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The growth in the number of senior care businesses to meet the demand of an aging population is staggering. Senior Care Authority has developed a business model and full support system to assist families in finding the best options for their parents and other loved ones to live and receive the proper care. This system is proven, can be operated from home with very little overhead and can be very gratifying, both personally and financially. More discussion on the Senior Care Authority program is available throughout this website or you can contact us directly, but let’s first review the future of the market.


Keys to success for the Senior Care Authority Business Model:

  • Creating, establishing and maintaining an untarnished reputation in the community and developing relationships with the right decision makers, influencers and industry leaders in each market.
  • Excellence in the fulfillment and delivery of the placement services–trustworthiness, expertise, reliability, and valuable information.
  • Dependable, reliable marketing and referrals to generate new customers and referral partners.
  • Leveraging technology, systems and processes that have been proven to produce consistent and profitable results.
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Look at some of the facts:

  • About 70 percent of individuals over age 65 will require at least some type of long-term care services during their lifetime – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • In 2050, the number of Americans aged 65 and older is projected to be 88.5 million, more than double its projected population of 40.2 million in 2010 – U.S. Census Bureau
  • Between 2010 and 2030, the age 75-84 group will increase by more than 86 percent, the age 85+ group by 57 percent, and the overall age 75+ group by 77 percent – U.S. Census Bureau
  • From 2000-2010, the age-adjusted death rate for Alzheimer’s disease increased by 39 percent, whereas death rates for other major causes of death decreased including Stroke (-36 percent), Heart disease (-31 percent), and Cancer (-32 percent). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Senior Care Authority is a company providing Assisted Living Placement services from a professional home office environment. With years in the industry and developing a market leadership position in the Northern California market – the management team has developed a keen understanding for the industry, customer base and overall marketplace. The Assisted Living Placement market was chosen part by the vision for where the entire industry was heading.

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Franchise Opportunities in the Senior Care Market


Initial Training – Our trainers have extensive experience in the senior care industry including nursing, geriatric care, assisted living, in-home care, dementia consultants, elder law, financial planning and more. These professionals are providing instruction on the specific areas they themselves work in each day.

Operations Manuals – You will receive complete and comprehensive documentation that accurately describes the operating procedures for the Senior Care Authority business model. These documents are proprietary and are only available to Senior Care Authority franchisees.

Operating Systems and POS – Senior Care Authority has worked with outside technology resources to develop and build a customized system which is used for the Assisted Living Placement market. The system will manage every element of your operating business model.

Corporate and Field Training – Senior Care Authority management team will work with you to implement the business model and Senior Care Authority system through corporate/classroom training held at your location in addition to extensive virtual and online training tutorials. The Senior Care Authority management team stands behind the operating model and is 100% committed to the success of the Senior Care Authority franchisees.

Support and Ongoing Relationship – As a Senior Care Authority franchisee, you will have complete support and guidance in every element of operating your business. This will be handled through weekly conference calls, webinars, daily support and onsite visits from the corporate management team.


  • senior-care-authority-franchise-los-angeles

    Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles Metropolitan Area supports a population of 12,828,837 people

    Becoming a Senior Care Authority franchisee supporting Los Angeles, CA
  • senior-care-authority-franchise-houston

    Houston, TX

    Houston Metropolitan Area serves a population of 6,490,180 people

    Becoming a Senior Care Authority franchisee supporting Houston, TX
  • senior-care-authority-franchise-philadelphia

    Philadelphia, New Jersey

    Philadelphia Metropolitan Area serves a population of 6,051,170 people

    Becoming a Senior Care Authority franchisee supporting Philadelphia, New Jersey
  • senior-care-authority-franchise-new-york

    New York city, New York

    New York Metropolitan Area supports a population of 20,182,305 people

    Becoming a Senior Care Authority franchisee supporting NYC, New York


Check other open Senior Care Authority Franchise territories



  • Use of rights to name and logo and any of the intellectual property.
  • Access to all of the marketing programs.
  • Database management – Software, forms etc. needed for you to collect data about your clients and needed to manage your clients. This is your database, we will manage it for you.
  • Training and Support – ongoing training for you and your people to learn how to run and build your business. We will have up front, comprehensive training, quarterly events, online, phone and other mediums of support for you to manage support and build your business.
  • Expertise and Relationships – Expertise on how to get people to use your services, understand and know your brand and help you as the franchisee become the expert in your field.
  • Sales and Marketing Materials.
  • Launch Sales and Marketing Activities for the first month of your operating the business. We will be leading your sales efforts during the first three months and holding your hand during this process.
  • Operations manual and detailed process of running and managing the business. It will be the most Comprehensive manual in the Assisted Living Placement industry
  • 24/7 Customer service for the franchisee: 
    • Interactive, Administrative Website
    • Phone Support
    • Email
    • Technological Support
    • Sales Questions and Format.

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Senior Care Authority Franchise Business Opportunity