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7 Expert Marketing Tips & Strategies for a Very Special 4th of July

Jul 01, 2020


We all know that the American Independence day is a once a year celebration that all Americans are looking forward to. With that being said, they are ready to dig deeper into their pockets to provide reprieve from the ambient doom & gloom environment of this 4th of July 2020.


Companies that can tap into this cultural and special day, will end up reaching more consumers and record-high sales figures. And Marketing is a vital ingredient for all companies to be able to get a piece of the action and grow their customer-base. 


If it’s true that marketing strategies can be different for every company and every industry, one principle remains consistent: It all starts with an idea, an angle, the right message delivered to the right audience at the right time.  


We have asked 7 Marketing experts about their most effective 4th of July marketing tactics and ideas, and they delivered!


Create July 4 inspired content:

For your social media pages and website, curate a few inspired posts, they could be celebratory or simply fireworks safety tips. You can also use the occasion to suggest what people can do this July 4 while staying safe and socially distanced.

You can create email copies to promote tailored customer discounts. Make sure the emails are catchy and create lists of customers so you can tailor a message that’ll appeal to each group.


John Linden
Designer at MirrorCoop


Include a freebie and tie it to a patriotic theme*. I believe most

Americans remain patriotic even in this time of civil unrest. Send an email newsletter with a story; perhaps it can be your own, a staff member, or even a relative. This can be a rags-to-riches story and how this was possible due to living in a free society like the United States. Conclude the tale with an offer, such as free shipping or a discount.



Vinay Amin

Health Expert & CEO at Eu Natural


Our top 4th of July marketing tactic is focused on fun and impactful social and email campaigns that encourage audiences to visit the website. We work with a wide variety of clients and always want to ensure that their voice is represented to their audience. Particularly when it comes to the holidays, we want graphics or campaigns that'll be informative, fun, insightful, or all of the above -- something that'll make you stop scrolling and leave an impression. By creating something that is memorable, your audience will automatically want to see more.



Ashley Sterling
 Director of Operations at The Loop Marketing


For the Fourth of July, sure you could go with the normal ideas of offering discounts and freebies, and they might work, but one way to truly have an impact is to focus on email. Why? Because participating in local events has been taken out of the equation because of the virus. Therefore, your options are limited. But since gimmicks and freebies are rather stale at this point, try focusing on email. You can use a variety of strategies in your email marketing campaign - anything from red, white, and blue colors in your ads, appropriate imagery, or hand-picked keywords to feature in your strategy.


David Walter

CEO/Head Of Marketing at Electrician Mentor


Straddle the line cautiously between supporting American patriotism and showing solidarity with marginalized groups*: Unlike in previous years, Fourth of July marketing communications should NOT be all about American

patriotism and freedom. Many African Americans and other minorities don't feel the Independence that the Fourth of July is supposed to signify. Going

all in with Independence Day sales and campaigns this year is a sure

recipe for backlash. Develop sensitive messaging that shows solidarity with all members of your community. Be extra thoughtful about how different demographics might interpret your campaign and don't risk alienating people in a time when we all need to come together.



Matt Bentley

Founder/CMO at CanIRank


We all know the effects of the pandemic that has left all of us in lockdown and quarantine mode. So, the best way is through online shopping and eCommerce ideas. Matthew Burke, the editorial director at CompleteGuidetoArchery says “take a good look at your product line and market items that your customers can use on their own”. If you generally sell items that are for an outdoorsy route or can be used at large gatherings, you may want to mix things up by promoting products that your customers can enjoy at home or with just a couple of people. It will not only be safe for them but will also generate goodwill among the people.


Jennifer Will

Editor at Etia


As a CMO I’ve been thinking a lot about 4th of July marketing strategies, as it is a great time for building brand loyalty and for giving back.

The important part of any 4th of July campaign is that you are positive, as your message will influence how they feel about your brand for the whole

If you go for criticism and judgement, even if an individual agrees with the points you make, seeing the ad will still have made them unhappy. Even if they agreed with a negative thing you said, the natural and automatic response is still to avoid the thing that made them unhappy in future.

People need positivity and to believe in people more than ever right now. A video ad just of people helping when they didn’t have to, of courage and caring, that is going to go viral very easily. As well as being branding
gold, it also puts a little goodness back in the world.


Morgan Taylor 

CMO at LetMeBank


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