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Retail Franchise Online Catalog

Retail Franchise Online Catalog

Only 38.5% of Top 100 Retail Franchises offer an online catalog with pricing


A little over half of Top 100 Retail Franchises (54.1%) actually present their catalog of products or services in digital format on their main website.

Half of those do not indicate prices, are just digital versions of print catalog, or merely list partner brands and product/service categories.


 33.6% of Top 100 Retail Franchises don’t share an online catalog

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Discarding the 8.3% who don’t have any major reason to adopt e-commerce given their business model, this still leaves a whopping 33.6% of Top 100 Retail Franchises who could sell online but choose not to.

Not every Retail Franchise is a good fit for e-commerce, but in most cases there aren’t any valid reasons to hide products and services – or their prices – from public view.

Setting up an online catalog on the franchisor's website helps gain website traffic and qualified leads, develop customer relations and best practices, while readying for full e-commerce deployment.

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