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SeoSamba Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SeoSamba free?

No, SeoSamba is not free, but we believe it offers the best return on your Internet marketing dollar by far. SeoSamba is priced per domain, with a special pricing structure for agencies, directories, franchises with multiple clients, projects and domains to manage.  Contact  us to find out more about SeoSamba's pricing for marketing professionals.  Finally, we are so confident that you will love what SeoSamba can do for your organic search rankings that SeoSamba is accessible on a month-to-month contract basis for small business customers. 
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How do I use SeoSamba if I use a shopping cart on my site?

You can easily link to your shopping cart from your SeoSamba powered website or use  one we provide for you. 
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How do I use SeoSamba if I use an application server?

SeoSamba front-end website revision system or CMS uses standard technologies based on the LAMP , Linux, Apache, Mysql stack.
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How do I use SeoSamba if I have a dynamic web site?

As you know by now, SeoSamba generates HTML pages. However, SeoSamba is very flexible and allows you to run dynamic applications by embedding script right into your web pages. Alternatively, you might consider some of our ready made widgets and plug-ins for classic functionalities.
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Which search engines can SeoSamba work with?

The beauty of SeoSamba is that it works with all text-driven search engines including Yahoo!,  Bing and Google of course. SeoSamba is two-tier application. One part  is a web-hosted application that  remote control a front-end website revision system or CMS. You edit your website  very easily thanks to this intuitive CMS, meanwhile the web hosted component optimizes your web site(s) through the integration of best practices. In addition, SeoSamba market your websites to a number of directories, websites, and provides integration with a number of tools. 
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How much does SeoSamba cost?

SeoSamba starting price for small businesses is $99/domain/month. Contact us if you're a multi-domain owner or marketing professional/directory/agency. 
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Can I get training and support?

Yes, training and support is available, mostly online, although some on-site training can be performed as needed. Check out the schedule for our next SEO experts and corporate marketers webinars, and browse our technical screencasts to get you started. In addition, SeoSamba offers Quickstart SEO and Managed SEO services. And we provide help in an ongoing fashion to make the most out of SeoSamba. 
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I'd like to resell SeoSamba. Do you have a reseller program?

SeoSamba has a reseller aka SEO affiliate program , which helps you generate revenues by referring customers through a web link. 
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I already use a content management system. How do I use SeoSamba?

SeoSamba features an integrated CMS powerful enough to accommodate most user needs. However, if your needs are superior to the integrated CMS for one of your web site sections, one possible strategy might be to segregate your web site, one handled through SeoSamba and the other one through your CMS. Alternatively, you can migrate your website to SeoSambas' content management system.  At last, our team can help you migrate your website with a QuickStart package
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I already use a web hosting company. What web hosting company is SeoSamba compatible with?

SeoSamba is compatible with most web hosting services. This includes Hostgator, GoDaddy, Network Solutions and most web hosting providers. 
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I already use a web authoring software. How do I use SeoSamba?

SeoSamba features an integrated CMS powerful enough to accommodate most user needs. You are, nonetheless, free to copy, paste, and/or upload HTML code and CSS templates created through any web-authoring software.
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I already have a SEO consultant. Is SeoSamba a competitor?

SeoSamba provides a platform with some built-in best practices and powerful automation mechanisms to handle off-site SEO, and close the loop with the rest of your marketing. However, it is designed to work alongside SEO firms and marketing agencies, if you so chose , making their work more efficient and your SEO results predictable. Some consultants find it threatening, some will understand how to use it to their advantage. In any case, feel free to refer your SEO consultant to SeoSamba, we'll be happy to discuss with them opportunities offered by SeoSamba. 
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