:

According to Nielsen Norman Studies, people scan online text, and will skip over large blocks of text. This isn't English class, so don't feel beholden to proper paragraph structure. Break your content down into bite-size pieces so your reader reads all of it.


3. Learn to craft interesting and enticing subject lines

If your subject lines don't interest people enough to open your emails, it doesn't matter how well written your emails are. Don't be afraid to be a little unbuttoned and informal.


Occasionally experiment with enticing subject lines such as:


* Have you seen this?

* I got you a little something...

* This is crazy, but you gotta try it!






As a matter of fact, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone and at the same time about 69% of email recipients will send that email directly to their spam folder based solely on the subject line. That’s why I believe that one of the best tactics is making a subject line simple and straightforward. Let’s take Brian Dean’s newsletters for example. Every time I get his newsletters I always know what they are about just by examining the subject line.


However, I would also suggest using emojis in subject lines. It drives attention so that your email won’t be lost in your readers’ inbox. What’s more is that emojis in subject lines can lead to higher response rates, which means you could miss out on avenue to engage your readers if you don’t use emojis.


Thus, the effect emojis have on engagement is undeniable - using emojis in email subject lines increased our open rates. And if you ask me, I always open emails when I see emojis used in subject lines.




Oksana Chyketa

Marketer at Albacross




 I am a big believer in email marketing. We have produced many email marketing campaigns for clients as well as for our agency, diamonddog Marketing. We pick a different topic every month and turn it into blog, which we provide the first paragraph of in our email.




Lynn Ventimiglia-Lobit


Christoph Engelhardt

Founder at


My absolute favorite email marketing tactic is the Signup Abandonment
You see, 2 out of 3 visitors to a SaaS website start to sign up and leave
their email address but never complete the signup process. Usually, they jump right off when you ask them for credit card information.

Luckily at this point, you have their email address. Nothing stops you from sending them a reminder email and urging them to complete their signup

Without fail, this has resulted in up to 36 percent improvement in the visitor-to-trial conversion rate - and millions of dollars in added revenue for my clients.






- Compelling subject line that gets opened

Test with your target to see which does best, don't guess which works.


- Make mobile friendly

The world is moving to mobile only, fewer people accessing email on big screens so tailor your message and content accordingly. Smart technology runs our lives today and it is hard to stay on top of the latest tools and platforms to take advantage of current trends so you may feel lost, confused

or frustrated by all the options and noise in the market today. 


- More video & rich content In a mobile-first world, you have less time to grab people, attention spans

are shorter than ever so video will be used even more, show don't tell for maximum impact, rich content drives email engagement. Live video will only grow in importance ­ live streaming is available on every major social media

platform and it is only getting bigger to hook in users with short attention spans.


- Content rules, quality over quantity

More confidence in trusted content, friends and influencers than advertising. The world has been moving this way for years with people seeking their friends and influencers' opinions and advice online on what to buy, where to go, and what to do more than a paid ad or fancily packaged content.




Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO
Mavens & Moguls


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