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Email marketing agency launches service to test email marketing solutions deliverability rates

Feb 15, 2014

Email spam is on the rise and ISP’s and anti-spam software increase email traffic scrutiny. Email Marketing Deliverability Dot Com helps legitimate businesses reach their audience.

Are your emails getting delivered as well as they could and should be?  Email Marketing Deliverability Dot Com offers a quick answer to a critical question, one that can yield both immediate and impressive return on your investment that is only compounded by your email list size and quality.

Emails that are well targeted with great creative and compelling offers don’t do your company any good unless they’re actually delivered, and a small increase in email deliverability rate can make a big difference in terms of immediate sales for online merchants and other businesses. Email marketing Deliverability Dot Com is a new affordable service to test your current email solution effectiveness at getting your emails through spam filters against alternative leading email marketing solutions such as Vertical Response,  Constant Contact and others. The service is engineered by well respected marketers; Michel Leconte and David Culot, the team who brought you the first organic search platform SEO Samba and the free, open source & most advanced SEO Ecommerce website builder or Content Management System (CMS) SEOTOASTER.

The email deliverability testing service works in 4 easy steps; It starts with sharing and reviewing your email campaign project information with a senior consultant. Email marketing Deliverability Dot Com then;
  • carefully mirror your email campaign & templates to send with alternative email marketing services;
  • scrub & split your email list into meaningful subsets before sending out these emails through different email providers over the test period;
  • gather conversion data and reporti everything back to you, in a fully documented and certified "decision-ready" executive report style loaded with immediately actionable results.
It is well understood that Email marketers need to navigate an increasingly complex set of engagement rules in order to perform. As such, Email Marketing Deliverability Dot Com operates as a true email marketing agency offering a full range of email marketing services that helps marketers go above and beyond email marketing deliverability issues. 
Michel Leconte, SEO Samba's CEO, comments "List management comes to mind but also segmentation, email rendering, and personalization play their part in a successful email campaign.  Email Marketing Deliverability Dot Com also help E merchants, fortune companies, and dynamic small businesses integrate email as part of a comprehensive marketing mix, evolving from a campaign outlook to a strategy mindset including automation and reporting for greater accountability and performance."

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