SeoSamba releases Top 100 Retail Franchises Digital Marketing Performance Report 2016

Jun 21, 2016

Leading Business Services and Retail Franchisors face countless and daunting challenges with digital marketing as every decision impacts all their franchisees and local representatives.

As most studies and reports dealing with franchise marketing are survey-based, online marketing specialist SeoSamba gives new, data-driven perspectives on how Top Franchises fare in various areas, including e-commece, social media and mobile technologies.

Following its industry-acclaimed Top 250 Business Services Franchise Digital Marketing Performance Report 2016, SeoSamba just released its Top 100 Retail Franchises Report 2016, analyzing the latest trends, strategies, and challenges of digital marketing for franchising leaders of the U.S. domestic retail market.

Top 100 Retail Franchises Marketing Report Key Findings

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Thanks for reading this summary. To uncover more data, stats and findings as well as our analysis of how these facts impact the overall online strategies of leading franchisors, please click the button to download for FREE the full version (PDF) of our Top 100 Retail Franchises Digital Marketing Performance Report 2016.

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SeoSamba is the multi-site franchise marketing specialist, helping web agencies, e-tailers, franchise networks and enterprises build, manage and optimize websites for top search engine performance.

SeoSamba let franchis networks acquire more & better qualified new opportunities, convert an increased number of these opportunities into sales, and craft an environment to replicate & amplify success.

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