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Top 100 Retail Franchises Digital Marketing Report 2018

Top 100 Retail Franchises Digital Marketing Report 2018

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The United States counts over 100,000 retail products and services franchise establishments, plus, over 60,000 retail food venues.

In 2017, e-commerce grew more than 16%. the fastest growth since 2011!

While the news is good, Amazon, who represents 43% of all U.S retail sales is cannibalizing nearly the entire retail sector, and benefiting most from this growth. Meanwhile, a whopping 85% of smartphone owners now use their device to not only locate retailers but also while shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.

No hype, just the facts.

SeoSamba surveyed the top 100 retail franchising brands to go beyond the hype and find out how they've built their presence up, what they're truly delivering to their franchisees and how active they are with their Internet marketing. We've then compiled these statistics to unveil the latest brand digital marketing trends and strategies in this exclusive report. 

Can Franchise retail stores still compete in the e-commerce and mobile era? In this context, can brands still believe they can thrive without fully enabling their retail network for e-commerce and Mobile Commerce with a holistic marketing program?
What is the state of digital marketing for franchising retail brands? What solutions in each area, does your franchise compare to the best performing brands? What competitive edge can you gain from this knowledge?

Be among the first 300 downloads, and get your report for free (Priced at $1999 thereafer). 

These reports require hundreds of hours of research and data analyzation and offer a rare view into how the nations most successful franchises are running their businesses.

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