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Half of Business Services Franchisors still don’t post regularly on their blog

Apr 19, 2019


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52.1% of Business Services Franchisor websites did not update their blog or relay news to their audience in over one month.

Although more corporate franchise websites feature a blog or news section than last year (83.5% vs 69.5%), many of those remain mostly empty of any worthy content, and are seldom updated.

Content marketing is a hot topic, but the one area in where franchisors have made almost no progress over last year (only +3.3 %) in catering fresh news to their online audience, missing on tons of organic traffic, recruitment leads and growth opportunities.

This is definitely  most unfortunate as content marketing has proven time and again to be the most cost-effective inbound marketing strategy in the long run.

Unlike paid marketing, its cost per lead goes down over time as it drive organic (aka not paid for) traffic through a variety of forms depending on specific objectives.

From timely news and opinion pieces with viral potential to long tail, evergreen posts that will build up backlinks and authority over time, content marketing is a great way to grow your online reputation and footprint while providing valuable sources of new business.

It this last paragraph only resonates as mumbo jumbo to your profane ears, just remember this : content should at least be equal to that of sites one wishes to beat in search engine results pages.

And if you followed my drift but lack the resources to implement a proper content marketing strategy, follow my advice : utilizing interns or offshore writers might be good sources to cost-effectively meet the quality threshold when you just getting started with your franchise.

However, plan to hire professional help to enhance your content marketing efforts.

Top Business Services Franchises Digital Marketing Report 2019

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Download your Top Business Services Franchises Digital Marketing Report 2019

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