Marketing automation software

We offer a superior alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst

Private label platform

SeoSamba allows private-label partners to focus on sales instead of implementation to

  • Quickly deliver marketing results with less effort
  • Lower costs and reduce customer churn
  • Enable faster production with better results
  • Allow for co-existence of multiple service models, mixing and matching services delivery model at will

Turnkey eCommerce websites

No limit customization. Uncompromising support. Ideal for multi-site owners, distributor networks and franchises

  • A-la-carte subscription-based marketing services, free training and technical support
  • Over 150 QA checkpoints and certified W3C compliance website built project reports
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 web code standards, built-in micro-data semantic web format
  • Cloud-based on-site Search Engine Optimization
  • Centralized product database support with distributed stores nodes

“SeoSamba is a very mature alternative, competitively priced, and with some unique features clients love.” Former Adobe Business Catalyst Partner

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