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SeoSamba Presents SeoToaster Ultimate v3.7.0: A Comprehensive CRM Solution with Ecommerce and Landing Pages for On-Premise and Cloud

Oct 17, 2023



 SeoSamba Presents SeoToaster Ultimate v3.7.0: A Comprehensive CRM Solution with Ecommerce and Landing Pages for On-Premise and Cloud


Date: 10/17/2023 

Location: Camden (DE)  


In the ever-evolving online business landscape, having a reliable and powerful content management system (CMS), eCommerce platform, and customer relationship management (CRM) system is crucial. 


SeoSamba, the main sponsor of the open-source SeoToaster project, is proud to announce the release of  SeoToaster Ultimate v3.7.0


SeoToaster Ultimate is an all-encompassing solution that combines three potent products within a unified package: SeoToaster Ecommerce, SeoToaster CRM, and SeoToaster CMS. It serves as a versatile all-in-one toolkit, but also offers the flexibility to use its components independently. Within this comprehensive solution, you'll find a versatile website builder, a robust shopping cart, and a feature-rich Customer Relationship Management system, complete with advanced sales and marketing automation, all streamlined within a single, user-friendly platform.


This update brings many features and improvements designed to empower businesses, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences.


Here's a look at some of the notable additions:

General Improvements


We added support for MySQL 8 compatibility, ensuring seamless operation across various environments.  We also added native support for WebP image format, allowing for better image compression ratio, small image sizes, and faster web page serving.


Improved Core CMS and E-commerce Features:


We're also bringing some exciting enhancements to the E-commerce platform, designed to improve operational efficiency.


  • We've implemented a connection to the SeoSamba Marketing Operating System’s Artificial Intelligence AI-based anti-spam system from quote forms, ensuring data integrity by preventing spam entries from deployed websites facing quote request forms. This service is offered at no cost to SeoToaster users when opening up a free account with the cloud marketing automation tool.
  • In addition to being downloaded or accessible from the buyer’s private area, PDF invoices can now be automatically emailed to customers after their purchase, while shipping instructions can now be added to the order by the client in order to facilitate fulfillment.
  • Additionally, we've introduced a new element to the  “magic space” toolset, to further enhance usability and display options when building user experiences.

CRM Enhancements:

In version 3.7.0 of SeoToaster Ultimate, several notable enhancements have been introduced in the CRM to optimize operations and elevate the overall user experience. The dashboard's welcome screen now incorporates mass action functionality, allowing for seamless task management directly from the dashboard. This feature facilitates the swift closure and completion of tasks, streamlining the workflow.



Furthermore, users can enhance data organization by efficiently arranging custom fields according to their specific requirements. Additionally, introducing rules for clicked emails enables a more targeted approach to engagement, empowering users to implement rules based on email interactions. The system now enables efficient filtering and sorting of leads based on email clicks, providing enhanced control and flexibility.



In task management, a significant advancement comes in the form of task presets, expediting the task creation process through predefined task presets for common actions. Moreover, configuring Webhook URLs for leads' data is now available, further enhancing integration capabilities within the CRM system. These enhancements collectively contribute to a more streamlined and effective CRM experience.


The mobile CRM application, marketed under the SeoSamba CRM brand (Find it on Play Market or App Store), and available to both on-premise and cloud SeoToaster users has got even better: ensure you have the latest version of SeoSamba CRM mobile application to get updated UX  and support for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), expanding communication capabilities.

SeoToaster is committed to providing a comprehensive, integrated sales and marketing solution that facilitates digital integration, reducing costs and operational hassles. With these updates, users can further optimize their online operations, effectively engage with their audience, and drive success in the digital realm.


For more information on SeoToaster CRM v3.7.0 or how SeoToaster can propel your online success, visit SeoToaster's official website.




Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on the features and enhancements announced by SeoSamba for the SeoToaster CRM v3.7.0 update as of the date mentioned. For the latest and most accurate details, please refer to the official SeoToaster website.



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