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Website Submission

Avoiding the drawbacks of "black hat" SEO

In your search for search engine services you probably found some great promises at an unbeatable price. Those “providers” submit your site to thousands of search engines in the hope of creating huge amounts of links to your site.

But as you learn more about search engines you will find out that this strategy, if it works at all, is the worst kind, creating scores of useless links and references in resources that have nothing to do with your business. And while this may sometimes work (if you're lucky), none of the major engines is fooled by those massive submissions. Additionally, they strongly—and durably—penalize whoever is trying to trick them.

For those reasons, we recommend to avoid services that promise marvels with a mere $19.95 investment. At best, this practice will not only be useless but also can prove a detrimental strategy, impeding the success of other steps you may have planned with search engines in the likely event that you are considered a spammer.

Commanding search engines attention

The ideal situation is for search engines to find you, not the other way around. To accomplish this, you must publish some worthwhile content and secure a couple of links from already indexed sites.

Once you are referenced, your listing will trickle down to countless small sites that draw their results from the bigger ones. This almost never works the other way around.

SEO Samba does not submit your site to search engines and if you cannot have an acquaintance place a link to your site on their already indexed web site, then we recommend using the Yahoo Search Submit program.

This program guarantees an indexation of URLs in Yahoo's natural search results. Indexation time varies between 48 hours and a week. Note that mere indexation does not guarantee your placement to the top of search engines. For this, you do need to optimize your web site, and for this task we recommend SEO Samba as a platform.

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