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Adobe Business Catalyst Replacement Alternative

Private label platform

SeoSamba allows private-label partners to focus on sales instead of implementation to

  • Quickly deliver marketing results with less effort
  • Lower costs and reduce customer churn
  • Enable faster production with better results
  • Allow for co-existence of multiple service models, mixing and matching services delivery model at will

Turnkey eCommerce websites

No limit customization. Uncompromising support. Ideal for multi-site owners, distributor networks and franchises

  • A-la-carte subscription-based marketing services, free training and technical support
  • Over 150 QA checkpoints and certified W3C compliance website built project reports
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 web code standards, built-in micro-data semantic web format
  • Cloud-based on-site Search Engine Optimization
  • Centralized product database support with distributed stores nodes

“SeoSamba is a very mature alternative, competitively priced, and with some unique features clients love.” Former Adobe Business Catalyst Partner

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SeoSamba’s marketing framework includes a scalable website builder, marketing and sales automation under one roof, and offers a breath of functionalities, including:

  • Open Source CMS
  • Open Source Shopping Cart
  • Customer Relationship Management with sales automation
  • Call tracking
  • Automated cloud based SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Review management
  • And more...

A fundamental difference

That Adobe Partners will be particularly sensitive to is that SeoSamba interfaces with open sources Content Management Systems, such as WordPress and SeoToaster, thereby greatly reducing platform vendor risks as epitomized today with Business Catalyst's End Of Life date announcement. 

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SeoSamba is a hybrid platform that interfaces with open source systems, like WordPress and SeoToaster.

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SeoSamba’s digital marketing software, built around a hybrid hub-and-spoke framework, offers our private-label partners unmatched flexibility and scaling at cost-efficient pricing. With SeoSamba, WordPress or SeoToaster-powered websites act as spokes, while our marketing platform serves as the hub that connects the sites together using centralized execution.


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Our centralized execution hub offers any client:

  • Email newsletter marketing services
  • Social media curation
  • Social media calendar
  • Call tracking
  • Press Release distribution

 And with at least one website connected to the platform:

  • Rule-based Search Engine Optimization and automation
  • Centralized blog posts and social marketing distribution
  • Consolidated inbound forms, ecommerce transactions and call tracking
  • Networked content and app distribution
  • Search engine ranking tracking
  • Website analytics

Additionally, our comprehensive dashboard offers real-time analytics, which allows you to take the pulse of your entire client's portfolio at a glance, monitor all project's Key Performance Indicators and receive automated performance alerts when custom threshold are met:

  • Aggregated Key Performance Indicators
  • At-a-glance view of client's entire portfolio
  • Customizable simplified, multi-location businesses and advanced users level interfaces
  • Customizable KPI alert threshold system for providers and end-users
  • Search Engine Optimization analytics
  • PPC account reporting
  • Social marketing analytics
  • Web store transactions
  • Calls and forms leads
  • Ad performances via Google DFP
  • Social and advertising campaigns
  • Website analytics

Our white label software allows our partners to launch state-of-the-art digital services almost overnight. Yet its greatest benefit might be is scalability. Functioning equally well with two or 20,000 clients, is our hub & spoke architecture which allows to connect both SeoToaster and WordPress powered websites and deliver a fully integrated marketing solution.

Some benefits of SeoSamba's hub & spoke architecture:

  • Choose adapted hosts based on their local market credentials
  • Locate websites closest to their end-users
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization via IP geo-location
  • Enables high-performance multi-location business marketing
  • Build resiliency in your operations, avoid "all eggs in the same basket" syndrom
  • Adapt each website as required, and grow with your client needs rather than seeing them churn 

Use our spoke SeoToaster software to:

  • Create websites, webstores or landing pages builder
  • Sell CRM subscription as a stand-alone or add-on to websites
  • Unlock features and add plugins as client need evolves
  • Support websites and webstore with over 100,000 pages
  • Offer amongst the widest features range thanks to our built-in functionalities and plugins 
  • Deploy websites across the world on your own infrastructure or rely on SeoSamba's
  • Service customers in 14 languages and counting

SeoSamba allows private-label partners to focus on sales instead of implementation

Our various business model services—whether it’s Do It Yourself (DIY), Do It For Me (DIFM), or Do It With Me (DIWM)—offer powerful yet easy-to-use marketing systems that keep your advertisers in the driver’s seat while keeping you in the black.

SeoSamba’s DIY model can be branded to your colors and deployed right out of the box. It features a comprehensive set of essential services and online marketing tools to help your advertisers build and promote their businesses online.

Starting September 1st 2019, SeoSamba is offering discounted bulk migration pricing to the first new twenty-five Business Catalyst agency partners who decide to migrate their customers over to the SeoSamba framework

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