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Ecommerce CRM, sales and marketing automation

Ecommerce CRM, sales and marketing automation

Ecommerce CRM, sales and marketing automation

We deliver more qualified traffic than our competitors. And we guarantee it.

We deliver turnkey eCommerce websites


Our professional services team has built 1000's of web sites on the SeoSamba framework combining SeoSamba Marketing Operating System and SeoToaster, the #1 acclaimed open source E-commerce software in the world*.

Open source stands for quality, lower cost of ownership, and freedom. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your hosting environment and even your own development partners. You can modify any aspect of SeoToaster to suit your needs or extend its functionalities. And anything you see on the Internet can be build using SeoToaster, there's simply no limit to what your web store can look like or do.


All inclusive support, freedom, transparency and guaranteed results

No Hidden Fees for Small BusinessThere’s no surprise thanks to our affordable flat fee pricing and comprehensive service delivery.

We routinely upgrade Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, and Magento customers. So whether you've outgrown your current shopping cart solution, or are starting from scratch, we probably have an all inclusive services package that is right for you.

Choose freedom: Our marketing services are delivered on top of SeoToaster, our open source Ecommerce-enabled website builder. Evolve from captive of HubSpot, Yodle,, marketing 360, Big Commerce, InfusionSoft and other marketing automation proprietary systems, Ecommerce solutions and locked-in services to captivated by SeoSamba's hybrid open source framework.

Our patent-pending marketing automation technology enhanced with years of experience delivers predictable results. Let us benchmark your current situation and tell you what to expect when choosing SeoSamba.

Built-in outstanding sales functionalities


SeoToaster eCommerce combines all the intuitive content management functionalities found in SeoToaster CMS edition to set a new standard for building, managing and promoting eCommerce websites.

It also pack an impressive lineup of readily available merchandising functionalities that includes couponing, sales, group pricing, but also SMS and email marketing, Multi-level Marketing and incentives management, recurring orders, and more.

ecommerce crm sales and marketing automation




Built-in sales and marketing automation

There's sales and marketing automation features that you buy and never end up using, and then there's the SeoSamba kind: delivered turnkey, and fully automated so you can reap these rewards.

The depth of our site build, sales and marketing automation software stack is unmatched in the industry. Why should you care?

Because digital marketing is complex, without a deep integration it takes an unordinary amout of efforts to achieve any kind of results. 

You've heard about automated Search Engine Optimization, but have you ever heard of a system that optimizes newly created content automatically before? Yep, that's what SeoSamba does, for websites and web stores from 1 to over 100,000 products pages.

One partner responsible for it all = success

Why struggle when you can work with SeoSamba instead?

Take the 1st step now



I need a website


We create a website built for performance end-to-end for you.



Strategy, optimization, and [no-limit] design of your choice for a flat fee.You own your website and can operate and host it independently.  


This is no average process with up to 180 steps included to ensure top quality outcome everytime.






I already have a website


We benchmark your current Google search rankings, and commit to a set of objectives and results.



We migrate your content to SeoToaster for top performance.


Pick a new look and feel for your website (we mean it, pick any website design you like for a flat fee), or keep it identical. Regardless, return on investment is usually around the corner in a matter of weeks.


Strategy and optimization. You own your website and can operate and host it independently. 


This is no average process with up to 180 steps included to ensure top quality outcome everytime.


We hook up your website to the
SeoSamba Marketing Operating System marketing hub.

 SeoSamba MOS deploy


We train you on how to use the tools.





We release your site and email you
a post-delivery ranking report.


 More traffic, more clients

Get a quote now


You/we create content

You/we create news/PR/blog

You/we create an update

You receive a phone call, web form lead, or order from your webstore


SeoSamba patent-pending technology automatically  optimizes web pages as you create them for maximum impact in search engines results


SeoSamba distributes it automatically to your website(s), but also media, bloggers and journalists at no additional cost.

social media

SeoSamba distributes it automatically to Facebook wall, pages, Twitter, LinkedIn profile, groups, company page.


SeoSamba records that call, notify you by SMS of an incoming lead, logs and report everything on 1 screen.


You have a question?



Email, or call for immediate support or voice it in our weekly training sessions. 

Either way, it’s included.



Need more options?


SalesForce, InfusionSoft email and SMS lead nurturing automation program and over 500 different 3rd party CRM and application integration
Pay Per Click management
Affiliate/referral system
Ecommerce automation
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Need more services?

Managed SEO
Social Community Management
Content Development
App, mobile and plug-in Development
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