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SEO Web Builder SEOTOASTER Launches Major New Version of its Acclaimed Content Management System

Jan 17, 2014

SEO Web Builder SEOTOASTER Launches Major New Version of its Acclaimed Content Management System

SEOTOASTER V2 CMS boasts a brand new blazing fast Object Oriented Programming core loaded with innovative features.

SEO Samba, the core team behind SEOTOASTER, is proud to announce the release of SEOTOASTER V2 CMS, now available for free download at  With this key new release, SEO Samba is introducing the first of three upcoming editions of its open source SEO web builder. The solution released today, branded SEOTOASTER CMS, focuses on core Content Management System functionalities.  An augmented Ecommerce solution edition focusing on building search engine optimized web stores, and a web host edition focusing on facilitating large scale deployment for web hosting and business solutions providers are expected to launch in July.

“After eighteen months of intense work, we are proud to introduce SEOTOASTER V2 CMS to the growing community of SEOTOASTER users,” says David Culot, the SEO Samba CTO and a major source of inspiration for the SEOTOASTER web builder user experience. David adds, “While SEOTOASTER V1’s combined usability and features set has been plebiscited by early adopters, we wanted to solidify the bases before fully committing all our energies towards positioning SEOTOASTER as one of the top three Content Management Systems within the coming decade.”

Today, SEOTOASTER is also unveiling a totally revamped corporate website coupled with a Q & A website to efficiently address common questions from the community. SEOTOASTER is also committed to quickly answering questions posted in forums in order to support developers and designers testing the platform. Designers building websites and mobile themes as well as developers writing plug-ins are encouraged to submit their creation for the “website of the week” feature and inclusion in our peer-reviewed marketplace.  
So what's new?
Virtually everything! We’ve made so many improvements to the completely revamped SEOTOASTER experience that you have to try it to fully understand how much it can do. Intrigued? Here are a just a few highlights among the many SEOTOASTER V2 features that we hope will interest you even more. 
  • 100% full OOP core. Everything you need is neatly organized. Code has been optimized for speed and robustness.
  • 1-click 5X Speed Media Server technology. Ideal for graphic intensive website, this new feature leverages browser parallel download capabilities to speed website serving up to 5 times faster than other CMSes.
  • Robust Plug-in system. It’s well-documented and ready for you to code away.
  • 10 free premium website themes. Options spanning restaurants, hotels, business services and other commonly requested themes coupled with fee-based mobile versions let you hit the ground running, no matter what you need. 
  • 40 plug-ins. Some are provided free and you can lease or buy others from the marketplace, including an ingenious theme-based liquid mobile plug-in that keeps your web and mobile versions of your website in sync.
  • Magic Space technology.  Introducing the concept of inline content manipulation capability via plug-ins. Build inline solutions, ideal to quickly augment websites with social functionalities.
  • Strings-free WYSWYG web form builder. You can use this free and open builder to build kick-ass forms quickly and styles any way you like with SEOTOASTER (and even with other projects).
  • Actions email facility that is also usable by your plug-ins:
  • Create great looking, content-filled emails and trigger them automatically based on user data (new customer, new quote, new member, etc…)
  • Use the ready-made prompt screen function to customize outgoing emails as needed for your next plugin
Don’t panic! We kept the amazing built-in SEO features you’ve come to expect from SEOTOASTER:
  1. Automated headers/urls/H1/navigation optimization
  2. Automated 301 redirection
  3. Automated URL canonicalization
  4. Automated smart deep-linking
  5. Point & click Java-script based silo building
But we couldn’t help ourselves: we had to make it better by adding some new SEO goodies to the mix:
  • Introducing the Website ID card (or WID card) which builds a KML file for your website automatically. KML files help with local search and in locating your business on Google Earth and related applications. In addition, the WID card pre-populates plug-ins with relevant information and keeps your information synced throughout your website templates.
  • Introducing in-line networked content like you’ve never seen before: point, visualize, click, and add central content from SEO Samba right into your website (see screenshot)
  • Create a free account on SEO Samba from the WID card or install screen, and we’ll deploy your web analytics code instantly across your website. If you prefer, simply check a box and we’ll provide you a free real-time web analytics account at SEO Samba. Whether you’re a web agency or running your own business from home, with your free SEO Samba account you can now manage plug-ins running across your entire portfolio of websites.

We still offer you access to the best SEO & multi-site marketing execution platform available:
When launching a new website, facing a tough competitive market online, or marketing multiple websites, it’s worth considering a paid subscription to SEO Samba. For just $99 a month, SEO Samba will boost your site’s visibility and:
  • Build SEO and URL alignment rules tailored to your website’s optimization objectives; local marketing, web retailer marketing, lead generation, affiliation websites…whatever you need.
  • Easily create optimized links synced across your entire portfolio of websites.
  • Build network-wide widgets and broadcast them instantly to your network of sites: offers, ads, text, script, links, and so forth.
  • Optimize and automatically distribute information to Google Webmasters, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, TheFind, and other shopping sites. 
  • Automatically distribute unlimited Press Releases to 210,000 journalists and 265,000 bloggers.
  • Manage your website’s network news from a centralized interface.
  • Aggregate networked news and construct newsletters in a single click.
  • Total control via fine-grained and single click automated execution.
  • Easily access aggregated web analytics data.
Rest assured that when you need a strategy, some guidance, or are short on staff to build up your social, PR and off-site credentials, you can opt-in for a comprehensive yet cost-effective Internet marketing solution that’s hands-off and headache-free. Adding SEO Samba’s expert managed SEO services costs only $299 a month: we’ll keep that stuff covered so you can focus on running your business.

 And wait, there’s more! The only thing better than free is letting us pay you! 
Imagine you had gotten in on the ground floor when WordPress began, and when it hit it big you received money for every plug-in used by each of the people you’ve introduced to the system. It’s too late for WordPress, but you can get onboard with the latest generation of Internet marketing-oriented CMS and get ongoing commissions revenues from the growing pool of users adopting SEOTOASTER.

        All of the above for your entire client roster, plus…
  • Get a % of each plugin leased or purchased by customers you introduced to SEOTOASTER
  • Private label with your brand both SEO Samba and your network of SEOTOASTER websites
  • Register customers and provide access to your branded SEO Samba version from your own domain
  • Get discounted access to SEO Samba, and manage your pool of customers while receiving a consolidated yet detailed account statement

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