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SeoSamba Adds Free Facebook and Google My Business ‘Reputation Management’ Tool to Franchise Marketing Operating System

Feb 20, 2020

SeoSamba Adds Free Facebook and Google My Business ‘Reputation Management’ Tool to Franchise Marketing Operating System

SeoSamba Adds Free Facebook and Google My Business ‘Reputation ManagementTool to Franchise Marketing Operating System

In step with being shortlisted as a top franchise marketing solution provider by Entrepreneur magazine, SeoSamba widen the functional gap with competition


Camden, DE: SeoSamba, a digital marketing company offering comprehensive, high-performance marketing solutions to franchise companies, enterprises, marketing agencies and small to midsize businesses alike, announced the release of their new  ‘Reputation Management’ feature that allows their customers to manage Google and Facebook reviews right from their marketing operating system dashboard.

SeoSamba Reputation Management software:


Reviews have become a valuable source of information for consumers during the buying process, as well as for the business owner to gain insight and feedback from their customers, says SeoSamba’s Client Relationship Manager, Alyssa Hartson.

Regarding the release of the new Reputation Management feature, SeoSamba’s CEO, Michel Leconte, said:SeoSamba customers can now gather more, and better, reviews sending emails and SMS straight from their CRM while mitigating risks of negative reviews, thanks to our automatic appeal system." And continues, "But above all, I love the ability for franchisors to view and analyze sentiment across any number of locations at a glance in conjunction with all other key performance indicators associated with each location. It is truly uniquely powerful for digital marketing teams."


SeoSamba franchise customers are now able to keep track of reviews across all territories they have a stake in, whether at the brand, multi-unit or single-territory level from one central location.  Franchisor’s and franchisee’s can respond collaboratively and flag reviews that need immediate attention, while SeoSamba analyzes and emails timely alerts to manage locations at scale.




SeoSamba’s new reputation management feature makes managing and responding to reviews as easy as can be and lets users promote specific reviews directly to social media, their blog page and email newsletters. Achieve this in one easy click,  thanks to SeoSamba’s integrated blog engine, social calendar, and email marketing tool. 

As if this wasn’t already enough, it gets better. There won’t be any additional costs associated to gain access to this invaluable tool for existing SeoSamba customers and Franchise Marketing Operating System pilot program participants.  This new feature is available now and ready for use, right in SeoSamba's customer Marketing Operating System dashboard.

The Benefits of Having an Online Reputation Management Tool:


As one of today’s top branding principles is “transparency”, reputation is without a doubt a crucial part of any business’s online presence. According to HostingTribunal:


  • 72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.

  • 15% of users don’t trust businesses without reviews.

  • Local businesses have an average of 39 Google reviews.


This only means that you are leaving a lot of money on the table if you are not considering tripling down on your online reputation management strategy. 


That was the main motivation for the SeoSamba team to come up with a not only easy-to-use reputation management tool but also an even easier tool to implement. You are literally a couple of clicks away from setting a new course to your online credibility. 

Reputation Management for Franchise Businesses: 


The SeoSamba reputation management tool was built with simplicity in mind, which allows it to serve businesses at all scales. If you have a small business and you are looking for a tool to give your end consumer a platform where they can get to know more about your service and the experience of your clients, then you came to the right place. 


Now Franchisors can:

  • Enhance their SEO and increase traffic to their websites

  • Manage all online directory listings

  • Proof check all reviews and mitigate the chance of unfavorable review with an automated appeal system

  • Ask for feedback, reply to reviews and automatically share them with an integrated social calendar


All effectively done from one platform!


How Big Brands Take Care of Their Online Reputation: 

In a crowded world where whoever shouts the loudest wins, how crucial your online reputation really is?


Mighty crucial to say the least. Whether you are selling a service, a product or a subscription, be sure that your end consumer takes his time to research your company and your online reputation will be the selling point in this case. Yes, your online reputation. 


According to 


  • 91% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

  • Companies risk losing 22% of business when potential customers find 1 negative article on the first page of their search results and 70% of potential customers with 4 or more negatives.

  • 1 in 3 (33.33%) businesses say negative social media posts pose the greatest reputation threat.



  1. Leverage review platforms. Trustpilot, yelp, Capterra (for software businesses) can be a great start to set your online reputation strategy up for success.

  2. Ask your PROSPECTS for reviews. Your prospects are the most likely customers of yours to leave you a positive review. 

  3. Listen to your clients. Have your customer relationship team look for complaints and act fast.

  4.  Be due diligence ready. As mentioned earlier, before buying, your potential customer research your company. This means taking care of your brand’s online coverage is crucial as well. 


About SeoSamba

SeoSamba’s marketing and sales automation software suite is used by thousands of businesses, small and large, around the world, with service centers in the United States and Europe. SeoSamba’s software is private labeled by solutions providers and media companies alike, and available in 14 languages.

SeoSamba combines email, SEO reporting and execution, centralized blogging for WordPress and SeoToaster powered websites, PPC, social media marketing, CRM, website builder with built-in call tracking, analytics and more, under one roof, at an affordable price.

SeoSamba offers turnkey services, including franchise development and franchise brand marketing for local lead generation packages.

SeoSamba was recently namedBest in Marketing’ for franchise brands by Entrepreneur Magazine for the second year in a row.

For more information about SeoSamba and the services we offer, visit, email us at, or call us: + (1)877-450-9894 (U.S.) and in Europe at +33(644)-600-678

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