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SeoSamba Adds New Gallery Feature, Social Post Preview And More to Blogging, Email and Social Tools

Mar 05, 2020

SeoSamba Adds New Gallery Feature, Social Post Preview And More to Blogging, Email and Social Tools

Ever get tired of searching for the perfect image? Maybe you were close to completing a post just when your computer crashes while searching for your blog images. SeoSamba now offers a gallery feature in the Blog, Social & PR section of the dashboard so posting is more streamlined and efficient than ever.

New Gallery Feature


When you create a blog post, an email or a social post, you will find that the platform now offers an image gallery function.


One Gallery to Rule Them All


Images stored in your gallery can be used across your Blog, Email and Social tools. When you go into your account to publish a blog, social update or email newsletter, you will now be asked with each image you select, if you’d like to save it to your gallery, and with our organized display, it is quick to select photos to insert with your blog, email, or social post.


Ideal for Multi-location businesses & Franchises


The new gallery feature is a quick and effective way to save and reference approved images for blog posts, social posts and email communication for your entire organizations including franchisees.

Just use the switch underneath the image to share it or keep it private so colleagues don’t end up using the same image you’ve used in their blogs, emails or social posts. 



Social Post Preview

You will also find the Social Post Preview option in Create New Post under Social Calendar. This feature allows you to view the way your post will be laid out on the right side of the screen before it gets published to social networks. This way you will be able to make changes you may not see in the draft before publishing. 


The Social Post Templates feature gives you the ability to curate your blog format for every post. If you want to keep margins and fonts consistent to fit your brand, set-up your template in the Social Post feature so each blog is a breeze. Cut out the senseless time spent formatting the layout and posting it to each individual site. The Template tool and Post Preview feature are your automated, all-in-one outline and post distributor.   


Show the Love with Our Mention Feature


Need to give a shoutout to an industry partner or a returning client? The best way to show love in today’s age is with a social media mention. Mentions drive traffic to websites and accounts that you want to highlight. The mention feature allows you to write an @ mention in the body of a post right from your dashboard. 


Once you add the @, it will turn green and offer you a configuration menu of social networks to post to. Here you can select people you want to mention from your Facebook and Twitter networks as our system matches the name or brand you are typing in with known handles via dropdown menus. Currently, LinkedIn and Google My Business do not offer drop-down menus but you can still mention contacts from these networks



Stay ahead of the curve with SeoSamba and get updates on the latest in business marketing and technology. This is definitely the year you don’t want to be caught without SeoSamba on your side. For more information about SeoSamba, visit or contact You can also reach us by phone using:  

US + (1)877-450-9894 and in Europe at +33(644)-600-678 


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