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3 more questions to choose the best web builder CMS for your website

Apr 16, 2015

3 more questions to choose the best web builder CMS for your website

In our previous blog post, we answered  3 questions to help build your website with a professional web builder CMS, and today we continue with 3 more questions that you need to ask yourself to choose the right CMS for your website, and how SeoToaster CMS addresses each one of them.

The first and foremost interrogation regards your ability to design, learn and use the CMS of your choice. Quite logically, if you cannot properly fulfill those three important matters, chances are that you will end up ditching your CMS after long and painful hours of effort to circumvent those shortcomings.

Secondly, we are looking at how fast your CMS will serve web pages. Sure, your own comfort as a user is preponderant, however you must keep in mind that your visitors are those who will make or break your success, not mentioning search engines that penalize slow and insufficiently optimized web pages.

Finally, you will need to know how fast and convenient your CMS is in order to publish and distribute breaking news, as this time-to-market content race is paramount to getting your blog featured in news outlets that matter, starting with Google News or Yahoo! News.

If your existing or prospective CMS does not address properly those three important issues, you will penalize yourself with a less-than-optimal tool to drive your online business. Just read on to find out why, and take a look at our free and open source ecommerce CMS SeoToaster if you really need a content management software that will let you build, manage and market your business efficiently.

Remember, it’s never too late to make the right choice!

4. How easy is it to design, learn and use your CMS?

Some CMS solution really look great on the surface, but digging further you may find yourself drowned with tons of software-specific mumble jumble or realize you will have to go back to programming school just to run the whole thing properly.

Others are very easy to deploy and use but will necessitate untold number of extensions from as many vendors to implement specific functions. Others features overcomplicated user interfaces and turn out too hard to use routinely, which has the same consequences. 

For instance, does your CMS create different variations of the same image on the fly? When you want to put a simple image on your image, do you need to create several versions to fit all platforms, screen sizes and formats? No CMS worthy of the name should impose you that.

Modifying photos and output various versions can be a dreadful process. This tedious work is swept aside with SeoToaster imaging engine that allows you not only to crop your image easily, but also to automatically tag it (using the filename by default). You can also link your picture to a custom URL or make it open to a larger version when clicked.

5. How fast does your CMS serve web pages?

Although it seems like a secondary issue to some, web page speed is actually an increasingly important concern both for customers and search engines.

If your website is slow, search engines will penalize your rankings while visitors will just get aggravated and look for info and content elsewhere. When choosing your CMS, make sure it integrates provisions for web page acceleration features from image optimization to parallel download.

To put it simply, if delivery speed seems to be an afterthought in the presentation of the CMS you’re looking at, it just does not fare good for its ability to address this pressing matter.

As a SEO-minded content management system, SeoToaster provides countless acceleration mechanisms from code and optimized image delivery to script caching and fast parallel server download (up to 5 times faster than a regular system).

Speed matters, and it’s an important aspect of sound web design if you really want your website to be user-friendly AND score higher with search engines.

6. How fast can your CMS publish and distribute breaking news?

When you need to share important breaking news to the world, you usually need to do it ASAP. But assembling text, images, keywords, selecting tags (maybe creating new tags), logging into individual social network accounts and share your info can take an eternity. 

SeoToaster lets you create newsflash-like posts using the News & Blog UI that allows you to pull all of the features required for fast article assembly into one authoring environment. Once your news post is created - a single click fires it on all your social accounts at once, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

You can even post your updates to multiple Facebook business pages at once from this nifty free & open source social networks marketing tool. On top of it, SeoToaster’s integrated blog engine is also Google News and Yahoo News compliant.  It means that once admitted to these highly trafficked indexes, your updates can make it to the top of search engines, literally in a matter of minutes. 

Can your CMS do that? If not, you're wasting time and losing ground on competitors that have the right choice, so maybe, just maybe, you should really think twice before handing over the future of your online business to a software tool that won't help you ensure the enduring success you expect and deserve.

More questions & answers on how to build your website with a professional web builder CMS in a couple of days! See you soon!

About SeoToaster

SeoToaster is the most advanced SEO & marketing CMS and eCommerce platform that can be used right out of the box, with no plug-ins required. SeoToaster features a uniquely intuitive content management system interface, combined with powerful automated marketing.

W3C compliant HTML code generation, no layout restriction, unbreakable theming system, unmatched SEO, or automated merchandising are just few of the many built-in SeoToaster features.

It is an open source solution that is customizable at will and available for use and download free of charge at and extensions at

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