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Directory Marketing

Generating Leads for Merchants

As major online ad inventory carriers, Google, Yahoo, Live, and Facebook have the upper hand over traditional directory and yellow pages publishers. Given the fragmented U.S. market, most yellow pages, directories, and local search properties cannot muster enough audience to build a compelling advertising alternative, even on a local media level.

A prevailing strategy among directories has been to develop revenues on borrowed time monetizing PPC market inefficiencies while building mostly easy-to-replicate reporting features that are hard to differentiate from a merchant perspective. The bad news is that managing PPC campaigns on major search engines for advertisers has already become an increasingly commoditized service, and competition is only getting heftier among traditional yellow pages and internet-based local search players.

Directory Advertising

Advertising markets inefficiencies tend to self-correct over time, merchants grow in sophistication, learn to replicate successful endeavors, and move away from local directory providers to become direct customers of the most popular search and social sites. Time and money spent educating local merchants about search marketing turns out to be self-defeating, as it eventually benefits competitive Internet media giants.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you are probably loosing both the PPC budget and directory's direct ad and billboard revenues to larger clients. Of course, you might mitigate this attrition phenomenon by offering more sophisticated products, such as building and managing lead generation websites for your advertisers. However, these websites are mostly PPC driven and sit at the perimeter of your most sophisticated merchants' marketing endeavors. Since these websites' organic search value is low, your advertisers can also easily integrate this content into their main website or replicate this tactic at a lower cost.

Lead Generation Companies Technical Partner

SeoSamba offer a viable long-term development strategy for local search companies, a strategy that is inherently linked to a merchant’s most strategic online asset and that does not rely on market inefficiencies nor pegs directories against their advertising inventory purveyors.

In order to retain objectivity, results quality and therefore long-term mass appeal, major search engines have decided against monetizing organic results pages. This is precisely SeoSamba's primary focus; local search marketing partners. In effect, the more of your merchants adopt your branded version of SeoSamba, the more compelling your value proposition becomes for other advertisers.

SeoSamba is anchored in merchant's websites. As such, it sits at the core of your advertisers’ online strategies. SeoSamba also offers an unlimited growth potential, as your merchant can add an unlimited number of websites. Best of all, the longer a merchant uses SeoSamba, the more value SeoSamba delivers and builds over-time, making it a stickier long-term proposition. When powering and complementing your online directory and local search-marketing hub with SeoSamba, there's no limit to the profit from your merchants’ growth potential.

SeoSamba is an ideal tactical and strategic choice for online directories, yellow pages, certified marketing representatives ( CMR )and local search companies. There's now a window of opportunity to differentiate, firmly entrench your brand as the online marketing partner of choice for your market, gain market share with the most lucrative segment of your local market, and improve your long-term strategic outlook.

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