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You need more than another SEO tool

SeoSamba goes well beyond single-trick SEO tools. SeoSamba is a comprehensive SEO firms gain a systemic framework to execute SEO best practices over time using many time-saving features and perfect on-site factors while building legitimate and quality inbound links for a fraction of the typical cost and time investment.

As reported by Jupiter and Forrester Research, you've also noticed that the SEO business environment is becoming increasingly competitive. You need to clearly differentiate your SEO firm by using customer-facing tools that remind your client base of the unique value you're bringing to the table beyond the initial “honey moon” period, save time on mundane tasks, and spend more time on building value through strategy.

That's why you need more than another SEO tool. You need a scalable platform to manage your customers’ SEO implementation process in a systematic fashion from end to end. Choose to offer a comprehensive solution and reap the rewards.

Why use SeoSamba for your SEO firm?


Centralize SEO management for all your sites while decentralizing knowledge. You can become an instant SEO expert by relying on our built-in "best practices". Avoid the pitfalls of staff rollover and easily implement default proven SEO techniques if you so choose.


Spend less time implementing and analyzing compliance for mundane technical tasks and spend more time on strategy and intelligent tasks. Once branded to your identity, SeoSamba lets you bill customers freely and add a new recurring revenue stream to your service portfolio. And when your customers add online properties to their portfolio, you increment your revenues in the process.


SeoSamba automates SEO techniques across any number of websites, covering both on-site and off-site SEO, including automated deep linking across websites. SeoSamba is a powerful automation engine. SeoSamba lets you engineer rules to automatically write SEO URL, meta tags, page summaries, navigation menu links based on each individual page-targeted keywords. SeoSamba also optimizes and distribute automatically your clients website information for maximum cross channel performances : Google News, Yahoo News, RSS, Press Releases, Email, and many other cost and time-saving functionalities. And since SeoSamba also automatically generates 301 redirect pages whenever a URL is modified, or a web site is imported, you won't undermine previous traffic-building efforts when choosing SeoSamba for your clients.


Disseminate changes across all your projects, small business clients and websites with a single click. Think about the next time Google throws another 'No Follow' bombshell, and consider the value of executing changes in a split second across hundreds or even thousands of websites. How many SEO firms can make that promise to their clients and enjoy such competitive advantage? With SeoSamba you can do this and a lot more...

What's in it for your end-users customers?

With SeoSamba, your customers gain access to a proven lead generation system built to acquire clients and generate revenues.

On the surface, your customers gain access to a very easy-to-use website revision system, or web-based CMS with built-in public relation, landing page optimization, web analytics and more.

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