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Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

Nurture your way to success with SeoToaster CRM Ultimate


This is no secret: the more you communicate with your leads, prospects or customers, the more they feel comfortable with your brand.

However, taking care of your clients at every step from their first contact with you to an eventual purchase can be a long, complicated journey. That's why SeoSamba has created a conversion process blending the best of automated lead tracking with the unbeatable power of human touch.

Our automated conversion system ensures an unbroken chain of automated actions from lead generation to post-sales customer care. We help your website attract more qualified leads, turn them into valid prospects, nurture them all the way to sales conversion, on-boarding, and upsell.

Make your acquisition budget work harder, may them be coming from PPC, organic, newsletter, trade-shows etc.. your prospects are kept informed with great looking emails, and SMS without any intervention on your part. 

SeoSamba delivers more sales from your lead generation efforts!

Automated email remarketing and nurturing built into your webstore

email_remarketing_automation SeoToaster's integrated merchandising feature a complete email remarketing system to increase sales conversions for both B2C or B2B web sites.

Very flexible and easy to setup, automated emails can be customized to be triggered for any shopping cart or quote system event. Tune your messages based on what is found inside your customer's shopping carts, and send relevant, powerful and gorgeous  HTML emails to prompt action on their part.

You can also alert sales staff around sales opportunities, including via SMS, new quotes requests or purchasing incidents, greatly improving your customer service without the need for additional plugins or software. All of this is included in your shopping cart software, and accessible straight from your website.

Improve both sales conversions and customer service 
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SalesForce CRM based email marketing automation solution

 Automated emails and remarketing are two important pieces of your strategic marketing puzzle. To maximize conversion rates, boost online sales and streamline your online customer service, nothing beats integrating all your online marketing channels with a powerful CRM solution.

Because SeoSamba has chosen to work with the best software available instead of re-inventing the wheel, we provide extensive integration with SalesForce, the #1 CRM software in the market.

By interconnecting all your online lead generation sources, you will greatly improve your sales process, streamline customer relationships and build up powerful databases to finetune distribution of all your online communications.

Another noticeable SalesForce benefits integration, thanks to our CRM seats based pricing, is to let you save thousand of dollars over classic competitive email marketing automation solution, which is based on the costly database contacts count pricing approach.



SalesForce integration is available to all websites and platforms regardless of your website's Content Management System.

However, migrating your website to our SeoToaster CMS will give your web presence the best of both worlds, providing faster development as well as integrated online marketing tools not available natively in other content management software.

We deliver turn-key email automation program

seosamba_email_marketing_servicesRelying on a powerful email automation software is only half the battle. Great lead nurturing programs require attention grabbing content to perform to the best of its abilities. 

You do not have a full marketing department to handle this massive task? No worries.

Enter our content creation services, from database segmentation, marketing positioning strategy to careful content creation, such as infographics, videos, white-papers, our content marketing agency services are designed to warm your sales leads up over time in a systemic and predictable fashion.


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