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SeoSamba Adds Social Marketing App to Marketing Operating System

Oct 29, 2019

SeoSamba Adds Social Marketing App to Marketing Operating System

Field Marketers Can Now Schedule Text, Pics and Videos to their Social Marketing Calendar from their Mobile

SeoSamba, a provider of comprehensive, high performance digital marketing solutions for small businesses, franchise brands and multi-location companies, has recently announced the launch of their new ‘Social Marketing app.

The app, which is available for free download in the Apple store and in Google Play, allows current SeoSamba subscribers to create, schedule and post updates to their connected Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google My Business pages anytime, from anywhere! Even customers who manage multiple pages can take advantage of this new app without any limitations on the number of accounts you’re allowed to post to at one time. After the app has been downloaded to your mobile device, simply login to your SeoSamba account and start posting.  All connected social accounts automatically appear once you’ve created your update and you’ll have the option to post to one, some or all right now or schedule it to post later on.


If you don’t have an SeoSamba account already, it’s easy to sign up for one directly through the new social marketing app.  Just click ‘sign up’, complete a few more steps, connect your social accounts and you’re ready to create posts on the go! 



While other apps charge a monthly per user fee with limitations on the total number of posts you’re allowed to post, and how many accounts you can post to, the new SeoSamba Social Marketing app is 100% free.  No limits on how many accounts you’re allowed to post too, with no cap on the number of posts allowed each month, plus no per user fee! The only requirement is to sign up for a free SeoSamba Marketing Operating System account.  


Signing up for your free account gives you access to the Marketing Operating System (OS) dashboard, where you’re able to view post analytics for all your social pages in one place, eliminating the need to try and track the analytics yourself across multiple platforms.  SeoSamba compiles and stores all of the data for you right in your Marketing OS dashboard for all your social pages across your entire network. Data can be viewed for your network as a whole, or can be filtered by location with the click of a button.  You can even download and export the data whenever you need too!


In addition to free analytics, you’ll also have access to the brand new Reputation Management’ tool that allows you to manage Google and Facebook reviews for your entire network centrally from your dashboard.  You can read, respond to and flag reviews, and even highlight the best ones by instantly turning them into a post for social media. 


And that’s not all! You’ll also get access to full web analytics, including  PPC campaign reporting, search rankings, an email marketing distribution tool, call tracking, a social curation tool and the social calendar. Paid subscribers such as Franchise brands and multi-location businesses get additional multi-location management, control and reporting capabilities, as well as ability to create and distribute blog posts and press releases for their entire network, and search engine optimize websites automatically from a central location.


About SeoSamba


SeoSamba’s mission is to stay on the forefront of marketing and technology and to provide real value to their customers.  SeoSamba customers enjoy new, or updated, free features on a regular basis.


SeoSamba offers solutions for small to midsize businesses, franchises and multi-location companies, including website design and redesign, managed on- and off-page SEO services, email marketing, blogging, centralized social marketing, lead tracking, paid ad campaign management and analytics reporting, all under one roof, at an affordable price.

Our marketing and sales automation software suite is used by thousands of businesses around the world and is available for private labeling for solutions providers and media companies. 

For more information about SeoSamba, visit or contact To reach us by phone:  US + (1) 877-450-9894 and in Europe at +33 (644)-600-678


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