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SeoToaster fast and easy setup

SeoToaster fast and easy setup

SeoToaster: jumpstart your website or online shop

SeoToaster is a user-friendly open source software to get your online business up and running in no time wih automatic install, setup tutorials, and free state-of-the- art templates.

Fast to deploy, free and open source, SeoToaster can also be deployed alongside existing web software or CMS to boost your search engine rankings.

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Fast system installation with setup wizard

fast system installation with setup wizardSeoToaster can be deployed in no time on our blazing fast and highly secured worldwide cloud delivery network.

However for programmers and internet specialists, our free and open source CMS can be installed manually on their own servers thanks to our online wizard.

Whether for testing or immediate production, SeoToaster ships with a fast and easy setup that will appeal to non-specialists and advanced developers alike.

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Free customizable pre-packaged templates

free customizable pre packaged templatesSeoToaster is installed with easy to customize, pre-packaged themes , requiring just a handful of standardized web code templates.

For the most basic setups, only four html templates and two CSS files are needed to render a fully functional websites.

For more advanced and e-commerce websites, fully pre-packaged high quality themes are available for free and can get you up and running in a minimal amount of time.

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Online step-by-step tutorials and videos

online step by step videosAll functions of SeoToaster are thoroughly explained in easy to follow, online step-by-step illustrated tutorials.

Dozens of screencasts and step-by-step videos are also available online, straight from SeoToaster's user interface inline help.

Finally you can submit any question or setup problem directly to SeoToaster's conceptors and engineers through a Q&A knowledge base, where users usually receive answers in a matter of hours.

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Web codes shortcuts and cheat sheets

web codes shortcuts cheat sheetsSeoToaster open source CMS offers a 100% Object Oriented Programming (OOP) architecture relying on smart "tokens" to easily manage content in the simplest browse and edit fashion.

Content can be easily created, updated or removed at will throughout your website, and you can dig in hundreds of pre-formatted tokens through SeoToaster System Cheat Sheets and Shortcuts.

That's why SeoToaster truly offers a fully compliant, open source and evolutive framework to ensure fast and easy development with virtually no limitations for beginners and advanced users alike.

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Web Developer REST API (Application Programming Interface)

web developer rest api application programming interface While SeoToaster was designed to provide the easiest CMS framework possible, savvy web developers will find it perfecly suited for their needs as well.

A full-featured, searchable and up-to-date REST API (Application Programming Interface) helps web programmers easily create and integrate their own applications within their website.

By maximizing the use of the existing, well-defined user interface and advanced built-in capabilities, web developers will find in SeoToaster the perfect companion for simple but limitless W3C-compliant development.

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